World Trigger Episode 12 (Finally! A Female Character I Like!)

So we are once again back to the happy go lucky version of Pacific Rim that is World Trigger. And, after having seen episode 11 and then 12, I can at least say, that I enjoyed this more than the last one. Why? (Points to episode title)

So the episode picks up with the gang now a group and joining Jin’s branch of Border. However, only Wet Blanket is actually a B rank member, and for the girl to visit the Neighbor world and try to save her friend and brother, they have to make their way to A rank. However, to do so, the easiest way is to fight other C rank members to become B ranks in a tournament and the nearest time for that is about a month away.

But, then they realize that they have no idea whether Chika should be a sniper, fighter, or shooter.

Gee…I wonder what she’ll be… I wish there was some sort of hint.

Hintity hintity hint

Hintity hintity hint

And yes, of course she picks Sniper. Mainly because Wet blanket can list off all her good points. Probably because he wants to do her.

Eh. maybe i’m looking too much into…


Nope, never mind. He wants to do her.

Anyway, after that’s decided, that’s when a very interesting character shows up. At least…I think she’s interesting.


Well hey there baby

Well hey there baby

She storms in and basically asks what’s going on, when the other two guys from the branch of border come in.

Yeah, these two guys

Yeah, these two guys

Its explained that Wet blanket, Chika, and Duckface are all going to be a team from now on and they need training. So it’s decided that each one will get their own trainer for the coming weeks. Duckface will get Konami, Chika with the muscley guy, and wet blanket with…well the other guy.

They break off an begin training.

Wet Blanket’s training goes about as well as you’d think it would

....My hero

….My hero

However, due to Chika’s RIDICULOUS level of trion, she’s able to snipe for FAR longer than she should have been able to.

Whoo! Sniper party!

Whoo! Sniper party!

Duckface meanwhile has been one on oneing it with Konami, and it turns out that out of 10 battles, Duckface managed to win once. Which i’m actually surprised about. I suppose because he’s not allowed to use his black trigger he’s significantly weaker, but still. Konami’s reactions are hilarious.

and besides the guy who runs border being happy about something happening in three days…that’s about it.

Until my shipment from Amazon arrives. ....stupid super saver shipping

Until my shipment from Amazon arrives. ….stupid super saver shipping

So how was this episode? Well, first off I have to say, I can’t believe i’m going to say this, I REALLY  like a character they introduced. They must have read my reviews, because damn it, they brought in a Faux-Tsundere. God I have a soft spot for them. And Konami is a prime example of one.

Aww.. she's so cute!

Aww.. she’s so cute!

She’s one of those “I think i’m better than everyone, but i’m extremely gullible”  characters that I can’t help but like! GRR! DAMN YOU WORLD TRIGGER! you picked EXACTLY the kind of trope I love. DAMN YOU! i wanted to go through this whole show not really liking anyone except maybe Jin, and then you pull out my favorite type of anime girl! GAHH!

Besides that, It seems like we’re going to be having a training montage at least for the next couple of episodes, hopefully they’ll speed it up so we can get right to the in-house battles so they can become B-ranks. Otherwise, we’ll have another filler killer on our hands.

One thing that I find interesting is that I learned this episode that when you use your trigger your physical body is actually stored in the trigger and replaced with a trion body. (I always thought the trion body was a layer) and you can opt to feel no pain…which I’D always use. Geez, i’d never NOT want to use a trion body. That’s pretty awesome.

that's actually some sweetness right there.

that’s actually some sweetness right there.

Overall, this was a better episode than the last one, I mean, it’s not going to win any awards, but as Savage put it, at least it isn’t Aliens with castles.

With the addition of Konami though, this episode jumped at least 2 points. I hope they don’t delegate her to the background from now on, because I definitely think i’ve found a new favorite character for this series.

so…. 7/10

(2 of those points are for Konami)


Duck Face Counter: 12

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