Selector Spread WIXOSS Episode 11

Oh boy. Here we go.

Before we get to the meat of the episode, we’ll start with Hanayo. The girls visit, and Hanayo had actually wanted to talk to them. She asks Yuzuki if she hated her, she notes Yuzuki’s personality staying the same, and comparing it to Kazuki’s. She goes on and on and then says that she really came to fall in love with Kazuki herself. But she doesn’t want to go through this, because she likes Yuzuki too, and she didn’t want to betray her for falling in love with Kazuki as herself and not as Yuzuki. The girls hear a thud at the door, and when Hanayo opens it Kazuki is on the other side, completely confused from all of the things that he’s heard. Like…oh, I didn’t think Kazuki was going to become involved with this.


Hanayo runs out of the apartment upset, and Ruko goes after her while Hitoe stops Kazuki from following to explain everything. But when Ruko runs after Hanayo, Hanayo collapses on the sidewalk and Ruko takes her to the hospital. When an Eternal Girl doesn’t grant their user’s wish, they disappear. And since Hanayo feels strongly about this, she’s probably going to die. The girls explain everything to Kazuki, who believes them. He says he can feel Yuzuki’s presence in the card, even though he can’t hear her because he’s not a Selector. With Hanayo on the brink of death, the girls are desperate for Ruko to become an LRIG and speak with Mayu.

Yuki (not Iona anymore), mentions how she sees Ruko not as much different as before, such as still with her wish still needing to be granted since Tama refused. So basically, Yuki says they just need Tama to help them grant Ruko’s wish. They decide to battle Hitoe, and to call Tama while in the battlefield.


Tama is alone in a dark room, sealed away. But she can hear the battle and Ruko and Yuki’s voices. Yuki tells her they need to grant Ruko’s wish together, which is what they do. Well…not exactly. When the two are enveloped in the bright light, Hitoe and Yuzuki notice it becomes distorted, and they can see the white room in it. They go back to Kazuki, but they notice something is wrong when Ruko is still just standing there and there’s been no change.

At this time, Kazuki had mentioned something interesting. I don’t know why the girls didn’t think about this before, but instead the boy that barely got caught up to date with this weird shit did: What if they could speak with the real Mayu? She’s suffering in that white room, but she’s still a human, so she also must be suffering in the real world too. Hot damn you’re right! Hitoe remembers a place where the white room actually looks similar in the real world, and my question is how??? She and Kazuki leave Ruko’s body there (I hoped you guys layed her body down) and go over there.


He’s not that important of a character, but I kinda missed him.

Oh Mayu…ohhhh you. She doesn’t care what Ruko and Yuki have to say. Ruko tells her that she should stop these terrible battles, but it’s no use. Ulith appears and says she’s Mayu’s LRIG and Mayu wants to battle them. Ruko doesn’t think it’s going to change anything, but Yuki reassures her that it will. Mayu has played WIXOSS before, but with imaginary opponents, not with a real person. And Ruko really changed Yuki when it came to WIXOSS, so maybe it’ll change Mayu too.

Cue dubstep music. Mayu’s strong, but she gets agitated when things go wrong. But suddenly Yuki’s attacks aren’t working, and when Mayu points it out, Yuki sees that her hand is becoming transparent. Since the real Iona returned to her body, she’s disqualified from being an Eternal Girl. Ruko picks up Yuki and runs out of there, looking for Tama since Tama told them she can’t get out.


Hitoe and Kazuki make it to the library courtyard, and head to the very back to where another building is. It’s really old and in front says No Trespassing. When a guy cleaning spots them, they mention they’re friends with the girl living in the building. Oh, buuuuut…

Mayu died. Yuki says that to Ruko too. And that’s another reason why Yuki is disappearing. And Mayu doesn’t want her to leave, to leave her completely alone in the afterlife. Mayu makes Ulith grow to the impossible Level 5, and she attacks them, knocking Yuki out.


WELL DAMN. Well, I had guessed that Mayu was in the process of dying, but it didn’t surprise me at all that she actually did die. The other half of my theory was that the real world was actually imaginary, but I guess not. So now that Mayu is really dead, what’s going to happen now? It’s all going to be ending next week, and there’s still so many questions and so many things that I expected to get done, but with only one episode left. What will this mean for the girls?


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4 Responses

  1. I’m actually really worried about next week’s episode. Like you said, there are so many questions. This season has felt kinda slow compared to s1 (at least to me), so I’m not sure how the last episode will pull it off. >.>

  2. simmi says:

    Hitoe used to go to the library a lot in the first season; I’m guessing that’s how she remembered it.
    I feel like one episode isn’t enough time to answer all the questions. I was really hoping we’d get a back story, about Ruko relationship with her mother.
    Great review, any speculations for the next episode?

    • Berry says:

      Yeah, I always wondered about the relationship about Ruko and her mother.

      My speculations? I’m going to guess somehow there might be a happy ending. Mayu is dead, so Tama and Yuki are probably going to disappear. I think what’s on everyone’s minds is whether the LRIGs are going to return being human again. I’m actually not too sure. Like you said, there’s only one episode left and for everything to get wrapped up by then seems impossible, so honestly I have no idea.

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