Remember how I said I was giving this series one more chance and if it did that Hiotan/Sensei crap I’d emotionally give up on this show? Yeah well, guess what? It was a Valentine’s episode. Yeah. So uh, guess how that went.

Regardless, it it my duty to continue. So…let’s start. hoorrayyyy.

So the episode starts out with the girls trying to make chocolate cakes for their respective love interests. Tsumorin (that manga artist chick who used to date director) helps them out because they all suck at it.

lol it's funny the fuck is this supposed to be funny?
lol it’s funny because…wait…how the fuck is this supposed to be funny?

Eventually after a few painful minutes of “comedy” they finish and they realize it’s delicious. Gee…I . Wonder. What. Is . Going. To Happe-

THEY FUCKING EAT THE CAKES. There! If it wasn’t obvious, that’s what happens.


Then we go on to…oh fuck me. another Sensei scene. She has chocolates to give to umio but she’s too scared to tell him. So instead she ends up headbutting him. Why? I don’t fucking know, and honestly I don’t give a single shit.


The only thing it did was, if it’s possible, make me hate Sensei more. So…good job on that?

Then, the ONLY good part of the episode begins. It actually turns to Kameko, who, if you remember has a crush on Director. Only problem is, it’s obvious to everyone that he has the hots for Hiotan. She then tells Tsumorin how she’s an outsider as everyone has a love interest and she’s okay with that because she would rather stand aside and let everyone be happy.

ohhh it'll be okay! (hugs)
ohhh it’ll be okay! (hugs)

Wow. You  mean an actual genuine person character? Who are you and what are you doing in Denki Gai? That’s it. It’s official. Her and The government lady are my favorite characters in this show. I felt so bad for Kameko here I really just wanted to run up and give her a hug. She really deserves so much more. Know what? She actually deserves better than Director anyway. Fuck that guy. Why? Oh, you’ll see.

The next part jumps to white day. Umio gives all the girls who gave him things on valentines little sweets


Sensei then basically comes up and pretty much expects one even though the only thing she gave him for Valentine’s day was a mother fucking Headbutt. He tells her basically that he doesn’t have one for her because..understandably she didn’t get him one. And in Japan, White day is a reciprocal day where you give girls the presents that gave you ones on Valentine’s day.

She doesn’t like this answer and she basically gets Umio beaten.

WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH THIS CHICK? She basically turned from an annoying baby character to  a CRAZY FUCKING IMMATURE WHINY BITCH. If it was all possible, I hate this chick even MORE. Seriously. Fuck this chick. Do you think we’ll LIKE this attitude Denki? Do you really? What planet do you live on again?

Oh, and by the way, it turns out that Umio HAD gotten her sweets and was just joking. Fuck this bitch.

No, seriously, fuck you
No, seriously, fuck you

Know what? Sensei is a term of respect. From now on, this bitch is named “Bitch” (i’m so good at names)

Once again though to save the day is another Kameko scene in which she received a turtle charm from director and treats it as if it’s the greatest thing ever.

She really IS so adorable
She really IS so adorable

Oh god. Now it’s time for the last part. (sigh) here’s where it gets weird.

First of all. it’s Hiotan/Director (oh fuck my life)

So after everyone leaves, Director gets a phone call saying that he has to set up more things and Hiotan offers to stay and help. However, when they go out to get snacks and come back, they discover that the last person left and locked them out so they have no choice but to wait until morning.

What's that boss? Go fuck myself? Well if you insist...
What’s that boss? Go fuck myself? Well if you insist…

So of course they end up having to stay at a hotel. Because why not. Hiotan messes up her shirt and has to take a shower, having to wear Director’s shirt instead.

Okay. Here’s where shit gets weird. They’re about to go to sleep when Director says this.


Wait..I’m sorry. Repeat that again?

She says “So what if i am?”

So um… after she says that, he gets on top of her.

Umm..that's not funny...
Umm..that’s not funny…

And she says that… the director she knew wouldn’t do this.

He then grabs her face and says “What do you know about me?” after making that face on the featured image and then turns over and goes to sleep.

Cut to the next morning when0

No no no wait. wait a minute.


Did…did you just include an almost RAPE scene in Denki-Gai?!


I…I. don’t even know to say. Where…werjlekljalfd i don’t know. I mean..I THOUGHT I was watching an otaku comedy show. I mean the romance is terrible but…it….WHY?!

This scene is so jarring from EVERY SINGLE SCENE in the show that it leaves me baffled and completely in shock. And then they go on as if nothing happened!!


NO! You can’t just go back to wacky hijinks after that!! NO! You can’t!

I’m sorry, but whatever bit of acceptability this romance had is now GONE. If I were Hiotan and that happened to me, I would not only QUIT but file a fucking restraining order. That’s creepy ass shit. You can’t recover a romance in your OTAKU COMEDY with a near RAPE scene. I..I just can’t. I… I…

A little more happened the end with a monologue from Tsumorin as she finally gives up on Director but..

I… I can’t. I.. I can’t recap the episode anymore. Where the fuck do you go from there?

The only solitary good thing about this episode was Kameko. Fuck everything else. I mean… The rest was fucking retarded but THIS. I… i’m done this week. When an Otaku comedy series has fallen so far that there’ s a near rape scene..I… it’s not the show I fell in love with in episode 1. This show is dead. All that’s left is for me to view its shambling corpse behind plated glass for the next few weeks


And now, a moment of silence for the concept, idea, and integrity that was, Denki Gai.

You will be missed.

Episode 2/10


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  1. extremesomething

    I hate this episode. Up until now I kinda liked Hio-tan and Director. It wasn’t the direction I thought it would go but they were kinda cute, and at least it wasn’t senseis romance. Then in comes a rape scene. You don’t do that. That’s not cute or romantic that’s fucking creepy. I’ve never gone from shipping a couple to hating it so fast.

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