This episode has proven to me that this season will be filled with a psychological destruction. If the prior season was the establishment of how the Sybil System works and the complacency of human souls, then this season is called fuck yourself and cry you little shit. Almost immediately we see the reactions to the massacre last episode, and they are bad. While Kamui and the inspector are proving amiable together Mika is vomitting and Akane is being vigilant. . .while Togane watches her and grades her hue.

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This episode. This episode. This episode. So many parts of it were nuances that helped people grow. We saw Aonagi’s subordinate come to apologize to Ginoza, we saw Mika and Yayoi interact, hell we even saw the Sybil system ta……wow the Sybil System talking yielded some shit I need to talk about later. Just. . . if you are interested in my opinion on that just skip to the end of this review because shit happened. Shit happened, guys.

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When that finally ends, Akane has asked Saiga to interview the diplomat who was in last episode while she and Division Three go to investigate where they think Kamui is hiding with the lost Inspector. Mika was actually pleasant in the episode until this point, because prior to this part her focus was on Togane. Mika manages to show that her intuition fails and her criticism of Akane is completely ridiculous. It literally comes to the point where she is confronting Chief Kasei about it.

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In general, all the divisions have a shitty opinion of Akane. I want to fucking drop kick these guys. If any of them had any idea what the truth was they would have been killed or gone completely insane. Akane has to deal with so much and manages to keep her hue completely clear, which is why we see Togane has a slight interest in her. I get really sick of Enforcers and fellow Inspectors calling her Chief Kasei’s favorite when the truth is simply that Akane has to deal with things no one else had  and lost so much merely to the truth of the system.

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Togane lends himself to being useful in the pursuit of Kamui with Akane, but as the two seperate they find things like faces used for face implants. This ironically cuts to Saiga and his interview, as he reveals that he believes the person giving the speeches was not really the man he said he was. Wouldn’t it make sense for his psycho pass to cloud when he has to give speeches, something he is only mocking the original to do? His guilt is showing through. Because of that Saiga concludes he is a liar and the man grins. Holy fuck, Saiga basically calls what I did. He was a messenger, though, not a distraction.

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Inconspicuously one of the Enforcers on duty downloads a new version of a game on his phone, called Hungry Chicken. But as he begins to play, without him realizing. . . a mech comes to life, and he begins killing people. As more and more people play, more mechs come to life and kill people. Right as this happens, Akane and Togane find a new message of ‘WC?’  Kamui is there and it’s clear he is offering a new challenge. . .but the episode doesn’t end there.

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Mika is pissed. She is suspicious and feels like her complaints are being ignored. So what does she do? She goes to Togane’s room and finds something incredibly disturbing. . . pictures of Akane. Not just any pictures, pictures from long before they met, specifically ones from Season 1 era, he has been. . .cataloging her with information he shouldn’t have. Think about this. . .his crime coefficient was the highest they saw. To not die in that situation it means he must have been in a situation that wasn’t involving force. He might have even turned himself in. . .and aren’t crime coefficients higher on those who are committing their act? Consider this, it was high because he knew turning himself in and becoming an Enforcer was part of the plan to find Akane. . .and test her. Oh god. I do not see good things.

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This brings me to my last concern. This episode, Sybil had some extra scenes. One was with Mika, but the rest were by itself. So what in the world was important enough for us to see it? Well one thing was very clear, the Sybil System is thinking on how to deal with Akane and what she is doing. Either that or Mika, but the conversation seemed general enough. Then there was another conversation that I will transcribe:


  I see. So I’m in charge of this case, huh? But no matter how much you blame me, I can’t take responsibility for it. . .because we can’t change the past. Let’s just do our best to make use of that which was brought to life. . . in order that we may evolve.


That’s the official English translation for those of you that can’t understand Japanese. Simply but, I want any of you who saw The Re-Edit to compare several of Makishima’s monologues, especially about Kogami, to the speech pattern in which Chief Kasei uses when saying this. It is much like Makishima to begin every observation with the same speech pattern, in fact he quite often used the pattern of speech in which was above listed. なるほど is his favorite method to begin an observation. Of course these are possibly used by everyone in the series, but I feel the series was trying to call attention to this fact. Before you dismiss just that, here is a mannerism Makishima gave during his moments of brilliance and speech.


