Amagi Brilliant Park Episode 6

And so we’re back to Amagi Brilliant Park. This episode now with 40% more plot relevance! HOORAY! So the plot of this episode is pretty simple. Seiya realizes that the park is severely understaffed so they need to hire some people. He sets up an interview for all the applicants.

This is however, not before the sheep guy slips a bean into sento’s food.

amagi 5

This magic bean is actually called a “Heartsleeve fruit.” It makes the person who eats it not be able to control their emotions and blurt out whatever they’re thinking. Basically think of it as a magic bean with the powers of the movie “Liar Liar”.

The night before the interviews Sento has a nightmare in which Seiya hires three girls and they take over her job and basically kick her out.

Seiya of course gets all the bitches.
Seiya of course gets all the bitches.

Sento eventually finds out about the bean and gets really pissed. Apparently the sheep guy was testing the beans on her because he wanted to use it on his ex-wife to get custody of his kid and needed a test subject first. Okay, that just raises a few questions of the top of my head.

  1. Does his ex-wife work for the park or in magical land?

  2. Can they go BACK to magical land whenever they want?

  3. There’s divorce in magical land?

  4. That sheep thing is a dad?

I could keep going, but for the sake of my sanity i’ll let this weirdness slide and be safe with saying that Sento kicks his ass for doing so.

Well maybe being forced to speak your mind is good for YOU, bitch!
Well maybe being forced to speak your mind is good for YOU, bitch!

Then the interviews happen. And man, there’s a lot of crazy people that interview. An astronaut, a kabuki actor, a wrestler, hell, a fucking NINJA applies.

(no caption needed)
(no caption needed)

And that thing that I actually found very amusing? He actually hires all of them.

After all the crazy people apply, interestingly enough, one of the girls that was in Sento’s dream shows up to apply

amagi 11

and then another

amagi 12

and then the last one

amagi 16

All this time, Sento is freaking out about how these girls are showing up from her dream, and she’s worried she’ll be pushed out of the picture. Why? Because even though she’ll beat herself up (literally) before she’ll admit it, she wants Seiya to put his dick in her.

So the episode ends with the new recruits being talked to as there’s a lot of work to be done.

(shown above. Me boot dropping Full metal panic)
(shown above. Me boot dropping Full metal panic)

End of episode.

All right. Well i’ll start off by saying this episode was better than the last one. Because you know…. stuff actually happened. I mean, not a LOT of stuff happened, but stuff happened at least.

The interviews happened and those were kind of amusing, and I liked how they started off with the idea that the older lady they hired was an ex-porn star but they retconned that at the end of the episode by saying “Lol, we were just trolling. She claimed to work for AV’s? Well that means animal videos.” I was actually disappointed by that. I think it would have been a lot funnier if an ex-porn star worked at the amusement park. Shame on you Amagi for saying that ex-porn stars can’t get good jobs. tsk tsk.

And i'm sorry. No one in their right minds would label an animal video that.
And i’m sorry. No one in their right minds would label an animal video that.

Now for the thing I didn’t like about this episode. I did not like the Senta bullshit. Throughout the whole episode she was having trouble with her emotions because the magical fruit wanted her to tell Seiya that she had a crush on him. But she kept fighting it back. So here we are with a perfect opportunity for this chick to just tell him and have this romance happen (which, even though I don’t like this romance I know it will) she decides to Inuyasha this romance out.

Look Senta, you have had all the chances in the world to tell this guy how you feel. And you know what? I don’t care anymore. I don’t care if you’re shy, or whatever, but oh my god tell him. Really, I can’t stand this “the girl or guy doesn’t tell the other when they have feelings thing.” it drives me nuts.


I just… I just want them to save the park. I do not give a single crap on this romance. Even a little bit. I would honestly rather Seiya be with anybody else. Latifa…one of those 3 new girls..fuck, i’d be okay with him being with one of the FAIRIES.

At this point, i’m starting to lose faith that they’re going to wrap up the show. Knowing my luck they’re probably going to make this a “Read the manga” style ending, or give it 30 more episodes or something. This isn’t one of those shows I want drawn out. I want them to have the problem, fix it, end of series. Please don’t drag it out. Please?

Episode 6/10

Also, why isn't Indiana Jones on the bottom right over there in more episodes?
Also, why isn’t Indiana Jones on the bottom right over there in more episodes?


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