Last week, I would say that most of us probably assumed that this was probably going to be a somewhat funny episode to watch, making it difficult to take seriously, and all that jazz due to Yuugo on his D-Wheel doing laps around the park to duel while Yuuto was running around… BUT NOPE. THAT DIDN’T HAPPEN. (OKAY SO IT DID HAPPEN FOR LIKE FIVE MINUTES AND IT WAS FUNNY WHILE IT LASTED) INSTEAD THEY DROPPED THE PLOT BOMB WHICH CONTAINED THE FEELS AND NOW I AM CURLED UP IN MY BLANKETS SOBBING BECAUSE I AM NOT OKAY.


The way the ended this weeks’ episode only to announce there will be NO NEW EPISODE NEXT WEEK makes it unacceptable. The sounds of fans screaming in agony echos across the globe of, “HOW DARE THEY END IT LIKE THAT.”

I am so overwhelmed (in a good way), that I am not quite sure where to begin. So many mind blowing things happened within this episode, along with the swell of emotions. First of all, I would like to put it out there how it was beautiful watch Yuuya and Yuuto looking out for each other. Yuuya tried several times to intervene, but Yuuto repetitively gestured or told him to stay out of it, which is quite a stark comparison to how Sora reacted with Yuuya was trying to assist him. Then came along the scene that led to the bittersweet moment. Yuuto was in a situation where he was helpless to stop himself and it was Yuuya who helped him snap out of the berserk state of mind. However, while Yuuya was trying to snap Yugo out of the trance as well, Yuuto prioritized Yuuya’s safety by taking the hit. He then entrusted him his Dark Rebellion XYZ Dragon and vanished.

Yu-Gi-Oh ARC-V Ep 37 Img 0025What had happened during that moment is a mystery. We do not know of Yuuto’s fate, but he knew it was dire enough to entrust his beloved dragon into Yuuya’s hands. It was a startling twist that had unfolded, in which from the surface implies that Yuugo and Yuuto were suddenly possessed by their dragons, whose goal was to annihilate each other. It would be an interesting contrast to how in 5Ds, the Dragon Signers and their chosen Dragons had to be united in order to summon forth the Crimson Dragon. But there was something important that I feel that needs to be kept in mind: Yuugo’s relationship with Yuuto. Now that Yuuto has disappeared (hopefully not for good, OTHERWISE I WILL RAGE QUIT) it will prove to be difficult to resolving the mystery of whether or not Yugo’s and Yuuto’s rivalry/tensions was all a misunderstanding. Yugo repetitively kept on telling Yuuto that he is not a Pawn of Fusion and identifying himself with his name, where as Yuuto claims that Yugo had taken something away from them. If it is a misunderstanding then it could be:
A) Yuuto and Yuugo’s tension and rivalry was fueled and developed by wounding up in the berserk state of mind
B) Academia may have framed Yugo in order to prevent the Yuuto and Shun from developing new alliance with other dimensions.
C) Other

Yu-Gi-Oh ARC-V Ep 37 Img 0010One of the most striking facts we have learned today was how Yuugo claimed it was his dragon who had led him to the Standard World in order to fight against Yuuto’s Dark Rebellion XYZ Dragon. Now, as I have just suggested, we don’t know for sure yet whether or not that this claim too, could very well be a misunderstanding on Yugo’s part. Another factor is that all three of “Yuu‘s” are forced to deal with a ripple effect as result of clashing against each other. Perhaps as the general parallel worlds law goes, that one from another world must never meet its parallel self, and perhaps Academia’s Dimensional Invasions are disrupting that law and as result are throwing everything out of whack (which honestly, is more or less to be expected). I suppose in a way the Dragons could be the symbol of that, hence they wound up in a berserk state, causing the wielders (Yuugo and Yuuto) to suddenly go mad/possibly possessed by them.

Yu-Gi-Oh ARC-V Ep 37 Img 0047The shadowy silhouette in the opening has been revealed to be a character named Yuri. By the look of, he is probably the Yuuya of the Fusion Dimension (which had completely slipped my mind, so it never dawned to me that the silhouette could belong to him). And boy, does he look evil. I think Yuuya will be in for an unpleasant meeting, especially when Yuzu is now a target.

OH GOD, HE IS GOING TO APPROACH YUZU, DAMNIT YUUTO WHY DID YOU HAVE TO DISAPPEAR. YOU AND YUUYA ARE SUPPOSED TO BE HER KNIGHTS. Yup, you read right: this week’s episode also confirmed that YUZU IS NOW A TARGET. Academia is trying to gather the four pieces for something, which by the sound of it, most likely her bracelet. And speaking of which, is it unclear whether or not Yuuto disappeared at the exact same time as Yuzu arrived at the scene, but what we do know, is that Yugo has disappeared. I am willing to bet that he too is affected by Yuzu’s bracelet, and… probably crashed somewhere in the city since he is prone to doing that.

