Psycho Pass 2 Ep 7 [Uhm. .. that’s sure a thing]

This episode comes to me on interesting premises because by all accounts I’m. .. I don’t know how to feel. I have spent the better part of three days destroying a video game and now the episode I’ve been waiting for comes out: and I feel kind of . . . the best summary is this. This episode we kind of learn Togane is a plague on Enforcers and we also learn something incredibly important about Kamui that pretty much changes the feeling of the entire second season, and maybe even the series.

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First off, we see Mika is very subdued about the entire business of Togane. Not in researching it, more in that she seems unwilling to go right where she should and inform Akane. That will bite her in the ass because guess what?! Togane records shit in his room! Now he knows Mika knows and it’s only a matter of time before bad things happen to her. Thanks for being an ass Mika! BTW this episode it showed she sucks at her job too. Oops.

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Akane finds out all the suspicious holos are aged up versions of children who died in a plane crash – and asks Sho to age up everyone involved in that plane crash. Here is where the episode takes a really fucked up turn: as the faces are revealed everyone realizes that many of these faces are people they’ve seen before. People they recognize. Important people. People like Ginoza’s therapist and other IMPORTANT FIGURES IN THE MWPSB.


I must say this turn is the major cause for my concern, so let me break down my reaction to this:


Does this mean Kamui himself might have at sometimes used the Holo while he was there? Has he personally been doing all of this or is he merely using the Holos as monitors? Wouldn’t there need to be some kind of advanced scan that could identify personel for the MWPSB. Does it really make sense for them to outright have people like this working on their premises and they have no idea? Wouldn’t it register oddly if it seemed no one came through the scanner. How would the therapist clock in for work, it couldn’t identify him as it seems to do for many of the officers? How the fuck does this even function? If he uses a Holo has he simply predetermined all these identities, and is Sybil really so flawed it had no way of scanning or background checking these things?

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There are so many issues with this ‘plot twist’ I can’t even begin. I get it, the premise is that Kamui was erased and now he is a ghost within the system. The system cannot acknowledge him lest they acknowledge their own problems, and I’m sitting there thinking to myself about how could this even make sense? The more I think on it the less favorable my reasoning becomes for it. I can’t honestly reason how it makes sense for a bunch of advanced holos, people under holos, or even Kamui to get through without once inciting suspicion. These people are considered extremely relevant to the functioning of the Sybil System, and yet they were never once caught? It feels so much less clever.

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In Season 1 Makishima had to stretch very hard to come up with a feasible plan of action against Sybil. He and Choe-Go Sung were intuitive and inventive and the invention had about a weeks worth of effective time. Are you fucking trying to tell me that never once did anyone find it suspicious a reading never showed up? Are you trying to tell me Sybil never background checked fake identities? Are you seriously suggesting to me that an organization capable of running a perfect utopia society that Makishima had to work tirelessly to try and thwart is somehow undone by years of stupid planning from a guy with holos and the capacity to replace organs? I’m hoping they explain this because if you take a minute to sit down and think about it, it doesn’t ever seem feasible! To get into work there, you need your psycho pass checked. Faking a psycho pass, I get, but it’s also supposed to read who you are in general. Even Makishima was read!

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Add on that Togane seems to be connected to this business somehow and it’s been found that he somehow tends to make all of his fellow enforcers become targets for enforcement, I’m not sure where this show is going. It has some really good aspects like Akane, Akane is awesome and watching her fight bullshit is fun. But the entire point of the show is supposed to be the power of a person and how they can change it: Makishima through murder, Kogami through his struggle with what ‘murder’ is, and Akane through trying to accept a society that can accept killers and kill those who stop them. That’s what made it good. So what’s happening here?


I’m disappointed this week. I’m not quitting by any means but I have to say as it stands, I don’t see how this makes sense? I’m supposed to feel scared right now but the more I thought on it, I simply found this to be a lazy plot twist. Here’s hoping for next week? Here are some good notes:


Unofficial (imaginary) Kogami cameo! Epic!!!

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And Finally, Sybil System oddly telling Akane it should have shot Kamui since they couldn’t do anything. Well hello there behavior someone earlier in the series took. . .hehee.

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3 Responses

  1. Actually pacing-wise, this is the first episode I didn’t completely hate. But the content was still pretty iffy, especially the ending. The ending actually made me really angry, because it’s implying that Kamui has been carrying out his plan for longer than we know. And by saying that, the ending of this episode is implying that Kamui > Makishima, and there is just NO way that’s true.

    I really hope Tougane proves to be a spectacular villain, because that’s probably the only thing that can save this season now. PP2 is pretty shitty (this coming from a HUGE s1 fan), but at least Tougane is hot, right?

  2. Moonlight says:

    I don’t know how to feel about this episode. This was probably the first episode since episode 1 where I didn’t feel a lot of annoyance, but at the same time…what the heck? All I can say my conclusion is…everyone is Kamui. Everyone. Hell, next thing we know, there will be a plot twist where even Akane’s grandmother works for Kamui or something. I don’t know. This season of Psycho-Pass is plain weird at times. Not that I hate it; I actually do look forward to episodes, it’s just my enjoyment tends to be mixed with disbelief that cannot be suspended, pure annoyance, and revulsion at the trigger-happy exploding body phenomenon that seems even more predominant than it was in season 1 (not that it looked any tamer in season 1,it just feels like it’s happening a TON more often now). It’s a mixed bag of a season, and I just keep hoping that it will grow into a better season. Please, at least a satisfying finale…is that too much to ask?

    On a happy note, Kogami!!!! I don’t even care that it’s an imaginary Kogami at this point, I just miss the character so much that I’ll take what I can get. Seeing the cigarette in Akane’s hand, I get the feeling that whenever she really feels the urge to talk to or discuss with Kogami, she lights a cigarette to give the illusion that he’s near while she imagines their conversations, which was also kind of shown in episode 2 to an extent, if I remember right. Gosh…just thinking about it though…makes me feel sad.

  3. Passersby says:

    I didn’t look well at the names, so I might be wrong, but the aged-supposedly-dead children pics are just possible holos. Some were used as holos by Kamui, but the rest of them might be real people, who, like Masuda, underwent facial surgery. While the ones Kamui used were holos, it doesn’t mean the others are immediately, unless proven.

    Besides, Saiga also said something about organ transplants. Kamui’s followers might have had different faces originally, but at some point, they changed them. But their organs might still be the same. Or maybe they changed them, who knows. As said in this ep, Kamui is not alone—which seems to mock Sibyl because Sibyl is not “alone” either.

    In this ep, I don’t think we’re being told that Kamui is greater than Makishima. (No, I’m not much a fan of Makishima. I’m not partial to him, but neutral.) It’s more like there are a lot of masterminds in this season, not just Kamui. Kamui can’t be all in those 185 places at once. But he can “slip in” if he needs to. I have no idea how, and if entry is just through cymatic scans. I guess we’ll see.

    What I’m more curious about is why the plane crashed. Did I miss the reason? Was it completely destroyed? Could it be that the children’s corpses were used for experiments afterwards, and Kamui was also almost got used/integrated as Sibyl’s brain or whatever?? Although Sibyl rejects him now.

    Then again, it makes me wonder. When the Chief said she “brought something (back?) to life,” will it be Kamui or Tougane?

    As to about Akane’s grandma, he earring seems to be similar to Chief Kasei’s…I forgot. I’m not sure.

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