Terra Formars Episode 12

These roaches are crazy.

I’m kinda getting tired of this. At first, when it came to the roaches’ intelligence, I would be like “WHOA. UH OH THAT’S CRAZY”. I mean, they know how to use guns, how to drive, but then it comes to shit like knowing how to resuscitate someone after electrocution, and then using fuel tanks as missles. And having a bunch of roaches with mutations making them extremely powerful, and it’s like when is this going to end? When will it be enough? Whenever the damn roaches pull off the shit they did in this episode, I’m not even surprised anymore. They might as well build their own cities and create a democracy.

There’s no wonder. There’s no reaction from me anymore. It’s like, oh they know how to do this now, great. More crew members die. What the hell do these roaches want anyway? So far it’s just senseless violence from both parties. Is the violence and gore tasteful? I mean, I know the humans are in danger of being killed, but with the roaches I just don’t know what the hell they want, and I don’t know why they keep killing the humans. The humans are just defending themselves, but all this fighting and ripping off heads and broken necks and roach blood is making me tired now. I don’t know. I’m actually bored watching this now.

tf12.26Nothing new is happening. Really, the only new thing we got was that someone must have betrayed the humans. Asimov’s group looks around the pyramids and deduce that this is not where the roaches live. If it were, they would have been bombarded by them. In fact, they weren’t being followed or attacked, so these structures must have not held so much importance to try and wipe them out. When finding a satellite thing, Asimov said the structures were actually a storage place. Why I mentioned that someone, or some country, betrayed the U-NASA is because Asimov’s division found very detailed information regarding the humans in one of the rooms of the pyramid structure. Legible text couldn’t be seen, but there were sketches such as the medicine and a picture of a human, probably explaining how the medicine works to make them have abilities. This probably relates to how there were cockroaches in the Annex before the crew had landed on Mars, where the roaches were destroying the medicine. But that still raises the question as to how they were even on the ship undetected.

Other stuff like a picture of the ship reaching Mars was one thing. Now, an act of betrayal from one country. Why would they do this and for what purpose? This is actually rather intriguing, but to introduce something as important as this in the second to last episode is pretty sucky. You drag out things for so long, so finally introduce some plot-related things, and it’s a little too late. This just sets things up for a second season, but…ah, maybe I’ll just save these words for my review of the show.

tf12.24Other things that happened that were significant. So when Asimov found that little satellite thing (tbh I forgot what it was), they noticed the fuel engines were gone. The roaches learned to use them as a weapon, and SOMEHOW I DON’T KNOW, they shot them in the air like missles and fired them at Komachi’s division who were fighting above the pit Komachi and the boxer were. At this time, oh so damn conveniently, their medicine wore out. I guess. I had no idea there was a time limit on those things. At least I think that’s what happened. There’s fire around them, and more crew members get killed as roaches suddenly pop out of the ground like moles and start attacking. Luckily, Michelle’s division noticed the explosions and Alex threw rocks from far away at the roaches and killed them. Michelle and Akira arrive and help, hurray.

I was really excited about this show in the beginning, and at first it was doing well, but it’s been dragging out and boring. All it is in every episode are the same two songs playing, the roaches being ugly asses and killing everyone and being invincible or something, and the humans trying to survive with nothing else happening. I hope maybe something interesting happens in the last episode, because these past few episodes have been kinda hard to get through.


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