Hey, remember when I said all those nice things about Danna and how they wouldn’t do something stupid and how their show was really original? Yeah. Yeah I take it back. This show ended fucking retardedly. How you may ask? Here you go.

Episode starts out promisingly enough. He’s kind of breaking the fourth wall by saying how much he hates it when slice of life series come to an end.


They throw in a few jokes here and then he goes home. Kaoru isn’t feeling very good so he comes to the automatic conclusion that she must be pregnant. He goes to the store to buy a pregnancy test and is found out by one of his friends.


Everyone thinks she is pregnant and wishes him well. Then she takes the test. Then it turns out she actually is pregnant. The end.

Yeah. Yeah I feel like crying too.
Yeah. Yeah I feel like crying too.

Okay. Earlier in another review I said how I applauded this show for its balls to the wall idea of having a show about a duo that’s married but without children and just living their lives. But FUCK THAT because we need to have them have kids. Why? FUCK YOU that’s why. I am so disappointed with this show. It was one of, if not my favorite show and at the last minute not only tripped at the finish line, but turned around, shot me, and then tripped at the finish line..which then caught fire.

I am so disgusted with this ending. It literally took the entire premise I was so happy about and threw it back in my face. And here’s the thing. If it was simply this, and the series was over, that would be one thing. But there’s going to be a season 2. And I have a feeling season 2 is going to be NOTHING BUT her being pregnant and their “wacky” hijinks of that. If that’s the case, i’m not covering season 2. I didn’t sign on for that. I won’t do it. You shot yourself in the foot Danna. And go fuck yourself for it.

That pregnancy test  might as well be a bullet in the series' face
That pregnancy test might as well be a bullet in the series’ face

Episode 1/10

Overall thoughts:

For the most part, this series was pretty good. Out of 13 episodes, i’d say about 8 aired on the side of good. Some were HORRIBLE (aka any with the Broster, or the drunk one, or the last one) but by far and large, most of the series was good.

I liked what they were trying to accomplish. A series about a married couple that was just about them and their every day lives. It was short, sweet, and fun. I was so excited when I heard there was a season 2, and then I saw the last episode. This episode missed the point SO ENTIRELY that i’m not doing season 2. That’s how badly they fucked up the finale. They seriously tripped at the finish line something awful. I loved the two of them and their hijinks, I wanted to see more. But not the direction they’re going.

The art was awesome, the jokes were funny, and sometimes i even felt gushy with these episodes.

(Sigh) I was so looking forward to season 2. Why’d you have to ruin it? Goddamn it.

Head: Once again, the plot, fantastic idea, executed well, ending sucked.
Minus last episode: 9Including last episode: 5

Eye: The art is awesome. I can’t say anything negative about it other than Kaoru looked weird a few times….also they never explained the hair. 8.5

Heart: Almost the whole time this series was funny and warm. Sure there were a few that were bad and creepy, but the good episodes helped level it out.
Minus last episode: 7
Including last episode: 4

Overall Score minus last episode: 8
Overall score including last episode: 5

You really really fucked up man. Really. I’m done with Danna. Good night everyone.

time to lay you to rest Danna. I'm so sorry Danna, but you killed yourself.
time to lay you to rest Danna. I’m so sorry Danna, but you killed yourself.