At first I wasn’t sure I wanted to cover this show. It was one of those things where I was really on the fence about it. with some playful joking around from some of the other bloggers I decided to give it a shot, there was a large debate on if it was a shounen-Ai or not and in the end I decided to take a look at it. It’s been a up and down experience for me. I am in debate on if I love this series, hate this series, or am totally neutral at this series. What I do know for sure though is….THIS WAS THE CUTEST FOUR MINUTES OF MY LIFE!


The Halloween circumstances of my household.

This episode is so cute, it’s introducing a new character like most of the previous episodes. It’s not having two of the characters offering to cut off parts of their bodies to appease a guy. This was just good, clean, Halloween fun.

Mikuni is dressed up as a mummy, Takasu as a vampire, and Wakasa as a witch. Why a female outfit? Because that’s the destiny of blonds. Was I wrong to laugh as hard as this joke as I did?


This entire episode is flat out adorable, these candy obsessed fiends keep Tatsumi busy having them bring him candy. As he runs out and they are finally satisfied, they realize that he hasn’t had any candy for himself.

They comment that he is the youngest and that kids should be trick or treating.


I can’t express why this episode made me as happy as it did, perhaps because I enjoy Halloween more then any other holiday and this was the only Halloween special I saw run this year? Probably, or maybe it was because it was just wacky hijinks with no undertones. No serious issues of money or anything. It was pure lighthearted humor and it was really fun. It might of been the presentation, of just opening up the episode with all of them in their costumes and looking so cute. Perhaps Takasu taking the jack-o-lantern and cuddling into it because he’s an octopus in a tight wet space? I DON’T KNOW, BUT THIS EPISODE PULLED ALL THE RIGHT STRINGS!
it’s hard to find a lot to say about a four minute episode sometimes, but what I can say is if I had to say my favorite episode of the series so far? It would be this one.

on that note, since I’m sure everyone is wondering where I stand on the shipping in this series…the one I ship Tatsumi with is ….. -censored-

they don't care, they have their candy.
they don’t care, they have their candy.

No seriously though I don’t have one yet, I want to ship him and Wakasa but since the episodes have all been introducing new characters or all of them having wacky hijinks together. I haven’t gotten a sense for what they are like when the other characters aren’t around. Maybe it’s okay not to ship anything in this series and take it for what it is…a silly comedy….