Were you interested in playing a Voltage dating sim and figuring out who would be the best love interest period? Stop playing them all, Ota Kisaki is the best. Nothing satisfies me as much as this beautiful sexy man and his beautiful sexy face.


Ota’s take on winning you in the auction is simple: You’re my pet. If you aren’t aware every route forces a guy to ‘buy’ you in order to cover up their illegal auctions downstairs. Ota has one of the more funny routes but at the same time completely intimate and sexy. I can emphasize this thoroughly: You won’t find much sexier than this dude. I think so far my list of the guys goes Ota -> Soryu -> Eisuke -> Mamoru? I haven’t finished Mamoru’s just yet and Baba’s is next but so far I think Ota and Soryu play their tropes the best.


As always, a grown man showing he has grown adult urges and appetites appeals to me. Ota’s route has you sleeping with him pretty early and he’s just. .. it’s right. You acknowledge each other in every way and it’s just right! The last time I went, yup, this is a thing is Mitsuru’s route from First Love Diaries. You know who else was this good? Takao from my Forged Wedding (pre his sequels, which ruin his character IMO) and Saeki from the same game. Ota just ranks up there with natural characters.


Ugh, it’s just amazing to play Ota’s route. He doesn’t suffer from lacksadsical bullshit, you know when things are happening and even when you see it coming you enjoy it. You want to know how he deals with it, and he usually deals with it sexually. That’s so okay. Really, keep doing it. I mean it.


I will say once again that the main character is a shrinking violet who might want to have sex but never expresses it. I don’t know whether I despise or enjoy that? Would it be so hard for a woman to go ‘damn..I really want to have sex with him he’s so hot’? I mean, if I was trapped in an apartment with Ota Kisaki that’s what I’d be saying.


Now, I’m an artist. I don’t know if any of you know this, but it’s pretty much my chosen profession and so when there is the rare route where an artist is the focus I’m usually pleased. Then again it’s really hard to say that they always get it right, because Kiyoto’s at time felt more like he was a college kid than an art college kid, there is a huge difference and it’s called four hour classes and every night of needing to study. Ota is a graduated student and so his art and how he spends time with it really resonates as true: He has a studio he visits, he gets art blocks, and he’s naturally happier when he is working on his art.


IT also rings true that even when an artist stops, they never stop. They have many works they do either paid for or just doodles, just for fun, art that captivates them. Because of how well they portray his profession I’d say out of every single person in Kissed by The Baddest Bidder I genuinely believe Ota is what he says he is and does what he says he does. Eisuke kind of waved his magical finger and did things, Mamo is a crooked cop who also isn’t crooked, Soryu has a profession that’s impossible to judge and the same goes for Baba. The only one left, Ota, is written so well I couldn’t help but buy his sequels. I loved being his pet, getting to know him, sleeping with him, and experiencing his tragedy.


His sequels get a little sticky. His outright sequel isn’t so bad and offers some insight into him, but how it ends and the nature of Dubai and the entire plot of the Season 2 Living with him is too much. Voltage INC has this issue that sometimes crops up. Either the story they write has so little going on or does a poor job at flowing into our interests, or they’re so concerned about us liking it they shove in an absurd amount of content in order for us to play. With Ichigo in ‘Dreamy Days’ I always felt like he was probably the perfect continued romance: you knew each other as kids, found each other, he went abroad, you stayed faithful, you kept your love alive, you moved in together, and you’ll definitely get married and MAYBE VOLTAGE WILL LET ME HAVE MY DREAMS AND GET YOU PREGNANT AAAGH, but Ota? He’s an artist! So what do they think they have to do?


Go freaking overboard. Ota gets a job at the freaking Olympics and it becomes political and convoluted and I don’t want to see that! Playing living the him for Ota was actually kind of painful. There was so much drama and the new character’s were so blatant in their desire to screw you over I just couldn’t help but sigh. Sometimes the main character is a genius who thinks up solutions, but the main character in the Ota route is far from it. Where was she in the original going to the press to save Ota’s reputation? She just begged him not to. All she had to do to be really cunning and create drama for every single sequel was say this: “I have been sabotaging Ota, I told everyone about his paintings because I wanted to ruin his reputation, I’ve been working with (the woman who stole his artwork) to ruin him.”


Ota would know immediately this isn’t the truth and that you sabotaged yourself for him. He’d both be furious and know he owed you a great debt, and it would force you to deal with the fact that the media would never accept you two together. Sometimes Voltage needs to stop trying too hard and writing absurd stories like going to the Olympics or Dubai and just work with a smaller but equally dramatic and cool story. You don’t have to amp it up to a million to make a story anxiety ridden but also absurdly endearing. It’s a problem with most novels, a desire to keep every character pristine without dealing with the issues.


Ota doesn’t need that. HE IS PERFECT. NOTHING CAN TARNISH MY PRECIOUS. Even though there are awkward parts, I can do nothing but recommend this route. Buy this cutie and the CGs are really worth it in the sequel, plus if you get the good and not the happy ending you learn just how freaking great the bidders are all together and the reason why everyone loves this game: At the end of the day you’re now best buddies with a bunch of rich egomaniacs who could probably tap dance on the President’s dinner and get away with it. Seriously, these guys are freaking hilarious.


Guys. ANGELIC ARTIST. ANGELIC ARTIST. So for Voltage, Ota gets a resounding 9 out of 10, his sequels fetching an 8 out of 10 and a 7 out of 10 respectively.


yes….yes I do.