Eva’s First Impression

OR NOT- HOLY SHIT YO. She’s gonna fire them off the roller-coaster to lure Macca Green into a trap!

I have no idea what is going on, but I am loving it. The colorful animation (ALL HAIL WATER COLOR BACKGROUNDS, I HOPE TO SEE MORE OF THEM IN THE FUTURE <3) and the quirky, lively characters are truly both a treat and thoroughly entertaining to watch. And right away I knew I had to write a little something about this precious gem.

The story takes place ten years after the Great Tokyo War had finally ended. Japan’s states divided themselves into prefectures but then stuff happened and now they are independent. As far as we are concerned the whole politic structure still has to be laid out, but there is one thing for certain: there at least sporadic mobs. You have the Bests, who are those with special abilities and then those who are the Rest (no joke, that’s what they are called). Those who are Bests from what we have seen are those who have attained power/head of the mob and go off with their gangs to conquer and invade others to expand their territories- or so that what I think is going on- like I said I am totally lost so I am grasping straws here. The Rests are what you’d expect, those who do not have powers (or so we have seen thus far in the premiere) and are just.. people.

There is a story going on, but with so much going on just within a fight and blasting colors, it made it a bit difficult to keep track of it, but it’s there. We have the heroine Nozumi who was finally granted permission to join the Hiyoshicho Propellers squad and participate in protecting and beautifying their city. Then there is Masumi is the famous Macca Green, who for presently unknown reasons goes through the trouble to conceal the fact that she is the Macca Green who has been fighting to protect their town. Today Macca Green was up against the hired leader of Higashi Murayama, Shigyo who is trying to take over their sector. It has also been hinted that she and Masumi known each other during their more youthful days. There is also the heart necklace that both of them has, but we have yet to find out whether or not their “good-luck charm” is simply a lucky trinket or the source of their unique powers.
Last but not least is Yukina Kosaka, a girl who most likely didn’t come to Tokorozawa’s Squad HQ to apply as a squad member but for other reasons, such as a mission of a sort. She could either be involved with the mysterious gas-mask girl, the Higashi Murayama gang or another party whom we have yet to meet.

I would like to keep my eye out on for the next few episodes because as long as I can grasp and follow the plot, this would be a show I am interested in covering this season. And if not, well it’s going to be be a fun series to watch!

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  1. The Traveler (@IWHBYT)

    Well, by the end of it I am curious… and sad. I mean, on one hand it’s great that they’re able to keep the fighting between special mediators, but how long will that last? 🙁 Also, Captain, O, Captain! Away from her family so often. I hope she’s not just being kept busy so that sinister things can happen later on in her city.
    I think I’m starting to see what the Rolling Girls are really going to be: a bunch of newbies who aren’t stubbornly/superbly devoted to their group’s motives (2 for now), along with some misfits (2 for now) who are going to try and get everyone to get along 🙂 What really sparked that thought was seeing the black-haired cutie from Higashi Murayama (and the poster art) waving to the Hiyoshicho Propellers. I’m pretty sure she knew who the other group was even if she didn’t know about the dastardly plan!

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