Inou Battle wa Nichijou-Kei no Naka de Episode 4

So, here we are again, with another episode of Inou Battle…yadda yadda. This is a very interesting episode, with some funny moments and some heartwarming moments. However, one thing it lacks is something that seems to be pretty basic to the plot, the powers. They’re not really focused on in this episode, nor in the last one. While I understand, its not an action show all about explosive powers and battles, it feels like the powers are more used as shorthand excuses for plot things, even though they do have a part. Its a strange thing; we keep getting things different from what we thought the show was about, but its not bad new stuff just..unexpected. Anyways, the episode is pretty much cut into two parts, though not divided evenly, so first for the short part.


Andou remains very much..Andou. Caught up in his super otaku fantasy world, and loving every second of it. He does everything dramatically, including an amazing epiphany he realized about Chiyufu’s power.


Truly…this is a discovery of the ages, and he’s quite right. This cosplay scene has little point to the rest of the plot of the episode (other than Chiyufu being a little absent-minded about her powers). Its mostly an excuse to see characters in cosplay outfits, and see who chose what (they decide based on a hat). Andou makes the choice of bondage gear (for himself to look cool in), white hair girl chose maid and bloomer outfits…which gives some insight into what she’s into.

….Sometimes its the ones you least suspect.

Chiyufu chose the sun, because she’s a kid, though her reason is pretty freaking adorable.

“And then I want to melt the polar ice caps and flood the entire world. ….My mom won’t let us have a pool…”

Lastly, red hair picks bikini armor, which only confirms what we knew already, she’s a total nerd and bad at hiding it. When sleepy-sensei comes in, they have to get rid of the outfits…and Chiyufu, naturally, doesn’t think to replace it with new clothes.

Welp, was only a matter of time till the fanservice kicked in this hard. 4 episodes in..not too bad though


The main focus of this episode though is Chiyufu; and it is on a question Midnight and I had since the beginning, “Why is a grade-schooler hanging out with high school kids?” Well, this problem is addressed, first by Sleepy-sensei, and then by one of Chiyufu’s friends.

We see later in the episode she does own a car….which kinda terrifies me.


Chiyufu’s friend, Kuki, is very close to her, but doesn’t understand why she’s hanging out with high-schoolers rather than her. Especially when she sees Andou.

Seriously, I have nook idea why she’d be concerned…

This is played for comedy at first, but it does get very emotional later. Kiku is clearly frustrated her friend cant’ confide in her, and is worried that she’s losing her to new people.



The hard part is that, Chiyufu can’t say why she’s hanging out with the group (because of her powers) without telling Kuki about them.  Since she won’t, it means Kuki ends up believing the worst.


Hence comes in Andou, who as his duty as main character, must resolve this situation. We see in this episode how much he does truly care for and look out for her, and want what’s in her best interest. We also find out when his family’s not around, he liked to dance around and strip in his house.

Don’t buy into it, Andou! there’s an 80% chance there’ll be nothing and you’ll feel like you wasted your time!

A lot of the episodes so far have been Andou being humiliated, punched, tricked, and messed with, but it does show he’s a good guy and is actually more capable than he appears. When he sees just how hurt Chiyufu is, he decides to get into character and help reunite the two friends.

Sebastian would be proud……..yeah, actually no, he wouldn’t be. You didn’t even make a contract to eat her soul or anything…

So, what is Andou’s plan to help Chiyufu?



Yeah….yeah. He basically makes the “big secret” be him being a lolicon who is prevented from doing anything horrible by playing with Chiyufu. He gets…really into the acting like…really….

O-Okay Andou…you can stop now…..Seriously..


Rapeface level 5 achieved. You’ve become an Espurr, Andou!

Suffice to say, it works. Ya know, there’s a very weird kind of nobility in falsely confessing to being a pervert to save someone’s friendship…but you’re not gonna see it that often. But yaaaay frienshiiiiip!!


Also, that one little cliffhanger about Chiyufu leaving school? It wasn’t about this…at all. It was about wanting to move to high school.

Truly, this is the kind of beautiful upside-down logic only a child can come up with. I salute you, Chiyufu!


This episode got a great deal into Chiyufu’s character, and addressed a realistic problem in her hanging out with people twice her age. Granted, not sure if it will explore beyond this episode, but it was sweet and nice. However, one worry I have is Andou will suffer from “chronic main character syndrome” where literally every problem in the story has to be solved by him. These girls are characters too..they can handle themselves and their own issues. Chiyufu I accept as she’s just a child, but this better not be a pattern, show. The series has become very slice-of life very fast, and I hope they explore the powers more and have more..things happen, but so far the ride has been pleasant, if uneventful.

For now, I leave you with Andou pulling a Lelouch. Good night!

Huh…its missing something. Oh, maybe ask white hair guy if you can borrow some contacts, Andou! Then it’ll be perfect!




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