So the show is finally over. 12 episodes and a roller coaster of my emotions later, but it’s finally over. So how did it end? Well….i’m not jumping for joy, I’ll tell you that. So I guess I’ll tell ya what DID happen. So…here we go.

So the episode starts out and everybody’s working really hard on Minafest. Cause….Shirasaki said so I guess?


As it starts we see over at the student council run program that not a lot of people showed up because everyone’s going to Mina fest, and crazy blue haired stalker bitch isn’t happy.

So she does the only sane thing. She unscrews the lights so that they’ll fall during the fest and probably kill someone. Um, sounds fine to me. Especially if that person is Shirasaki.


However sadly, before it can crush her, the light is teleported away, but not before the girl is grappled by Kodachi so she won’t get away.

So're saying that if i'm bad, Kodachi will grapple ME like that? Yes..I've been very very bad.
So wait…you’re saying that if i’m bad, Kodachi will grapple ME like that? Yes..I’ve been very very bad.

When the lights are teleported, without her knowing, crazy blue hair bitch is also teleported and does that whole “talking evil thing without knowing her surroundings” and it turns out that she was teleported on stage of the student council session. mean..tacos. yes. tacos. mean..tacos. yes. tacos.

Afterwards the student council president forgives her because…iunno, she just does.

Anywho, we head up to the roof where the older guy shepard’s like “Hey, why’d you magically show up in front of all those people? not cool.” And Kakei’s like “That was the only way I could think to help Shirasaki and I want to be a Shepard out in the open” and he’s like “um, bitch, shit don’t work like that. but you and Kodachi are now Shepards, so follow the rules” and Kakei’s like “I can’t follow those rules cause i’m a dick and Shirasaki’s bullshit is rubbing off on me.” and the guy’s like “well fine, then fuck you you’re not a Shepard but you have no book so you’ll just wander around with no one knowing you.” and Kakei’s all like “FINE!”

I know. That was a beautiful rendition. Shakespeare can’t top THAT shit.

And then Shirasaki has a fucking 4 minute long friend speech in the assembly…because she sucks.


Honestly I completely zoned out after like 2 minutes of this speech. This speech was so boring, so lame, so “heart of the cards” bullshit, it really made me want to gag. and It kept going and going and going. Shirasaki, guess what? Fuck you.

So here’s where things get REALLY STUPID. So everything up to this point in this episode is like “eh, stupid but whatever.” but get this. So after all this bullshit, Kakei QUITS BEING A SHEPARD for no fucking good reason other than “WAHHH” and we think “wow. he’s sticking by his principles and will have to live with this choice for his life since he has no book no  one will ever-”


he…he…..he..can bring the book..back………




Yep, that’s right, Kakei’s book magically can come back because his life is full of kittens and sunshines and farts and FUCK YOU.

This is fucking retarded. No. no no no. This is not how you do shit. If a character makes a sacrifice, you can’t make that sacrifice invalid by going “ah, s’cool, he gets his book back.” NO. NO FUCK YOU.

So what the fuck else do they say happens? Okay let’s see. um… oh yeah. Kodachi is a Shepard but solely of the school so she lives with Kakei and they end with wackiness. The end.

Okay. know what? Fuck this ending. This ending is fucking retarded. It’s a status quo, fucking useless ending. He doesn’t even become a fucking shepard. It’s stupid and pointless. So, in that vein, i’m going to write my OWN ending to this show. So bear with me.

Here’s what REALLY happened.

First off, the scene with Shirasaki never happened in the past episode because it made no sense and was retarded.

So they’re on the rooftop talking to the older shepard and tells Kakei that he can’t have his ideals and be a Shepard at the same time. But he knows that he HAS to be a Shepard because he discovers that all of his friends have many death paths in the future and has to help them get through them because without him they’ll die.

Both he and Kodachi decide to become Shepards and help the world. Shirasaki makes her speech but loses nearly all of her memories of Kakei.

We see that the black haired girl and the male best friend are becoming closer as it’s implied they’re going to be a couple soon.

Kodachi is upset that Kakei has to lose his friends, and, assuming that he had feelings for Shirasaki tells him that if he wants to talk to Shirasaki he better do it now before she forgets him entirely. He shakes his head rejecting this and tells her that it’s better that she just forget him completely.

Kodachi feels upset as if she’s there as his second place, but he senses her doubt, and confesses that he’s loved her all along, and this time, he kisses her.

We cut to the future where we see Shirasaki older, married to a guy, and with a kid, and we see an older version of Kakei and Kodachi watching over them, holding hands.


