Cross Ange Episode 7 [ Salia’s Magical Girl Lesbian Kiss and Makeout Adventures ]

Okay so I’m sure I’ll be back to shipping Tusk and Ange soon, but this episode was probably created solely to make people ship Ange and Salia. And it worked.

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This episode is centrally focused on Salia being pissed off at everyone. To be fair, she should be. Everyone is pissing in everybody’s cornpuffs in order to proof something, and it’s fucking up the day. Hilda and her friends keep trying to kill Ange, and Ange in return takes all the money and kills all the DRAGONs. This makes Salia’s job impossible, but because of her focus on Villkiss she of course spends much of her frustration focused on Ange instead of equally trying to stop everyone. When she tries to get Ange stripped of Villkiss, Jill tells her to handle it herself.

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What ends up happening? Well, Salia goes to blow off steam in her hobby- which is dressing like a magical girl. Ange sees her doing this and the end result is them fighting in the bathtub at first with knives, then hand to hand in a boob grabbing war (though once again not sexual, Ange’s boobs are a huge target), then with brushes to fight each other. They end up scolded by Jill and forced to write a paper in apology. Despite that Momoka does it for her, she manages to catch a cold from being in the bath.

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This cold is what I like to call a plot convenience cold. While Salia seeing reason and Hilda and the other’s needed a breaking point, Ange is just too damn good for this show to stop her otherwise. If she was nerfed the insane things she’s supposed to do later wouldn’t make sense if this was referenced, so to make everything look more legit they get her sick in order to force a specific incident: Making them all work together as a team. And what better way than making them run into a ‘virgin’, or a type of dragon no one has ever seen!?

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What results is Hilda being a bitch and sending her cronies to come with her to fight, splitting the team and ultimately endangering them when it’s revealed the DRAGONs ability is gravity, fucking all of them over until the cold ridden Ange comes along. She is going to charge in until Salia screams at her to cut out her bullshit, and she does so. They end up making a ton of money (except Ange)  and Salia tells them all to cut the shit, no killing each other and no hogging all the money. While her cronies (whose names are now worthy of being learned so I’ll get on that) say screw it and want to stop fighting, Hilda goes off to whine. Alright Hilda, congrats. You are now replacing Ange as the most unbearably fucking stupid character.

cross ange hilda

Good for. . .you?

now she done lost her harem

now she done lost her harem


Now everyone else is getting along and I’m so happy. I have been waiting this whole time for us to finally get passed the awkward bullshit and it took 7 episodes to get here. Folks, I’m only excited from now on. Kickass dragon fights, fanservice I don’t hate, awesome acting, pretty decent animation, and a solidly interesting plot. Why do I say that? Two reasons: Jill and the rest in charge seem to know Tusk and had flashbacks, meaning he has a really solid story. Second? At the end Momoka gets a mana channel communication. . . from Sylvia, who was sending her to find Angelise to help her. Wherever she is, she is in trouble, and I’m assuming her creepy brother is to blame. Ange is upset and I’m fucking worried.

[HorribleSubs] Cross Ange - 07 [720p].mkv_20141116_215511

So guys, finally, let’s be excited for next weeks episode!


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  1. Amazing person says:

    After this episode I declare this my favorite show for the season. And we still have 18 episodes.

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