Selector Spread WIXOSS Episode 9

Fuck this show. I just want everyone to be happy, and I swear at least one or two characters cry in each episode. Even I was close to crying. Chiyori was the only happy-go-lucky, sweet, cute, ball of fluffy goodness in this show that would make me smile, but honestly she also made me worry because of her naivete.

It’s the next day and Hitoe is feeling fine. The girls talk about Mayu, Iona wanting the girls to hate her because she basically created WIXOSS, but they’re trying to understand Mayu. Being in a card, Yuzuki knows how lonely it can be. So she says that maybe it’s not revenge Mayu wants, but wanting her to show others just how lonely she is. Hitoe can understand being lonely too. With all the love and support from Ruko and the others, Iona feels happy.

ssw9.17Ulith goes to the hospital and she’s fine. Akira wants to continue doing Selector battles because she wants to heal Ulith’s scar? I don’t know what’s going on in her mind. Chiyori is in McBurgerBox being angry about WIXOSS, but she still wants to continue battling because she always wanted going inside the WIXOSS world, so it all worked out for her. Chiyori asks about Eldora’s past, but she doesn’t give anything away. Chiyori texts Hitoe and Ruko that she wants to battle either of them, but Akira comes along to their meeting place, but knowing how crazy she is they both lead Chiyori away from there.

Akira didn’t follow them though. Chiyori wants to battle, she and Eldora argue with each other, while Ruko and Hitoe speak privately. They wouldn’t want Chiyori to lose, but then they think about it again. They know that Chiyori’s wish is to be in the world of WIXOSS, so if she were to lose her third time and have her wish reversed, all it would do would be to make her forget about WIXOSS, or she could just never be a Selector again. So really it doesn’t affect her all too much, as in it won’t hurt her in her life. So Hitoe agrees to battle Chiyori. What was odd was that Eldora was goading Chiyori to battle when before she just went along with everything. But then it made sense once they started battling.

ssw9.30Iona could see from the very beginning that Chiyori was at a complete disadvantage against Hitoe. The color of her pack was way stronger than Chiyori’s. But Eldora knew that. Eldora had the same idea in mind that the other girls had: getting Chiyori away from the pain of WIXOSS. Eldora really did like having Chiyori as her Selector, and she likes her. She wants the other girls to be Chiyori’s friends, she wants Chiyori to stay as a human and have fun, be dumb like she always is, carefree, and never have to go through all the pain the other girls have to go through. In a flashback, we see when Chiyori and Eldora first met. Chiyori was actually really different. We saw her in a regular school uniform, nothing on her head, and glasses. And she was actually more of a calm girl. The clothes she’s wearing now are like Eldora’s, because she thought she looked cute and wanted to dress up like her. And so began their friendship. Eldora knew they were going to lose. Chiyori didn’t want to be separated from Eldora, so it was really heartbreaking. Chiyori didn’t have anymore cards that could beat Hitoe, so Yuzuki dealt the finishing blow.


Ulith is sitting on a bench in the park when Akira shows up, where I’m guessing she’s going to battle her. This girl is just out of her mind tbh.

A lot of feels in this episode. Chiyori and Eldora really had a special bond, and to see that bond break really hurt. It was an emotional battle, and you can see the pain on Hitoe’s face when giving the final command. I felt bad for Chiyori. I didn’t want her to suffer, and I just hope after this she won’t have to suffer anymore. All she’ll have regarding to WIXOSS are the memories she had with Eldora, unless the anime wants to be fucking rude and just take Chiyori’s memories of WIXOSS and Eldora. As much as I liked this episode, it didn’t really add anything to the story. Chiyori isn’t one of the main characters and she doesn’t have to do anything with Mayu, so this episode wasn’t very important plot wise. But, I still liked it. Made me sad though. Next episode looks dramatic. The show is coming to a close and I’m very curious to see how it’ll all end.


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