Now that Yuuto is out of the picture for god knows how long (please don’t be too long ; __ 😉 it gives Yugo a chance to share his side of the story. His Clear Wing Synchro Dragon shown us today that it has a lot of things it wants to say. I am very interested in what thoughts it has and whether or not it’s distressed state of seeking a fight has anything to do with what Academia throwing everything out of balance.

TWO WEEK FROM NOW: Four Dimensions. (Yuuya, Yuuto, Yugo, Yuri) and could it be… we finally meet Ruri??? (Purple haired girl with green eyes under a hooded cloak)


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  1. marsh381

    Even watching raws deep down I knew Yuri wasn’t Ruri (because the Yugioh side of tumblr exploded with saying the Yuri was in fact Ruri). Believe me, if THAT turned out to be Shun’s sister I would have raged quit. This may sound mean….but I got to say that is one ugly character design (maybe because they don’t want someone who’s evil to look appealing) but good god if that turned out to be Ruri….NO….JUST NO! Girl or guy, that is a horrible character design to give a person.
    Thankfully I hold your assumptions too on that other purple-haired girl shown in the preview. She has dem Yuzu-eyes so money on that she’s actually Ruri. Anyone know why there’s the break next week? Because the last break we had was because of a Judo tournament.
    Also I really hope there’s more “Roid” synchro’s that Yugo uses. Because official rulings say that they count as “Roid” monsters (Shou/Syrus from GX). Considering we already have the Dharma one out, I kind of want to build a Synchro Roid/Syrus deck.

    1. Eva

      LMAO I would have rage quit too if that were to be the case. As for the character design, yeah it certainly not the greatest but it isn’t hhe worse either- I mean, Yuuma’s character design was just…bad. But at least Yuri’s design makes evil as hell, like EVIL EVIL, so gotta give them props for that. It’s the evil eyebrows
      I’m not sure either, but it’s going to be a painful wait. *GROSS SOBBING* I AM STILL LEGITIMATELY CRYING OVER THIS EPISODE.

      1. elior1

        next episode is going to be plot bomb as well but after this we get back to the tournoment. well at least we got month of plot episodes so i can wait for future plot episodes. about the break next week it because the new year

        1. Eva

          Hurray for all plot episodes!

    2. Miriki Takato

      I think it’s because of the New Year Event or something. Lots of other animes are taking a break next week too.
      Anyways, episode after episode, they bombed us with plot. It was sweet when seeing Yuya concerned about Yuto. I didn’t expect Yuuto to give Yuuya the Dragon though.

      1. Eva

        UGH MY KOKORO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. elhienn

    Nooo don’t rage quit! I love your reviews! D:
    I found funny and weird that you didn’t point it out, but did you notice that Yugo said that he*Yuto & Xyz* took his precious thing? We were discussing it at tumblr and apparently, by someone who spoke japanese, the exact words Yugo used ae usually used to refer to your boy/girlfriend, so people are going wild with the assumption that hey took Yugo’s Synchro!Yuzu, specially after they focused on Yuzu this episode and the Professor saying that she was the “4th” piece or something, which matches the amount of know dimensions.
    Yeah, this week hiatus will be hard as phuck to deal with, you think you finally will have a break of the hype and emotion but nope, Maybe Ruri next week(or Synchro!Yuzu or even Fusion!Yuzu) to make us hysterical and hyped, the Arc V writers are sadists D:
    Ok,now speaking more about the episode per say:
    Yeah, I’m glad you pointed it out, it’s weird how I got 5D’s vibes from the dragons and one can wonder why Odd Eyes Pendulum Dragon only gave Yuya a burn in his heart and not outright controlled him(and the few instances where it was suspected he controlled him[First episode and duel against Mieru] Odd Eyes tried to help him), it may be because of his nature as a Pendulum monster.
    Wow, such a short time and Yuya got this close to Yuto, but in a believable way, honestly, I don’t know what Yuya was supposed to do, and by this match alone I got the feel that Yuya is waaaay bellow Yuto’s and Shun’s level, or even Sora’s when he’s serious, I don’t know how Yuya will get stronger in such a slim time, the same goes for Yuzu and Gongenzaka, damn!
    Speaking of Yuzu, I’m glad she’s still important than ever, but there’s something that’s been bothering me a lot, and that is people accusing her of only being a “plot device” and not being important to the plot, I don’t think it’s the case but what do you think about it?
    And nah, Yuzu will be ok, as long as she’s with her bracelet and Yuya the othr Yu’s will be ported away, and now that you mentioned Yugo, there’s a pun on his name, Fusion is japanese is spoken as ‘Yugou’, and Yugo keeps saying for people to stop mistaking it, so I got the impression that the Resistance might have mistaken him as an agent of Fusion because of his name, by what he said in this episode he seems like he was acting on his own and influenced by his dragon, not being an agent of Fusion World.
    …I hope Yugo meets Yuzu soon, if he does mistake her as someone else then there’s a high chance of Synchro!Yuzu being a thing, and now, speaking of that, if he does have a Synchro!Yuzu he might have lost his Yuzu and might have mistaken Ruri as his Yuzu and it might had lead him to believe that Xyz was the culprit!
    … This is seriously getting to Tsubasa Resevoir Chronicles levels hahahahah, mind screw at its finest! >_>
    This episode’s soundtrack was also top notch, I got my heart clogged on by throat while Yuto disappeared when that beautiful and mystical song was playing, forgive me for saying this, but like many people joke before, Arc V is saving anime, this is(in my opinion) the best Anime to come out this year!
    Last observation: I want to shave Yuuri’s eyebrows.

