Terra Formars Episode 4

I can’t really say much happened, since I can summarize it pretty quickly, but we did get a lot of information. Here’s a simple summary: The cockroaches come in swarms to every single division, Sheila dies, everyone finally takes their medicine, and they fight.

The surgery everyone had to go through is the same surgery those that went on the Bugs mission underwent, but with those with the Annex, they did even more. They combined samples from every living creature on Earth from the land, sea, and sky and implemented them. The new process is called Human Metamorphosis Mosaic Organ Operation. They’ve taken the mosaic organ from the terraformars that came about because of a mutation and U-Nasa used it on themselves. Everyone turns into a hybrid of any animal when everyone takes their medicine and they gain abilities.

We keep getting more and more surprises from the bugs. The cockroach that was on Komachi’s vestr4.24sel had been driven off, and he and Marco and another person were about to capture it. But the thing escaped and another landed back on the vessel with everyone inside. It forced its way in, but luckily Sheila had a net gun in hand, and captured it. There were no worries, since the net is strong enough to hold three times the strength of a terraformar. Komachi and the others return, everything is fine until the cockroach shows its palms to everyone, revealing a hole on each, shooting out an extremely hot gas, a mix of hydrogen peroxide and hydroquinone. Unfortunately, the blow struck Sheila in the chest, proving to be fatal and taking her life. Komachi held her body, Sheila trying to speak and tell him her feelings, but she never got to. Even so, Komachi understood.

Getting a better look at these cockroaches, the executive officers note that these roaches are different. The technique used that killed Sheila was the same technique from a Bugs 2 member from the mission 20 years ago. How in the world did that thing have that ability? Similar ones are noticed in the bugs. First, these things are extremely intelligent. They knew that the divisions split up, and they easily found all of them. Two, they have abilities from dead Bugs 2 members and they don’t know why.

Everyone takes their medicine and they fight. The one person who’s doing exceptionally well is Marcos, who has the abilities of the huntsman spider, a spider that hunts down cockroaches. And he’s in a fit of rage. Marcos, along with Alex, have known Sheila back in Mexico since their childhood. Sheila has helped the boys whenever they would get into scuffles with other guys, and Sheila was the one that tended to their injuries and even made them stop fighting. They’ve been close, so it’s understandable that Marcos would be upset. It’s just a guess, but maybe Marcos had a little crush on her. Since Alex was also a close friend, I’m worried to see his reaction when he finds out Sheila is dead.


I did like that they showed flashbacks during Marcos’ rage, because we finally got to see more of peoples’ backgrounds. I said Akira was the main character in the first episode, but they made such a big deal with him, but that’s not really the case anymore. He was barely in this episode, and this one focused more on Komachi, Sheila, and Marcos. We don’t have one single protagonist, we have a plethora of protagonists we’re focusing on. I can’t really call Akira, Marcos, Alex, Sheila, and Eva the “main group” anymore. There’s so many characters because there’s so many crew members, and yeah we still focus on the same people, but it’s not one person who’s better than the other, not one person we’re focusing on. It’s everyone. This can make it more interesting, but it can also be a problem because then we won’t get to know so many characters and they can turn out static for the entirety of the show. Especially since a lot of action is going to be taking place, and it’s only going to be a 1 cour show, that’s my worry.


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