So, thank god this episode was better than the last one. It actually 180’d back from creepy right back to adorable. Phew.

So here’s the short little recap. Kaoru (wife) comes home from work and collapses from overexhaustion at work. She goes to the doctor who tells her she needs to stop smoking.


She then goes to her friend and complains about how she doesn’t want to quit smoking, but she does it anyway because she has to.

However, the weird thing is, when she’s sick, while the husband starts to do more things around the house such as chores, his personality changes, and Kaoru really gets upset by it and wants him to go back to the way he used to be.

...huh. that was a weird subtitle to convey what I was trying to get across.
…huh. that was a weird subtitle to convey what I was trying to get across.

The episode ends with her going to the doctor and the doctor trolls her by pretending she’s pregnant. Except she’s not.

That'd scare me too!
That’d scare me too!

The end.

I’m very happy to say that this episode, while not the best thing ever, it was much better. I actually saw the care the husband has for Kaoru and it’s pretty adorable. He would do things such as change her personality, get extra work, and even do all the chores while she’s ill, just because he cares for her.

Dawww ok. I ship it again.
Dawww ok. I ship it again.

He’s socially awkward. He doesn’t know how to act around people. But at the same time, he really does care for his wife and wants her to be happy. Throughout the series, we learn that even though Kaoru looks like the perfect hot normal woman, she has hang ups of her own. And it just goes to show you that while some people while may be more socially awkward and have different personalities, every person is weird, just in a different way and that doesn’t mean they can’t be together or be happy. In fact, they play off each other so well I’d go to say that they really are a perfect match, and I see why they fell in love.

Gah! that IS a forced smile
Gah! that IS a forced smile

All in all, great episode and I hope more are like this, and less like the drinking one and the broster one. So…. half are good at least!

Episode 7.5/10



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  1. vergiltfs

    Hey, I just watched this episode again, it seems that Kaoru might be pregnant. After the doctor said “I’m kidding” she also said “is that what you expected me to say” and Kaoru froze.

  2. hideki sohma

    I actually think what the doctor meant by that was “Were you expecting for me to say that you were pregnant?”

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