So right off the bat, I have to say this. There is absolutely no reason this episode should exist. It has nothing to do with anything, it doesn’t really pick up where the last episode left off, doesn’t resolve anything with the sorcerer and is just a wacky ‘What the fuck?’ episode.

Basically the episode is about the triceratops guy trying to make a promotional video for Amagi Brilliant Park. He brings the first draft to Kanie, who says it’s okay, but it’s lacking a certain flair.

"It needs more boobs." "I agree"
“It needs more boobs.”
“I agree”

So Kanie tells him and Sento to go around and ask other cast members what they think is missing from the PV.

Everyone has different ideas on what a good PV would have. Moffle says action, the cat thing says sex appeal, the fairy girl says male sex appeal, the lamb says music, and after talking to everyone (including the dragon and Japanese Indiana Jones) what comes out is a complete and utter mess.

Now if you’ve heard ANYTHING about this episode, you’ve heard this. And i’ll tell you, it’s completely true. There is a scene with a horse giving birth. Dear god I don’t know why it’s there or who thought it was a good idea, but yes. There’s anime footage of a horse giving birth. And not only is it NOT FUNNY, it’s horrifying and INSANELY out of place. I think that’s what they were going for, but Jesus show, really?

amagi 3
(Vomits in mouth)

Kanie looks at this monstrosity of a PV and basically tells him to use the original one he had. Making this episode even more pointless then it already was.

The End.

Yes. Yes it WAS a very short recap. And that’s because like I’ve said in the past, not a lot happened in this episode. The whole thing was the different characters stating what they think would look good in a PV and the triceratops trying to shove it all in. the video, like this episode was a jumbled mess.

The only real good thing about this episode was I got to see more of my favorite character in the series, the triceratops.

Not sure why, I just really like this guy.
Not sure why, I just really like this guy.

Of course, the thing that’s most annoying about this episode is that it followed LAST episode. Which was amazing. I was hoping for the story to continue. You know, maybe wrap things up with the evil sorcerer who just kind of…left last episode? Since Latifa didn’t lose her memories they all just kind of shrugged and ignored the sorcerer which I found kind of weird.


All it did was set up an expectation of an episode that would follow the previous one. It raised my expectations too high. That was the problem. I thought MAYBE they were done with their random crap episodes and were going to wrap it up with something cool. But instead i’m left with the equivalent of the clip show final episode of Chobits.

Yeah, who needs dealing with evil sorcerers when you have fucking sky ironing. Lord knows I don't.
Yeah, who needs dealing with evil sorcerers when you have fucking sky ironing. Lord knows I don’t.

All in all, If I had stopped watching the series last episode not only would I have not cared I missed this episode, I probably would have been a lot happier skipping it in the first place. It’s nonsensical, not needed, and a slap in the face if you were hoping for one more epic episode.

Episode: 2.5/10

Final Impression.

Wow. Holy Crap. This makes half of my shows being over. Well what did I think of Amagi Brilliant Park in its entirety?

That’s a great question with an weird answer.

See, this show is an abnormality. When the show focused on the plot at hand, it was AMAZING. Episodes like 1,2,11 and 12 were are great episodes where I couldn’t wait for the next to start. I became enraptured with the story and didn’t want to stop.

The only problem is, over half the episodes are filler garbage. The episodes that deal with absolutely nothing, aka, the dragon, the pirate, the 4 girls and their “bonding adventure”, etc, were all boring and useless.

You. Yeah you. Your episode was pointless and stupid.
You. Yeah you. Your episode was pointless and stupid.

One of the pluses to this show is I can’t say I really HATE any of then characters. There’s a few I don’t like as much as the others, but there’s no Sensei, Tigre, or Elen in this show. They’re all pretty okay with the exceptions of the ones I really like.

See, I know a lot of audience LIKED the wacky hijinks, however, when that dire problem was put in front of them, I didn’t want to see any of those until the problem was resolved. I was worried about the outcome and wanted to see if they’d make it through all right. I didn’t give a single shit about walrus pirates. Because that’s fucking stupid.

That being said, I really did enjoy this show. I complained a lot about it, but I did have a lot of fun with it and it was one of the few shows this season that didn’t betray itself or just suck at the end, so at the very least, I have to give it props for that.

I went into this season knowing NOTHING about this show and I found myself being entertained for the season. And like I said, some of the episodes were FANTASTIC, especially the parts involving Latifa.

You're all right Latifa...You're all right
You’re all right Latifa…You’re all right

While the pointless episodes were stupid, they never filled me with outright hate like I had for some of the other shows this season.

The only other thing that I didn’t really like is another thing I’ll get flack for. I saw the hints, I saw the scenes, but…I… I don’t like Sento and Kanie as a couple. I know that’s what the show was trying to hint towards, but I don’t like it. They’re boring and they don’t work well in my eyes. I much prefer Kanie and Latifa. There’s just a connection between the two of them I think works better.

Every scene with Sento and Kanie made me feel uncomfortable as they tried to put some romantic angst from her to him and it just felt weird and I didn’t like it. So that dropped the heart score some.

..Speaking of which

Head: The premise was great and I really enjoyed the plot heavy episodes. The other episodes….not so much.  Still, solid story when it was the story.

Plot relevant episodes only: 8
Non plot included: 6

Eye: Once again, I really dug the art. It was pretty consistently good and I liked the designs for a bunch of the characters. 8

Heart: When the dramatic scenes were done, they were done VERY well. Still, with the Sento crap, and the series incessant focus on the mascot characters (whom i didn’t care about for 2/3 of the series) it was…..okay overall. 6

Total score: 6.5

So there you go. Not fantastic, but not terrible. They really should have focused more on the dramatic aspects instead of making half the series be useless. Still, if there was a season 2, i’d watch it.

Man, what am I going to do without my weekly dose of Japanese Indiana Jones?
Man, what am I going to do without my weekly dose of Japanese Indiana Jones?


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  1. Magicalness

    I actually like Kanie x Sento. I mean how can you not tottally ship a couple where the very first interaction is her pointing a gun at him? Not to mention I think Sento has a bit more personality than Latifa.

  2. Vange Chandran

    Agreed, I hated this episode. It shouldn’t have existed. It was more like an OVA we didn’t have to wait for. Overall though, I really enjoyed this anime! It was super funny (most of the time), the characters were all pretty likable, and the art is fantastic! 🙂 I gave it an 8/10 overall, which I think is pretty high. ^_^

  3. I.D. nameless

    Well, if you’re willing to watch season 2, then I guess the show did its job well enough. I hope they will make one, that wizard is still lurking around. And speaking about him, I’m happy they didn’t deal with that guy here. Just one episode to finish him would have been anticlimactic imo.

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