Episode 11: Ryouma’s Treasure part 3

So as far as I understand this, in the Detective Conan timeline this episode breaks in like episode 200 and something…well whatever, this isn’t Detective Conan and this is Kaito’s show mother f**ker so let’s talk about Kaito. Or more, lets talk about how Nakamori spends this entire episode taking credit for other peoples ideas.


we first see this at a family dinner where Nakamori, Aoko and Kaito are sitting and discussing the case over dinner. Where Nakamori proceeds to take credit for one of Conan’s ideas. Kaito doesn’t buy that it was the Detectives idea. Well, what idea did he rip off from Conan? The idea that the reason that Kid put off the return is that he was waiting for something, something that he couldn’t just create on his own. He was waiting, for the rain.
Why? Well, nobody knows. Conan doesn’t know, Nakamori doesn’t have a clue. Kaito suggests that, that answer is too simple and that Kid is a more complicated person then that.

Another idea that Nakamori totally rips off and claims as his own when talking to Conan at the scene of the impending….not so much crime. So I know you’re all in suspense, does he return the treasures? Does he get these two guys arrested? Does Conan catch the evil Kaitou kid in his own series? Who stole the cookies from the cookie jar!?
Well in that order, yes, he returns the treasures through a series of tricks involving the sprinkler system, paint, and tricks of the eyes. You know, magic. Second off, yes, the two gentleman’s’ evil schemes are revealed to the police through Kaito’s careful planning and they get arrested.

As for Conan in this episode? sneaky little bugger figures out Kaitou Kid’s disguise [which is REALLY good i might mention] by looking at everyone’s ankles. Clever, using his new height to his advantage. That’s a tactic he couldn’t of implied without the polices help as Jimmy. However, since what he did wasn’t a crime and Conan says that his mother is a fan of Ryouma’s anyway so he should be thanking Kid for returning the treasures. Kaitou says something along the lines of, “Guess we both have a hard time denying our mothers.”

This throws Conan for a loop and he wonders if Kaitou Kid’s mom is the Phantom Lady, which she is. This is a hard episode to recap since a lot of it is based on what you can see but I have to say the magic tricks and illusions done in this episode are some of the best in the series so far. I think though to get the full impact of these last three episodes it would be good to watch the connecting Detective Conan episodes as well. I have not and I felt that these episodes were a little lack-luster.
I’m not saying that this arc of Magic Kaito can’t stand on it’s own, I followed it rather well and the cameo was nice but I feel like to get the whole story you should watch both points of view. As for who stole the cookies from the cookie jar? It was me! I did it! MWHAHAHAAHAA.

Now, with Conan heading back to his own show and Kaitou to go on thieving for another day, what heist are we looking at next….

Christmas heist…Well, let’s see how that goes.

Episode 12: Two Kaito’s on Christmas

It’s time for our obligatory Christmas episode! Oh boy, I wonder what’s in store for us in this episode, probably lots of good feelings and wait…what did this episode do? Is it like, trying to make me ship Detective Nakamori and Kaito?  That’s not just strange, I’m just confused about this. Well, let me tell you how I came to this absurd conclusion…it all starts with Detective Nakamori being sad that Kaito hasn’t had a heist in over three months. The guys at the station start giving him a hard time, but Nakamori insists that this means that Kaitou Kid is planning something big. The guys on the force think he’s just caught a cold….

NOW IN  ANY OTHER SHOW EVER, I’d think it was cheap to go from a joke about him having a cold to a shot of him having a cold…but this is a sub-series to Detective Conan, thus it’s very much in this shows vein of humor. It goes EXACTLY like this

Cop:”I don’t know, maybe he caught a cold” -insert laughter here-
-opening credits-
Kaito: ACHOO, oh man, having a cold sucks.

I guess if you have a style of humor it’s best to stick to it, I would of actually been shocked if it hadn’t cut to a joke about him actually being sick. It might of even been a little disappointing. So anyway, Aoko comes over and fusses over him all while being a bitch. “I thought idiot’s couldn’t catch colds”, WOW way to be a bitch. I get it, they like to tease each other….either make-out already or something. Meanwhile, while Kaito is living his normal life and not stealing things.


The store owner who is in possession of a large jewel incrusted Christmas tree topper sends out a fake heist notice saying that Kaitou Kid is going to steal the tree topper on Christmas Eve, all to make a profit off the sales that would come from all of Kaitou Kid’s fans coming and buying things while they waited to catch a glimpse of the legendary Phantom Thief.

I’m going to level with you right now, a majority of the comedy in this episode comes from how oblivious that Kaito is to this fake notice. He’s out buying stuff for a Christmas party at Aoko’s, he’s hanging with his friends, he’s doing magic tricks at the party and all the while. Everyone but him knows about the heist, Akako stares at him funny wondering why he’s at the party and doesn’t tell him about it. Everyone at the department store is getting ready, Detective Nakamori is all pumped up compared to how downbeat he was at the beginning of the episode and Kaito doesn’t know ANY of it for a majority of the episode and it’s hilarious.
The largest laugh though comes from when he finds out at last not from the news, but from a passing comment by Aoko about her Dad not being able to show up because of Kaitou Kid.


Smooth Kaito, smooth. So he slips out of the party and proceeds on to the scene of the heist. Meanwhile, the guy who the president of the company is paying…a WHOLE LOT to impersonate Kaitou shows up on the scene and is caught by Nakamori and the police with ease. Alas, this is when the real Kaitou Kid appears on the scene. When the question comes up of who’s the REAL Kaito Kid, it comes down to a few cheesy remarks to assure Nakamori of who the real one is.


As he turns to leave, Nakamori stops him and asks if he’s going to vanish again. First the eight years before [Kaito’s dad’s time] and now these past three months. He says he doesn’t know what he’ll do if Kaitou Kid vanishes again. I get the sentiment of this scene being that it’s his life long goal to track down Kid. It’s not this part that had me pausing, scratching my head in wonder of it they’re trying to make us ship it or something. It’s the next scene, in which Kaito leaves behind a white rose with the words “Merry Christmas Nakamori” printed on a ribbon around it and…I’m quoting here.

“Save your cheesy lines for someone else, jackass.” cut to him blushing and scratching the side of his face, “You’re in for a world of hugs next time, Kid.” I DON’T KNOW HOW TO FEEL ABOUT THIS! I’m just gonna like, ignore this and move on from it. Pass it off as some weird obsession of the Detectives. Besides, he does still think that it’s the same Kid from eight years ago. So I can’t fault him too much I guess?


So Kaito returns to the party, things go on and Nakamori comes home to a new tree topper. It couldn’t be the same one that Kaitou Kid just stole….right?

This episode was fun, it was humorous, it was light hearted, Kaitou Kid showed up the people trying to use his reputation for ill purposes and Nakamori got his Christmas miracle of having Kaitou back doing crime. Overall this was a very successful Christmas episode. Next episode, skiing because we can’t get out of the winter just yet.


See you, next illusion!