Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso Ep 5
Before I proceed with my thoughts on Episode 5, there is one thing I would like to get off my chest. After reading Sidekick’s Analysis: Spring is hell: A Kimiuso post, for the past week I have been iffy about how I feel about the show. Now that I am aware of of the critical flaws, I was torn whether or not I should continue my coverage. It was and still is one of many things that have been plaguing my mind because I am trying to figure out where do I stand in all of this and quite frankly, it’s stressing me out. Making up my mind whether or not I should just drop it or continue on is a difficult decision for me because there’s a moral line that I draw when it comes to these issues in writing. I absolutely agree with many points that Sidekick had addressed, such as Tsubaki’s and Kaori’s actions may have been with good intentions in mind, but they were doing it the wrong way- to the extent would be better described as harassment. That was something I should have criticized from the get go. There is a fine line that is drawn within fictional stories. One example would be to avoid glorifying something that is universally known as morally wrong. Then there’s the part where writers would throw things together that don’t actually make sense for convenience sake.
But in the end, after watching this week’s episode, I am relieved to say that what I needed to do became crystal clear within the very first minute of the episode. I hereby announce that Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso has been dropped.
It is quite ironic really, because this week had no music performance. And I had had a sneaking suspicion that if one were to take away the music and you will see just how ugly the characters actually are- and that is exactly what had happened. Like wow, I am still seething over this episode, it really got to me. In fact, I think I probably would have been just as upset even if I didn’t read Sidekick’s Analysis, because Kousei is my baby and I only want him to be happy again. If you didn’t notice the flaws before, well today you had no choice but to confront it because they literally punched all of the flaws in your face. Man… Tsubaki and Watari in particular, wow… I can’t even, what a bunch of pricks they are! How dare they blame Kousei for “screwing up” Kaori’s performance. WOW, FUCK YOU. And to see Tsubaki throwing Kousei off a bridge when he was little- man that pissed me off too- ESPECIALLY WHEN HE COULDN’T SWIM! Sure he’d laugh it off, but hell no. That was in no way okay to do.
I can’t even bring myself to even identify Tsubaki and Watari as Kousei’s friends. REAL Friends don’t treat each other like shit, real friends don’t pick on you, beat you, harass you. They are supposed to support you, be there for you, AND GOD DAMN IT! Kaori is like a this bipolar switch. One minute she is saying good things the next she acts like a bully. And it frustrates me because Kousei deserves better treatment than that and I ever so wished that Kaori wouldn’t have had to be reduced to this horrible personality.
The only thing that made me happy today was that the writer didn’t immediately make him cured- THAT WAS THE ONLY THING. BUT EVERYTHING ELSE, IS SHIT. Literally at this point, the only good thing about the show is the animation quality and the music, that is it. Ugh how frustrating! Amazing how in just one episode that it can set me off like this. And here I was going to give this show a chance!
That is it. I am not wasting anymore time with this show.


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  1. Vange Chandran

    I was also really angry when Tsubaki and Watari said Kousei ruined Kaori’s performance!! Even if it was just a joke, they should know Kousei well enough to know he’s already thinking those thoughts without them having to say them. I also don’t like how Kaori acts very sweet with Tsubaki and Watari (especially Watari), but is completely different with Kousei. It would be so much better if she stuck to one personality. The only thing I really liked about this episode was, like you said, the OST. It was on point today.
    But what annoyed me the most about this episode is how Kousei almost worships Kaori in his head. It’s fine that he looks up to her, but all he ever does around her is think about how wonderful she is. And he definitely said “she sparkles” at least three times in this episode. It’s absolutely ridiculous. I respect Kaori as a musician, but I dislike her besides that. >.>
    Just out of curiosity–are you dropping blogging it or watching it altogether?

    1. Eva

      20 minutes later and I am still seething. I am so mad.
      I don’t know. I think once I cool off I will probably end up watching the next episode. I hate the characters but I love the music so yeah- I don’t know. I feel like I want to watch it for the animation and original soundtrack team sake. Shirobako has been making me appreciate the production effort even more than before. So if I REALLY can’t stand it, I might just skim the episode and only watch the performances because really that is all what it is worth (and really you have to hand it to the animation team for their superb work for the performance parts) or just wait for the OST to come out and enjoy it then.

  2. nanon

    I’m not sure which of Kousei’s “friends” I’m annoyed with the most. What with everyone piling all the blame on Kousei like he was the one screaming “LET ME BE THE ACCOMPANIST” all week aaargh.
    Watari doesn’t show up as much alone, but he does join in with Tsubaki on beating on Kousei. And thinks that it’s all fine, because THIS IS HOW THE GIRL LETS YOU KNOW WHETHER OR NOT IT’S IMPOSSIBLE. YOU’RE A MAN, AREN’T YOU, KOUSEI? And then there’s Tsubaki who wants Kousei to move past his trauma on “his own terms” hahaha. But of course, Kousei has merits other than playing the piano – she can’t think of any at the moment, but that’s funny so it’s okay. I had to laugh at how Tsubaki justifed her actions when her friend called her out on her habit of chucking Kousei off bridges when they were little.
    I also find the parallels between Kaori and Kousei’s mom really weird. Like, this episode has closeups of Kaori’s face from the nose down while she speaks like the ones they use for Kousei’s mom in his flashbacks. Kaori has health problems that are probably serious, just like Kousei’s mom. They both beat and yell at Kousei to play the piano because they want him to, regardless of whatever he says or wants. And… Kousei puts both of them on a pedestal like they both have the best intentions for him and he shouldn’t complain. But Kaori’s the one that sparkles, so she’s in the right?
    It really weird that the anime realizes that Kousei’s mom’s abuse was a bad thing and shows it with the dark and drab colours, but dresses up Kaori and co’s abuse in bright and pretty colours like their actions are cutely funny and perfectly acceptable. The animation is so pretty, but the show’s so uncomfortable to watch.
    ….. I’m so sorry that this turned out so tl;dr.

    1. Eva

      I would say I am the most annoyed towards Tsubaki and Watari because they’ve known him since they were little. Kaori has only recently came into the picture so in some ways she is not as much as fault as the other two are (but still doesn’t excuse her some of not so great moments with how she treats Kousei). :\
      // also find the parallels between Kaori and Kousei’s mom really weird. Like, this episode has closeups of Kaori’s face from the nose down while she speaks like the ones they use for Kousei’s mom in his flashbacks. //
      Yeah also I found that a tad creepy. I imagine they wanted to serve that parallel of “Light” VS “Darkness” as Kaori is bathed in light and warm colors compared to his mother’s dark and weary grey colors. But I would say at this point it would be up to the individual viewer’s interpretation given that there is a very large variety of different opinions towards this show. But other than that, I couldn’t agree with you more.

  3. sidekick

    I feel like I’ve ruined the kimiuso experience for a lot of people, lol….sorry guys.

  4. ixsiehn

    Well, I believe this is a cultural thing. As an asian myself, I see everything that they’re doing as fine. I think it probably has something to do with the fact that we value what was intended more than what was done.

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