Magic Kaito 1412 ~ episode 5

What is the diffence between magic tricks and magic spells? What makes a Witch/Sorccer so much different then a magician? Those are the big questions this episode of Magic Kaito poses to us the audiance as it shows the battle between the new transfer student Akako and Kaito. This is the second episode in a row dedicated to introducing a new character, i’m actually a little sad he didn’t get to do anything but be a background character in this episode.

So we begin the episode with this new character, litterally, asking the mirror who is the fairest of them all. cliche’, yes, very much so. I couldn’t help but groan as I read the subtitle. The shock came when the mirror responded. Saying that she was, and that the only man in the world that could resist her was Kaito Kid.

It’s not hard to see where the plot of this episode is going.

At school, it’s Valentines Day. Somehow, Kaito is totally oblivious to the concept of giving chocolate on Valentines day, he’d been sick or in the hospital every Valentines day prior. How he’s managed luck that bad for all those years is beyond me. Even in the hospital he should of at least heard about this concept!
Oh well, i’ll willing suspension of disbelif this for now and keep watching.

Hey, remember when he was important? Me too.

Hey, remember when he was important? Me too.

Kaito goes and gets a bunch of chocolates from a bunch of girls, Aoko meanwhile notices that this new transfer student Akako has men hanging all over her. As Kaito runs into the room, he runs over to Akako to get a chocolate from her, she force pushes him back and says if he wants a chocolate from her. He’ll have to forgo all the ones he already had, he refuses.
Well good job Kaito, you just gave your idenity away. Not…that there was anyway at all you could know turning this girl down would give away your identity.

She steals his handkercheif and uses it to start casting a magic spell on him, as he goes to perform a heist. Her magic kicks in and messes it up, she floats him halfway across town into a magic circle.

She wants to force him to be her servant, the way to escape the pain she’s inflicting on him is to accept the chocolate she wants to give him and become her servant. The solution to all of this without him becoming her slave forever?


Yeah, uh. He got lucky, that’s about the sum of things here. It starts snowing and nulls out her magic circle. Who’d of known, weather a witches one true enemy. He gives her a nice speech about the differences between magic spells and magic tricks and bids her adiu. At school, he gets his chocolate from Aoko at last and the episode ends with a snowball fight…


and Akako with a giant snowball of doom….good luck living to next episode Kaito!


This episode was interesting, are magic spells going to play a larger part in the story as a whole? When asking Jii about it, he listed off multiple types of magic including Black, Blue, and White.  However, only Red magic was covered in this episode. We already knew with the stone that presents eternal life tht magic would play a large part in this series, this opened up a few new plot threads for us to explore and I would love it if they didn’t just ignore it.
I also hope that Akako plays more of a main part in the story and isn’t reduced to a background character like the Detective from last episode was. Magic, mystery, different kinds of magic! Let’s see what kind of magic we get next. Given the name of the next episode, perhaps we’ll be looking into Black Magic next.

Next Illusion: The Black Star



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