Dreamy Days in West Tokyo: Ichigo’s Routes [Including Living With Him!]



Guys, when I first saw this game I knew one thing. I had to have Ichigo Sato in my life. When his story finally came out I played about half before life interferred. Recently a whole slew of sequels and bonus content came out. . . so I got them all! Yes, everyone, this is a review and compilation post for every single addition of the main storyline for Ichigo Sato. Hey Ichy. . . .how you doin’?


Ichigo is my fabled anime love type, the male tsundere who is very obvious. The closest to him is Momoi since well, as is Voltage’s favorite, pastries. Ichigo’s family runs a sweets shop so you’ll be getting some of that fine patisserie action. His main route is basically what you think it would be. You were friends with Ichigo since you were a kid and it’s heavily implied, much to your ignorance, the two of you have always liked each other. For being the ‘default’ choice, as in the one the game uses for advertisements, it sure took a long time to release his routes. . .


Ichigo spends much of the first route picking on you, but it never bothers me because my character never seems to take it seriously. As long as the character isn’t bothered by it, I don’t think it’s a problem. For her, it’s what they’ve always done and she cherishes it. I think the worst thing about the route is you have some kind of selective amnesia. Wouldn’t it have been more fun for her to keep thinking ‘I wonder if he thinks I’m worth that promise at all. . .’? They do weird things in these games sometimes and I’ve learned to accept it.


You’re in high school in this game but there is a significant difference in this and First Love Diaries. There’s hardly any sexual tension but it still keeps you wrapped up, mostly because you’ve all been friends and it’s fun to deal with all the different friendship elements. I’d say a game that can succesfully re use tropes without reminding you it’s doing so is a good game, so Ichigo’s first route keeps a place in my heart. I was actually going to skip right to the sequels 3 years later and Moving in, but I played the free chapter and Ichigo made a perverted comment, so this happened:


Ichigo: well you’ve already given me everything

Me: they fucked didn’t they

MC: W-what’s that mean?!

Ichigo: Oh, what were you thinking of?

Me: they fucked. Gotta go play first season sequel.


While the sequels, the first ones anyway, tend to be lacking and filled with bland drama, this one wasn’t so bad. After the first five you get into some fun things and Ichigo has decided to move away so he can deserve to inherit the shop. You’re trying to figure out what you want and you go with social work. You know, I’d be really surprised if for once people could seem to want their own unique things even if they overlap. Social work is a better option, but it seems like a safe story option. Couldn’t the MC have a more interesting choice? Then again, sometimes people who can’t choose do pick that. As a person who had a hard time choosing I did not end up going with nursing, so I find it hard to relate. Then again, they didn’t cheap out and go pastry chef.


The whole first sequel was WORTH because Ichigo actually cries over the decision. Stoic, tsundere Ichigo is like “I HAVE SO MANY FEELINGS OKAY?!” and it was worth it. Not to mention even though you guys don’t talk about it often, you kind of bring up and decide to have sex and it feels pretty natural. How can I pass up a sequel with this face on it??


Then. . .oh boy. Guys. Then Ichigo goes off to Paris and becomes the beautiful butterfly we all know and love. Ladies and gentlemen, perfection:


You and Ichigo are back together now but it seems that after all this time, you’re both working way too hard! The whole thing is you trying to squeeze in time for him during your Practicum’s. I gotta give Voltage this, the more they developed her role and made her go for the job of nurse it was better.


Add on that Ichy’s boss is a jackass who yells at him and you’d kind of miss Ringo. Ichigo is, as I see it, basically only working here to learn how to be a true pastry chef until one day he can inherit the shop. It’s really funny comparing Ichigo with Momoi from Finally in Love Again, as Momoi is probably one of the best pastry chefs ever and doesn’t have much to learn. Ichigo is what, 6 years his junior and working his ass off to be good? It’s really nice to see Ichigo work hard.


Your parents have also come to town and it’s all about them trying to meet Ichig-


holy crap, hold the phone. THESE are your parents? No wonder 6 guys want to get into your pants. . . they’re. . .they’re beautiful. Do you guys see this crap?


I must be BEAUTIFUL. Damn! I bet Ichigo is coughing inwardly and going “…….I guess this family ages well”. Jeez. I had to say something. Your family is just. . . super pretty. As a song I like quotes, “This family is stupid attractive.” Just. . .wow. When Ichigo does meet them they are impressed by him but your mother is sure to remind you to stick to your studies. Hey mom, come on, I’ve been ditching my boyfriend this entire route to be responsible!


ichigos mom knows where its at, encouraging me to do it with her son

ichigos mom knows where its at, encouraging me to do it with her son

The ending to the three years route is very very cute. He has been saying this whole time he wants to marry you, so I’d believe it if he does it in the next route. That being said, I am reviewing every single one, even the brand new just came out ‘Living with him’ route, so here we go on that one. (One last note though, there is a glitch in the 3 years route that has the lights in his house off the entire time. I thought it was just the art until a scene later had you asking him to turn off the lights, and when he did, they turned on! lol)


Most of the tension in the Living with him route comes from his own fears, He wants to settle down with you but doesn’t he need a stable job for that? It’s really sweet to watch him push himself. Not to mention the both of you realize: you’ll do anything to be with each other. Ichigo will take a job he doesn’t want to secure your life, and you’d follow him and lengthen your education for it. I have done these things! I personally have made these sacrifices and feel a lot of personal connection to this. They love each other and it’s. . .it’s so freaking cute.


Its so hard to put into words just how awesome it all becomes. You’re cute, you’re happy, you’re a real relationship and you can feel those years of development build it all up into an amazing thing. Ichigo loves living with you, you buy groceries. Just, look at this! look at the cute!


How can I even describe it?! This relationship is all in this post. You see it all. All I’m missing is getting married and having perfect patisserie babies. I need this to be happy! This whole route run down was just . . .amazing. You met him as a child, and you had a crush on him from the start, you move back and it happens that the two of you would fall in love. He goes away, but you stay strong and eventually live together. This route is a love story after my own heart.


None of you can appreciate it until you play it. . .and with the new bundles, you’ll save money..SO FREAKIN DO IT



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2 Responses

  1. Nikolita says:

    Oh man, I heart your Voltage reviews so much Oki. 😀 *makes a mental note to take a look at this game later*

    “Social work is a better option, but it seems like a safe story option. Couldn’t the MC have a more interesting choice? Then again, sometimes people who can’t choose do pick that.” —> I couldn’t choose, lol. ;~; (I was general studies, then psych major, then social work.)

    Thanks for the review Oki!

    • Oki says:

      I’m one of those lame I wish I could do social work but I’m not that devoted or kind. Well, I could be, but I’d be too depressed. She chooses nursing in the end and I think the process of decision making is the best way to write for characters. I’m glad you like these! If there are any you want to see me review otherwise I’m happy to take requests. PS: Props for psych major, I can’t sit through abnormal psych

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