    1. Eva

      //I found funny and weird that you didn’t point it out, but did you notice that Yugo said that he*Yuto & Xyz* took his precious thing? We were discussing it at tumblr and apparently, by someone who spoke japanese, the exact words Yugo used ae usually used to refer to your boy/girlfriend, so people are going wild with the assumption that hey took Yugo’s Synchro!Yuzu, specially after they focused on Yuzu this episode and the Professor saying that she was the “4th” piece or something, which matches the amount of know dimensions.//
      I actually missed that part, so since you have mentioned it I went back to check for myself. I can definitely see that as a potential Synchro!Yuzu, which also hope to see as well. I am sure since you have been part of the discussions on tumblr that you have also seen the theories that people are wondering whether or not Yuzu is truly from this dimension. It would be a great twist that wouldn’t just fall out of thin air since there was a potential set up back when Yuzu was questioning her father about when and where did she get her bracelet. Actually, what a major twist if Yuzu is in fact not originally from this world and we have yet to see the true Standard World Yuzu! XD
      Damn right it reminds me of Tsubasa Resevoir Chronicles.
      To be honest, I am half expecting Yugo to make some sort of a scene in the city with his terrible dimensional-transition driving skills. And as result Yuzu will probably wound up meeting him that way, or makes it her mission to hunt down someone who looks like Yuuya and Yuuto to interrogate them as she has done it before. That being said, I am excited for Yuuya’s and Yuzu’s interactions with Yugo.
      I would be lying if I didn’t see Yuzu as a plot-device, but just because she helps moves the plot forward, doesn’t mean she’s a badly written character/not important whatsoever, it helps makes her even more interesting because she has a larger purpose. And her being involved more in an important way is what made people come to love her as much as they do. It’s the first time in a long time (or maybe ever, pardon my hazy memory) that a female character is initiating the plot to move forward, allowing her to interact with plot involved characters, and forming relationships with them in order to help the protagonist, Yuuya who was for 35 episodes, had the plot AVOIDING him (like a plague) in order to create his role: To protect the true purpose of dueling, for fun not for war- and he will probably be doing that in his own way by attempting to woo the enemies with his spectacular entertainment style.
      I definitely have suspicions that Academia had framed both parties to create tensions between them instead of forming new alliance, but ironically it was because they were targeting the same person that exists in each of the four realms.
      Uff the OST!!!! I am already excited for Sound Duel 2 and the future ones to come. Major props to the composer for their gorgeous and epic pieces they have put together.
      Oh yeah, hands down- Arc-V is probably my favorite Anime of 2014!!! Hahahaha, this is 5Ds for me all over again!!!!

      1. Malagelo

        Regarding OST, Arc-V is first YGO anime since GX which hasn’t been composed by pianist Minobe Yutaka. But in his stead Arc-V is composed by Taniguchi Goro’s court composer Nakagawa Koutarou who composed OST for most of his famous works like Scryed, Planetes or Code Geass. So it’s nearly certain that OST for Arc-V will be much more significant than those for the previous series.

    2. marsh381

      For me its either the hair or eyebrows, one or the other has to go because both really ain’t working together.
      But wow, I agree with Eva, I can’t wait for the second sountrack to come out, especially with Yuzu’s fusion summoning theme in it (most likely). They really are plot-diving within the first arc, which is rare for YGO. Makes me wonder if they’re going to continue on with this storyline throughout the series or are they going to change it up halfway like 5D’s did (or GX for every season). Because as of right now, we have A LOT of characters and dimensions to deal with to just write this off as only first arc. If anything I kind of want to see a time-skip somewhere down the road, seeing everyone like 3 years older or something.

      1. elior1

        it a shame that after the next plot episode we will be back to the tournament episodes and wait for while before more about the dimensions and the proffesor plot

  3. Malagelo

    Little fact that has been lost in translation:
    Yugo’s name is pronounced in exactly the same way as japanese word for Fusion (融合). So the whole fight is really just a misunderstanding.

    1. Eva

      LMFAO! Poor guy!!!! Thanks for the tidbit! 😀

      1. Malagelo

        Basically I can very easily imagine how whole issue started:
        *Yugo arrives into XYZ dimension*
        Yugo: Hi, I’m Yugo!
        Resistance: YUGO (fusion)? He is a pawn of fusion?!
        Yugo: No, I’m Yugo!
        Resistance: Get him!
        Yugo: F*ck you all!

        1. Eva


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