From the beginning, I heard about World Trigger, and how it was lackluster but got good. I had my doubts about that after all the episodes of boring bland nothing, but you know what, this episode is part of the upward swing for everything. I mean, things were so bad and lame and clunky, but they’re actually…good now. Have my standards been lowered by the previous episodes? Have I gone insane?

Like, the first part of the episode actually starts with something really funny.


Its two guys from the A squad that attacked Duck-face, who apparently have been scoping out the Tamakoma branch and been just..watching this whole thing. One of them even figures out their meal structure out of observing and finding…really nothing worth seeing. One’s super dutiful the other’s bored, I don’t know I just found i really funny.

I love how he points out the facts they’re learning aren’t all that important.


Also, the away squads are in and we learn something rather interesting. Apparently, one of the reasons they go out to the Neighbor’s world is to get triggers to advance their own trigger technology. That makes a lot of sense and in a way it kind of shows how in their own way they’ve become like the Neighbors. Anyway, while at first they were going to plan out a lot for things, the main head of the away teams is like “No, let’s do this not. This Black Trigger can copy oner triggers, so he’ll only get stronger.”


It both makes sense and means we can cut more of this bullcrap and have them move to it. I normally dread the badly lit meeting room, but hey, at least this time they got to the point.

Anyway, I must say, I also really, really like Konami. It isn’t just Hideki’s love for this type of character, she’s really fun and endearing.

I love how she’ll just pick Duckface up like he’s a prop.

She’s just a lot of fun, and her naiveté really leads up to some more actually funny parts to the episode.





Seriously, between her gullibility and Four-Eyes’ butt monkey status, they’ve really buffed up the humor for the show and that’s just what the show needed. It gives it identity, and lives things up from being so so sooo boring.

As for 4 eyes, his training is even really funny. Mostly, his instructor has no idea what to do with him because he kind of sucks, so he has him clean the place up. Now we know that Karate Kid cliche, but then the instructor says “Hey, I just got this from an old movie, let’s see if it works.”

Yeah…wax on, wax getyourasshandedtoyou.

Next is the kid trying to do a card game to boost his reflexes which….I…I have to just show it.

GG, Four-Eyes. G Fukking G.

I actually like that our main lead…kind of sucks. Its interesting seeing where they’ll go with him and what he’ll become. Will he find something he’s good at, or continue to suck? Its nicer than the old invincible protagonist who may not be skilled but is super strong. And I even like how, despite his friends doing way better, he doesn’t angst or get mopey, but actually just works to try harder.

And then, we get to the scene where Jin faces off against the elite squads, which actually is the first time I felt any tension at all in this show. Its got a character we like, and we know the odds are against him, and its a matter of how the situation unfolds. Though, honestly, their plan was kinda cramped due to the fact Jin can see the future…hard to pull a fast one there.


There’s actually a really nice back and forth between Jin and the groups, since neither wants to start a fight. They say how Border agents fighting is against the rules, Jin points out that now Duckface is an agent of Border, but then the leader points out he’s not officially in Border till the recruitment period a bit later. Jin doesn’t back down, standing alone against them all and then.


Its the Arashiyama squad. Just seriously, I wasn’t expecting that.



Apparently, the Shinoda branch (the “we don’t care about Neighbors either way” faction) has joined forces with Tamakoma and Jin, at least on this. I..really really like this. It involves more parties, makes sense, and it brings back characters that were previously established. Good on you series, for doing something unexpected and neat.

Now, here we go, they’ll manage to talk each other down and depart and it will be this huge anti-clima-NOOOOOOOOOOOPE


They’re going to fight. I’m shockingly actually excited for this. Seeing these power-elite Border agents and the powers they’ll use. I’m actually…god forbid…invested in whats going to happen. Its like the show finally decided to be good, and now its doing so much more right, There’s no lame padding of nothing, actions have consequences, characters have personalities. I might need to ask Hideki his thoughts after this to make sure I haven’t hit my head or come down with a brain disease. Come on show, don’t ruin this. You’re on the upswing, so keep going in being good. I really really want you to be good. Anyways, I’m actually looking forward to next episode. I leave you now with a random Duckface line I found really funny.







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  1. Wade

    Umm I read the manga and it’s pretty good actually. The start of the manga was slow tho and it’s even slower in the anime + bad animation. From here now on is where WT gets good so let’s hope Toei put some budget into those fight scenes.

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