Argh. I’m having a problem with this show. i’m really really starting to LOVE this chick Kodachi. She is by far my favorite character in the series, and she may just be in my top 10 favorite anime girls of all time. And the fact that a lot of the episode revolved around her, was just amazing, but at the same time, frustrating. What do I mean? You’ll see.

So the episode starts out with the library gang helping out people doing different things around the school

What? weren't YOU in scrubbing the pool club in high school?
What? weren’t YOU in scrubbing the pool club in high school?

It actually turns out that so many people come and ask for their help that it’s pissed off the librarians and they’re told they have to find a new room. They beg to stay though and are given a grace period to show they can keep quiet and fix the way they handle the club.

The Black haired girl starts handling a lot of the requests through emails and then she stays late to do more work and blah blah awkward thing where it shows she likes him

blah blah care slightly more than main girl but not much more blah blah
blah blah care slightly more than main girl but not much more blah blah

Now this is where the part I actually care about comes into play.

See, it turns out that Kodachi is really another Shepard candidate (as the main character is) and she’s been getting very frustrated that he’s able to move on while she’s still stuck in the earlier stages.

So Kodachi decides to come over to his house and knowing he can tell the future (yeah, remember that thing from episode 1? yeah that power. Huh…what is it with people using their powers once and then forgetting about them for 4 episodes in these shows?) try to read her future.


but when he tries to tell her future, he can’t. For the first time, it’s blocked off to him and he can’t see anything.

Interestingly enough earlier in the episode, everyone except for him, nearly forgot who Kodachi was until he reminded them. I’m sure it’s due to some magical mcguffin, but still. DAMN YOU BITCHES FOR FORGETTING HER!

I'll never forget about you baby
I’ll never forget about you baby

So eventually he finds out that kodachi is actually the one who is the Shepard that has been sending the emails. As soon as he does, this dude shows up


and yeah. tells him that. Also he tells him that he’s going to now take him to the magical library. End of episode.

So before I continue anything



Know what? calling it now. This is my favorite female character all season. Right here. I fucking love this chick.

She’s adorable, deep, hot, smart, and a bit impetuous, but obviously has a good heart. I know he’s probably not going to end up with her, but fuck it. If he doesn’t, I’m going to write the recap as if he did. Don’t fucking care.

Anyway, now that my fanboy rant is over,

This episode for me, was a good one. well, at least part of it. I’m glad that a majority of it had nothing to do with the main chick, because as of right now, she’s getting on my nerves. She really has no character other than “goofy chick who wants to show her sick sister she has friends” that’s basically the premise of her entire character and i don’t give a single shit.

That's right bitches. Kodachi and the main dude are gonna fuck. get over it!
That’s right bitches. Kodachi and Kakei are gonna fuck. get over it!

Every single other character is bland, one dimensional, and boring. Kodachi and the best friend really are the only 2 characters in this show that have multiple dimensions to their character. I wish the show was about THEM but nope, make room for “Perfect boy” and “derpy girl”.

Honestly, if a fucking train killed Kakei and the new main character was Kodachi I’d fucking dance on his grave and laugh.

Still though, it looks like next week we’re going to get to the meat of the series as they’re entering the magical library. So, hopefully that will be cool.

Episode 7.5/10

Oh, and just for the hell of it, here’s Kodachi naked in a tub of money holding wine. Because everyone needs this in their life.

I know, I know. It's glorious
I know, I know. It’s glorious