Terra Formars Episode 11

Okay, I’m going to keep this short. I didn’t like this episode. It was boring. If you’ve noticed, I’ve put up a lot less screenshots because most were too similar because it was so slow.

Terra Formars is only going to have 13 episodes, and they spent one of their last few on a complete backstory on a character we barely got introduced to now. Like, what was the point of that? We barely got to know the guy now, so he’s not a major character. He just had the particular skill to kill one of the roaches.

tf11.6So the guy’s name is Keiji and he used to be a boxer. He was great at it, but since his retina became damaged in one of his fights, he quit fighting and took up a job on the island his mother lived on. His mother was a sickly woman, and they both have a strong and sweet relationship. She ends up dying. Keiji gets a letter from the U-NASA, where Michelle talks to him about the Mars expedition. So I’m guessing they were able to find him because his mother probably died from the virus. He’s in debt because he tried any treatment possible, but nothing worked. He decides to not be part of the expedition at first, but then he decides that yes he will. He wants an animal with incredible eyesight because his is damaged, and he wants to be able to see the island where his mother lived from the mainland. He basically has a boxing match with the cockroach and he wins. The end.

That’s it. Not much important stuff happened except for that. I mean, I guess I admire the guy because he loved his mother so much. But really, why would you give a complete episode’s worth of backstory for this guy when you’ve never introduced him until now. Like, who is this guy? Oh, a famous boxer. Like, this episode was completely unnecessary. This didn’t bring anything to the plot.

That’s one of the problems with this show. They like to give background to every single character, and so the plot doesn’t advance. With Adolf, they managed to cram his backstory with some action, though I do have to admit that it was dragged out a bit…for 3 episodes. I feel like nothing is getting done in this series. A lot of backstories, with nothing going on. I guess I can defend Adolf’s episodes because we learned a little more about the roaches, like intelligence and them following their leader’s orders, so they must have something in mind. But this episode…I don’t know. It was a waste. Also, they reuse music too much and it’s kinda annoying.


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