[HorribleSubs] PSYCHO-PASS Extended Edition - 05 [720p].mkv_20140814_145526 [HorribleSubs] PSYCHO-PASS Extended Edition - 04 [720p].mkv_20140801_010038 [HorribleSubs] PSYCHO-PASS Extended Edition - 04 [720p].mkv_20140731_170655 [HorribleSubs] PSYCHO-PASS Extended Edition - 06 [720p].mkv_20140814_154812

The subtle smile, always when he was amused or forcing others into a corner. Right as someone who seems to have caused the system troubles before, remarks that it cannot be changed. . .and right before he almost mockingly mentions they need this to ‘evolve’.

[HorribleSubs] PSYCHO-PASS 2 - 05 [720p].mkv_20141106_160108 [HorribleSubs] PSYCHO-PASS 2 - 05 [720p].mkv_20141106_160112

Guys please call me crazy. Please tell me I am wrong. I do not WANT Makishima to be a pawn of the Sybil System and forced to be a godlike presence in the world he wanted to love forever. But why point out these scenes, show? Why give them to us? The speech means nothing if it’s not someone we know. People have survived point blank gunshot wounds, and with the medicine in this show…GUYS? PLEASE? TELL ME I AM WRONG? AS A FANGIRL TO MAKISHIMA HIM BEING HERE IS GREAT BUT I DONT WANT TO SEE HIM HAVE TO BE THIS GUYSSSSS BUT I CAN’T. I CAN’T. AND AKANE HAS A STALKER AND MIKA AND FUCKING KAMUI WHY THIS SEASON GUYS I CANT I FUCKING CANT THIS IS LITERALLY BREAKING MY DAMN BRAIN AND SHIT FUCK COCK TITS I CAN’T GUYS DO YOU SEE THIS? I CANT I AM SHAKING MY HEAD IN HORROR AT THE SCREEN GUYS ARE YOU THERE HELP ME GUUUYS


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  1. Vange Chandran

    I actually thought the same thing about when the Chief was talking! It sounded very Makishima-like. But I mean, we saw Kougami kill Makishima. We saw the gun against the back of his head, we saw Makishima fall to the ground. I don’t see how he could be part of Sybil now… >.< But honestly, I hate Kamui so much that I'd welcome Makishima.

    Personally though, I was disappointed with this episode. I feel like this season in general is driven mostly by the overarching plot and much less by the actual characters. There was a lot more character focus in season 1. But now Akane is basically lifeless. I can understand that she became this way after Kougami left, but it still feels unnatural. She barely even relies on facts and solely depends on her "detective's intuition," which is fine except she uses it almost exclusively. I can actually kind of understand why Shimotsuki doesn't trust Akane's judgment, because it isn't based on any facts. Kougami certainly had that intuition, but he coupled it with facts and research before he went sleuthing.

    And apparently the main writer for season 2 also wrote Ghost in the Shell. While I haven't seen GitS, my friend has, and he said that Kamui and the video game plot twist in today's ep are directly from GitS. Hearing that really bothers me. But even without that information, Kamui bothers me because I can't relate to him the way I could to Makishima. Plus, it's weird how his victims basically worship him and depend on him. Makishima's victims, on the other hand, were influenced but actually did a lot of things as a result of manipulation. It's the complete opposite of Kamui's brainwashed victims.

    All of that combined with Kougami's absence and pretty much no likable characters for me this season–including Akane–has got me pretty disappointed with this season so far. 🙁

    1. Oki

      + Sybil has advanced medicine and science, so nothing surprises me.
      2. I dont feel Akane is lifeless at all! I can feel her breaking down, I can feel her pain and I know that as it stands she is staying strong much like Kou was in order to do what she thinks needs to be done. As soon as there is someone in her playing field who gets her, I think she’ll crumble. As much as Gino is a friend, he flat out sticks to his warnings,s o I find him relataeble.
      3. GITS is one of my favorite anime and this is hardly like it ^_^; Especially Kamui, Kamui is. . .completely different, so I don’t know what your friend does.
      4. I like this season so far. I think part of the mystery is keeping us detached . . . until it’s too late and we realize we were much like all the people around her, cold and detached.

  2. KF

    Shisui, what you’re feeling is call Stockholm Syndrome.

    1. Oki

      ^^^^^^ this

  3. TheVoid

    Notice that one of the photos of Akane is her in Sibyl’s core, which makes Togane all the more suspicious.

    Also if Makishima is part of Sibyl now that’s all the reason Kougami would need to return and try to destroy Sibyl.

    1. Oki

      Maybe he is hacking Sybil to get photographs of her? Given the content, it makes sense. Oh, even more, maybe he is hacking it for the times her psycho pass reading went up to be even more of a creeper.

      Exactly my thoughts!

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