Psycho Pass 2 Episode 3 [ Saviour ]

This episode begins with the traumatizing sight of the missing Inspector being held by the mystery man, Kamui. Her eye has been torn out and her dominator reads her high score, but she is comforted by the ‘ghost’ with the question of color as he assures her he will make her hue clear as an apology for using her eye. We see him with his finger in her mouth and as she bites it, making him bleed, suddenly she is lulled into a dream like state and her hue becomes clear.

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Things are complicated with Akane now- her room was broken into and the words WC? carved into her wall. There was no one recorded so of course Mika is like WELL YOU DID IT. Can I just say this episode Mika says probably the stupidest thing ever in regards to the ‘Chief’ and I’m fucking laughing my ass off at it? It deserves an entire exposition so I’m going to give it to you in a bit, but until then yeah. . .Akane is being confronted by the guy in my opinion. Meanwhile Togane, the super sexy not totally evil guy, is supporting her. You’re gonna regret when only evil guy supported her and you’re a dick, Mika.

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This season really shows how big the MWPSB is, and wow, Akane is the only Inspector who knows the truth. How many of them would have their faith toppled if they realized what Sybil really is? Mika is a prime example of this. I think Sybil probably laughed while reading her report on Akane, because Akane knows the truth yet remains while Mika’s feeble mind would likely break. Akane stops by to see someone at the isolation center..holy crap it’s Saiga!

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This point of the episode was so interesting to me. I cant get over how awesome this season is, there is no more mystery of what Sybil is and it’s like Urobuchi isn’t puling any punches here. I’m so disturbed and shocked, but apparently this season’s feeling and worst issues might not even come from him, some reports have had him stating HE IS NOT TO BLAME FOR SOME OF THE WORST THINGS. I AM TERRIFIED. Saiga talks to Akane about the Devil’s proof, there is no opposing evidence so a possibility is not completely impossible. We also see Ginoza is now RIPPED AS FUCK BALLS HOLY HELL! Plus he now seems to be having a thing with the Inspector who keeps getting messed up by people………………………Gino…………………..gino might have sex? I AM ON BOARD!

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Mika and Akane go to see the Chief, and Mika is sore when she wants to see Akane alone. Viewers will know the truth- this was because she can talk freely as Sybil to her. Akane mentions she thinks there is a ‘ghost’ and Sybil intends to watch, but cautions Akane about Togane…who apparently has the highest crime rating ever recorded by Sybil. That is incredibly interesting and it makes sense he would live, it is very much like Sybil to want to ‘test’ someone with such a high crime rating rather than throw them away.

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Everyone gets sent off in different directions and some disturbing things appear, many people seem to have been ‘made clear’ by Kamui and are trying to change things, some by speaking motivationally and others. . . are using violence to solve the problem. Yet the violent have clear hues, and the nonviolent are approached by only one Inspector..putting several in a dangerous position.

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The episode ends here, with said unlucky Inspector getting crap kicked out of her. But you know what baffles me? Mika has time to be petty about Chief liking Akane more. Can I just reiterate here and now that Mika is DAMN FUCKING LUCKY that she is where she is? Not to mention, the ‘Chief’ is run by people who VENERATED and HAVE THE SAME MURDEROUS INTENT as the man who TRULY did what killed her friends. I hope someone tells her about Makishima. I hope fucking KOGAMI tells her about Makishima and how the Sybil System wanted to INTEGRATE him into society, and that he was THE REASON her friend died. I hope he tells her because FUCK THE SYBIL SYSTEM AND FUCK MIKA EVEN MORE. It’s sad when the imaginary person who is evil beyond recompense and toys with life is somehow more fun to see on screen than Mika. But when Sybil is around I know there will be plot. Mika?

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Well, that fucking face. That’s about it.

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I’m beside myself in anticipation for next week……SCREAM WITH ME GUYS I CAN’T!!!


6 thoughts on “Psycho Pass 2 Episode 3 [ Saviour ]

  1. Every. Single. Week.
    Every week I start an episode intending to give Mika the benefit of the doubt. She went through some trauma, so I try cutting her some slack. But once again, she pissed me off to NO end in this episode. She actually suggests that Akane is insane. She looks visibly disappointed when she checks Akane’s reading and sees her CC is still in the 30s. And she thinks Akane is undeserving of her position, as shown when she says, “What does the Chief see in someone like her?” I hope Kougami–wherever the fuck he is–gets to tell her about Makishima. Not only to see the look on her face, but also because she deserves to know so she can stop unfairly treating Akane and the other Enforcers like shit.

    Also, Gino the hunk is super hot. As is Tougane, who I’m kind of warming up to.

    Shinkane is my ship, of course, but I don’t know where the hell Kougami is. ;_; And he’s not on the MAL character list, which is bothering me way more than it should…

  2. Pining all the blame on him isn’t right. Her friend died cause she slept with a psycho lesbian who was looking for her own chance to get back at society for her dad basically being in a coma.

    1. hey hey hey hey, Number one Makishima fangirl here saying yes: it is totally his fault. That was the point! He literally gave people all the means to do things. He didn’t have the intent, but this was the second person at that academy alone he ‘helped’. Without Makishima she never would have done it, as society was too strict. And that’s just it, he wanted to be that guy! He wanted to be the gun to their trigger fingers. He wanted that. So if you’re arguing intent, yes he is not to blame for their intent. But he clearly orchestrated, permitted, and allowed these murders. And that’s what he wanted! He was proud to give people that ‘chance’ and to represent it any other way is a misrepresentation of his desire to quote, “See the splendor of human souls.”

  3. Urobochi actually didn’t write this season of Psycho Pass. He helped work on it, but he didn’t write the script. He will be writing the Psycho-Pass movie, which is coming out next year, I think?
    Ah man this episode was really interesting, I’m so excited for the next one! XD Mika’s still annoying, though. :/ Also, I cheered when Saiga appeared!

    1. No, he is working on it, but there is a co writer doing a lot of work. Or so an interview said.

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