So what you’re saying is, I can’t just post pictures of Kodachi from Daitoshokan here? Well crap. Aw well, guess I better…Iunno, talk about Danni ga this week.

This episode basically focuses on one thing. And that is, the wife can’t cook. Like… at all. She can’t even make fried rice.

Meh, i'd eat it too
Meh, i’d eat it too

And funnily enough, the husband actually cooks pretty well. The husband doesn’t seem to mind her cooking badly, in fact it’s one of the things he likes about her. Still, she feels bad and wants to learn how to cook better. So she visits her father who’s ironically a chef.

Wait. THAT guy is her dad? When did he have her? like...when was 10?
Wait. THAT guy is her dad? When did he have her? like…when was 10?

One of the funny things about this is, he can’t STAND her husband. like…at all.

Grumpy dad is grumpy
Grumpy dad is grumpy

He does agree to help her out though and they even have a heartfelt speech about how her mother learned how to cook so she could cook for her when she was born. (i’m assuming she’s dead but they never outright acknowledge it)

Dad, you were a terrible toaster at our wedding
Dad, you were a terrible toaster at our wedding

The episode ends with her getting better at making the food, but now the husband is a bit upset that he balance of power in the marriage shifted a bit. The end.

I liked this episode. It was cute and adorable. She doesn’t know how to cook but wants to do better for her husband. However, She ends up having a discussion with her father about how she isn’t sure about marriage in general and how it feels weird. That she has insecurities. And that’s rough to do in a 3 minute show, but they manage to do it nicely.

These are the episodes I wish we had more of. Cut out the broster and drunk rape episodes. Have ones that are like this. I really enjoy these.

death by kawaii
death by kawaii

Seeing the characters in a fragile state showing they’re real people is very interesting. It doesn’t have to be laugh out loud funny to be good. It’s amusing, but it’s also sweet. This episode was great and I hope to see more like this.

Episode 8/10

Also…..fuck it these are MY reviews

Here’s a picture of Kodachi.


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