What are the two things I hate that Denki-Gai does? Have episodes based on Sensei and awkward forced romances. What the fuck is this episode about? Sensei and her romance. God mother of fucking dammit. I JUST said last week about how I was going to be really pissed if they kept this shit up. And sure enough, they kept this shit up. Sorry Denki, you’re out of the top 3 for the season.

So the episode starts out with Sensei being really tired.

(What I looked like after marathoning 142 episodes of Naruto)
(What I looked like after marathoning 43 episodes of Naruto)

It turns out that she’s gotten another job alongside this one assisting a professional manga artist. A step towards her dream of being a famous Manga-Ka. The only issue is, she’s working herself too hard and doesn’t have time to do everything.

She asks Umio what the thinks she should do and he tells her to quit her job so she’ll have more time to focus on her manga.

He tells everyone and they offer her fond farewells and their heartfelt wishes of success.


She’s even given a manga as a gift from Sommelier.. I normally wouldn’t put this minor detail in a review but… I couldn’t let THIS slide.

I actually had to turn to Savage with an..I... I don't even.
I actually had to turn to Savage with an..I… I don’t even.

Yeah…that’s um… that’s an odd manga request.

But anyway, any hopes of her leaving were dashed as she tells everyone that she’s not leaving and she’s just going to have less hours. Fucking FANTASTIC. Of course even though she’ll have less hours this won’t mean less screentime for her. Oh no. Because this show apparently fucking hates me.

That’s the end of the first part.


I have to ask. WHO LIKES HER? I don’t know anyone that likes this girl. Is she popular in Japan? Because I sure as hell don’t see it here. STOP IT. STOP HAVING EPISODES BASED ON HER. I DO NOT LIKE THEM! (tugs at hair in desperation)


Oh? And this one’s about romance TOO? Oh that’s just amazing. Great. I can’t WAIT to see MORE SENSEI and her romance angst. (All the sarcasm in the world)

So she inadvertently asks Umio to go see a movie and doesn’t realize that it might have the implication of a date.

She doesn’t know how she should look and goes through a lot of outfit ideas in her head.

The, I can’t put on makeup to save my life look


The “I don’t care if I look like shit” look


And other “Hilarious” (notice the quotation marks used here) appearances.

She isn’t getting anywhere so she invites Hiotan to give her a hand and she ends up bringing the other two girls over. They wonder what it is boys like so they ask Sensei to pretend she’s a boy. To which she ends up molesting everyone. And no, i’m not kidding.

Silly Sensei, Sexual harassment is for crowded trains!
Silly Sensei, groping is for crowded trains!

Finally, unable to find out exactly what Umio would like, they bring him in and show him a bunch of different outfits and ask him. His response? Why aren’t you wearing glasses. Apparently this guy has a glasses fetish. who knew?


That’s where the episode ends.



I don’t know what your boner with her is, but I do not like her. I have said this time and  time again. You have an ensemble cast.

Hiotan, Sensei, Umio, Kameko, Sommelier, Director and Fuu.

And yet, for some strange reason, the episodes end up being delegated like this.

Hiotan/Director: 40% of episodes

Sensei/Umio: 45 % of episodes

Fuu/Sommlier: 15% of episodes

Kameko: 0% of episodes

And they are the most uninteresting part. What is it going to take for you guys to have a Kameko-centric episode?

All you’re doing is throwing is garbage Sensei/Hiotan CRAP at us that is boring and not fun or interesting. Sensei is a TERRIBLE character and she has not gotten better and she never will. STOP TRYING TO SHOVE HER DOWN OUR THROATS.

Haha, it's funny cause she- FUCK YOU
Haha, it’s funny cause she- FUCK YOU

Out of every series this season, I was looking forward to Denki-Gai the most. I thought it had the coolest animation, funniest premise, and neat cast. But they literally turned a quirky ensemble series into a thinly veiled angsty romance show. And i’m NOT okay with this.

I’m very quickly running out of steam for this show. Really the only thing to me that could save this show is if the next 3 episodes are centralized around Kameko, Fuu, Sommelier, or the government lady (who only had a 2 second cameo in this episode at the end by the way)


The first episode was a time when i laughed more than I had in a while. Ever since them though the series has been steadily declining. Replacing comedy and in-jokes with romance and angst. It’s bothering me to the point that, if I were not reviewing it, I might stop watching the show. It’s getting that annoying.

One of the strengths of a two part show is that the plots don’t overstay their welcome and you can have two different sets of characters have different stories.

But if BOTH OF THEM are the same character, there’s no fucking point and you just get sick of that character.

This is not the first time BOTH Parts were about sensei. How about…. one about sensei and the other about Kameko? Spread the fucking love out? No. Because we have to focus on Sensei because she awkwardly like Umio but doesn’t act like a girl. What should she do? Tee hee- FUCK YOU.

You got your fucking romance all over my Otaku show. And it’s not even a GOOD romance. I am so sick of Sensei and her bullshit.

Can we PLEASE focus on her next episode? PLEASE?
Can we PLEASE focus on her next episode? PLEASE?

If next episode is a Hiotan/Director episode or a Sensei/Umio romance where it focuses on their awkward romance i’m pretty fucking done. I’ll keep reviewing until the end, but I will have no more investment in this show. One more chance show. That’s all you’re getting. Fuck you episode.

Episode 2.5/10




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  1. extremesomething

    I agree with you. I hate these boring forced romances. I wanna go back to the humor they had in the first half of the show.

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