It figures. Just as I finished filling in the grave, having the funeral, and said my final goodbyes, Denki -Gai No Honya-san rings the proverbial bell above the grave to symbolize that, if only slightly, there is some life left in this series. At least, this week. What do I mean by that? You’ll see.

So who the fuck does this episode happen to be about? Sensei again? Hiotan being almost raped?


Wait…it’s….it’s not only about’s about the Eroge lady too?! And their backstory?! Okay, it’s like for this episode they actually ready my posts and put up something that I would be guaranteed to love. and damn it…it worked.

The episode starts out with Sommelier and his friends as kids looking at Eroge manga secretly at an abandoned shack. The eroge lady (now a little girl) sees them and tries to run away, but they spot her and catch her.


Instead of trying to shut her up with force, Sommelier offers her manga to read alongside of them and to be their friend. She agrees and begins to hang out with them.

Eventually Sommelier trusts her enough to show her their super secret stash.


It’s a short while later that somehow their teacher finds out that some of the kids are hanging out in the abandoned shack. He performs a surprise inspection on the class to see if they have any eroge. It looks like the girls’ about to get busted when Sommelier takes the fall for her instead.


After this, the girl finds out that they’re going to demolish the abandoned shack and races to it to try to save Sommelier’s secret stash. However when she gets there, they begin to tear it down with her below it. However, at the last minute, Sommelier comes back and saves her.

D'aww... that's the sweetest scene involving children being surrounded by porn i've ever...wait..what am i watching?
D’aww… that’s the sweetest scene i’ve ever…wait..what am i watching?

Following this, we learn that the girl is going to have to move, but before that she gives him a special manga she wanted to give him before she left. She proclaims to him that she will devote her life to saving Eroge manga as she loves it now, thanks to him.

We cut to the present and we see that both the eroge lady and Sommelier have kept the mangas they gave each other all this time.

Before you ask, yes. That's a porn parody of Doraemon.
Before you ask, yes. That’s a porn parody of Doraemon.

Part 2 is one of those stupid “Sensei doesn’t have any girl power. tee hee.” things they do a lot.


We get it. She’s not girly. Nobody fucking cares. Moving on.

The third part is also very good. This time however it’s about Sommelier and Fuu. Apparently Fuu is irritated at being so short. Since she is, she believes Sommelier doesn’t notice her.


To rectify this, Idiot mcidiot (aka Hiotan) decides it would be a good idea to put Fuu on Umio’s shoulders. Not sure WHY this is a good idea, and it ends exactly as you’d expect. With Fuu accidentally headbutting Sommelier and knocking him out.


While he’s unconscious Fuu does something I wouldn’t expect her to do. She leans down and kisses him.


Of course immediately afterwards she freaks out and runs away. And that’s basically the end of the episode.

What does this show want from me?!

I’ve always been kind of torn between Eroge lady and Fuu, but now I’m REALLY torn. I REALLY like both of them with Sommelier. The first part shows an adorable childhood romance while part 3 shows Fuu’s shy but adorable attraction to him. I actually don’t know which I like better. I REALLY like them both. (I’m saying “really” a lot aren’t I? huh.”

Here’s the thing. Sensei/Umio is a boring romance. It’s fucking boring. There’s no two ways about it. Sensei is a terrible character and Umio is boring. I wouldn’t even use the word “Chemistry” for them. If the difficulty level of the chemistry experiment measured their onscreen romance I would akin it to a 5th grader’s baking soda volcano.

As for Hiotan and Director, the less I say about THAT creepy rapemance, the better.

Sommelier really IS the only nice, interesting male character in the show. And ironically, HE DOESN’T FUCKING TALK. It’s amazing that a character who barely has more than a few words of dialogue can be more interesting, deeper, and more heartfelt than either of those two assholes.


Sommelier is an example of how to make a good, silent, likable character. I really do feel as if someone else wrote this character. Some of these characters feel so well written while others are so poorly handled, I find it hard to believe that they all came from the same writer.

A good point of this was the middle section. I was thinking to myself after part 1. “Gee, maybe they changed writers or something because this is in a whole different league!” When my thoughts were interrupted by more Sensei garbage bullshit. I’m sorry. Do the writers think that we REALLY like this whole “Sensei doesn’t have girl power” Thing? WE DO NOT. STOP DOING IT.

What did that poor dead horse ever do to you that you must keep beating it?

The first and third parts are ADORABLE but part 2 totally takes you out of it and reminds you that the series is a shambling corpse that has been only granted a short reprieve.

If this series were solely about Kameko, Ero lady, Sommelier, and Fuu, it would be the greatest series about manga ever. They literally carry the show despite that fact that their combined total runtime is probably less than 2 episodes. If it were not for them, I would have dropped the series long ago.

I truly hope next episode is about either them or Kameko. I want to see one more glimpse of the show I used to love before it has to be buried again. Overall, thank you Denki gai, for a brief shining moment, you reminded me why I was so excited to see you in the first place.

Episode 8/10

She's not crying because she nearly died, she's crying because she couldn't save her friend's treasures. THAT'S a strong character. Fuck you sensei.
She’s not crying because she nearly died, she’s crying because she couldn’t save her friend’s treasures. THAT’S a strong character. Fuck you sensei.


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