See, it’s not that hard. The issue is that they were trying SO HARD to make Shirasaki likable, but the problem is, they ignored her for a good 7 episodes. They put her in the background and made Kodachi the central focus. I do not CARE if Shirasaki is the main girl in the opening. If you bring in a character and then not develop them for over half the series, you can’t just bring them back and go “oh yeah, they’ve been romantically attracted all along.” Because that’s poor writing and fucking stupid.

You doofy fuck.
You doofy fuck.

This episode started out okay but then they got into their Shirasaki/not being a shepard BULLSHIT and completely fucked up the ending. This ending was about what I expected, but it was still fucking retarded.

Episode 4/10

So about the series.

Here’s the thing. This series did a bunch of stuff right. Firstly, Kodachi. They managed to take a character which started out as a minor character and dragged her all the way up to main character status and they were BRILLIANT with her. Kodachi MADE this show. Without her, It wouldn’t have been A THIRD as good. If he had ended up romantically with her, this show would have been PERFECT. But once they pulled the sister route it began to suck. If NOTHING else, this show gave me one of my favorite anime girls of all time, so there’s that.

Also, everything up until the sister thing was actually pretty damn good. I joked and complained a lot, but I enjoyed the show. I really did. I held a faint hope in my heart that he would end up with Kodachi because that would have been FANTASTIC writing. Problem is, I had my expectations too high for a status quo anime.


This show was SO SO SO CLOSE to being fantastic. SO CLOSE. If they had kept with Kodachi being the love interest, this show would have been AMAZING. I’ve said it before an i’ll say it again. The sister thing and putting him with Shirasaki looked SO forced, and SO poorly done, it almost seemed as if it was done by a different writer. As if someone looked at what the show had done and said “oh no no no, we can’t have this! Shirasaki’s on the cover! SHE has to be the love interest!” and haphazardly threw her romance together at the last second.

That’s why i’m so disappointed in this show. Unlike Vanadis where I knew I’d hate it, or Denki where I thought i’d like it and got disappointed, I had NO expectations for this show. At all. I actually THOUGHT it would be generic going in. And it sucked me in. I actually got invested with Kodachi. I actually CARED about what was going on, and it quickly became my favorite show of the season. And THAT’s when it dashed my hopes. After it raised them up and made me so happy. THAT’S why I can’t forgive this show. Because it seemed like it was going to be so much more than it was. And then it took the safe way out. And that disgusted me.

Yeah, you BETTER hide your face, you piece of shit
Yeah, you BETTER hide your face, you piece of shit

Head: The plot, while not completely original, was interesting to say the least. without shirasaki being the shoehorned main character I was actually very interested. It just killed itself in the finale.

The way THEY ended it: 5
They way I ended it: 9.5

Eye: I do have to say, the art was REALLY good. I REALLY like this art style. No real problems there. 9 (also kodachi art is always appreciated)

Heart: Ugh. I’m so torn on this. The kodachi stuff was REALLY good, but the other girls stuff was REALLY bad umm…

The way THEY ended it: 4
The way I ended it: 9.5

Total score The way they ended it: 3.5 (mandatory 2 points taken off as per bet I made during one of my early reviews on this show)
The way I ended it:: 13.5/10 (mandatory 4 points added if he ended up with Kodachi)

You were SO CLOSE Daitoshokan…So close.

Oh well, at least I’ll always have Kodachi.

Hey Baby, How YOU doin?
Yes. Yes to both.


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  1. Vichar

    Hmmm, I was really fond of Kodachi. If Kakei had ended up with her that would have been OK with me. I did really like Kodachi’s character as well, but I kind of held her bustiness against her a bit (I know, it’s shallow of me but I don’t like them so big). Now, if Kakei had ended up with the black-haired girl, I would have rated the show 15 / 10 for pure win. I knew there was exactly zero percent chance of this happening. The only rom com I can remember that pleased me in this regard was Kokoro connect, where they moved away from the “obvious” first love interest and moved towards the sensible, awesome choice.

    And I agree with you; Kakei should have always become a Shepard. Or if he wasn’t going to be a Shepard, he should not have had his book taken away. It didn’t make any sense what they did in the last episode. It’s almost as if there were studio execs that came in and messed with the original writers’s script at the end. And it seemed like they didn’t do this to appeal to a wider audience or make it sell more Blu Ray. No, it seems like maybe the studio exec and the writer got into some kind of personal fight. Like maybe they both liked the same girl and the writer won and the exec was a really whiny sore loser and as an act of revenge he busted out his crayons and defaced the script. That’s exactly what it felt like. I enjoyed most of the series right up to the strange crap that was episode 12. Oh well, I’ll just pretend this series was only 11 episodes long and wipe out the book that chronicles episode 12 so I’ll forget about it by tomorrow.

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