Aw crap it’s a Sensei episode. (exhales) fine. Let’s just do it.

Hey, remember that episode when Sensei had to finish a manga draft by a certain time and she needed help getting it done? Yeah, well, they did it again.

This episode starts out by us learning that Sensei hasn’t left the work building in a while because she’s stayed every night working on her manuscript. Her deadline is very soon so Umio offers to help. She tries to be stoic and say she can do it on her own, but almost immediately breaks down admitting she needs his help.

Yes, please help! your dick will inspire me!
Yes, please help! your dick will inspire me!

So he, Hiotan, and Kaneko all decide to help her out. After they work on it, both Umio and Sensei decide to stay late to work on it more. Sensei eventually goes into baby mode (basically she throws a tantrum about how she’s not going to finish in time and doesn’t want to work anymore) and Umio basically tells her that when she’s like that he respects her less.

Bitch cut that noise out. I'm trying to sleep on this cold ass floor.
Bitch cut that noise out. I’m trying to sleep on this cold ass floor.

On the final day before it’s due, the director gathers everyone from the store and has them help out Sensei. Unfortunately as they finish, Hiotan performs her usual dumbassness and accidentally spills ink all over the final page.

Note to self, don't let Hiotan in an operating room.
Note to self, don’t let Hiotan in an operating room.

Everybody then breaks down and starts to cry. Finally, to get them to snap out of it, Umio starts to cry, and that seems to bring everyone back to normal and they crunch to redo the final page.

Bitch, you're one to talk.
Bitch, you’re one to talk.

They finish it and are happy, but then sensei is like “oh good. now we can work on the next one.” lol bitch.

End of part 1.

Well at least Sensei was only the focus of part 1. I mean it was a LONG part one, but still, let’s see who’s the focus of part 2-


(throws hands up in air) FUCK. it’s ANOTHER sensei episode? goddamn it really? she get’s TWO?

ugh fine.

so this one’s a little amusing. it’s basically a mash up video that shows how not girly she is and taking away points for every time she does something not girly.


It’s funny for a few minutes, and then it keeps going and going. Until finally the episode ends with her basically realizing the thing she’s been worried about all along. The fact that she’s not girly in the slightest. End of episode.


I do not like this character. She’s whiny, boring, and annoying. Whenever things get too stressful she actually starts to roll around on the floor like a baby crying. That’s not cute, it’s not funny, it’s retarded.

ahah. aha ah...go kill yourself.
ahah. aha ah…go kill yourself.

I live with a girl who wants to be a manga artist. This is frustrating and insulting to people who are passionate about their work. I do not like this character and I never will. In fact, the only thing this show has done has made me dislike her even more. So good job Denki Gai. you’ve officially turned me off to Sensei. If that was your goal, then congratufuckinglations.

I have no reason to watch this episode ever again. In fact, I am deleting this episode from my hard drive as we speak. I am never watching this episode again. It was boring, stupid, AND THEY DID THIS EPISODE ALREADY! She had a deadline for a manga she had to do back in episode 2! Are they reusing plots again?

I will spell it out for you show. About Sensei?

I. Do. Not. Care.

Stop shoving Sensei in my face. I do not like her, nor will I ever like her now.

The only other character who got development in this ep was Umio and that’s just because Sensei wants his dick. I’m disgusted with this episode. Hopefully next week won’t suck so many balls. If it does it one more time, It’ll probably drop out of my best slot for the season. Because this…I can’t handle this boring shit. I watch Denki for whimsy. This is just boring.

Don't be shocked. Sensei just sucks that way.
Don’t be shocked. Sensei just sucks that way.

Episode 3/10






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  1. Kameko-chan

    Kinda wish Kameko would get some focus, instead of usually being left in the background.

  2. extremesomething

    I feel your pain… This episode was painful to sit through

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