Akatsuki no Yona Episode 20: Chain of Courage

The crew prepares for the battle, and emotions run rampant as it nears. Yona fights in her own way and risks her life to protect others.

any20.11As the crew gets ready to prepare for the coming days, Jae-ha and Yona head into town to get some information about the human trafficking. They land on a roof and hide to see that Kumji has arrived in Awa. As his carriage goes down the road, the women and children run and hide into their shops/homes so they won’t be captured by him, since children also get taken too (disgusting piece of shit). When he leaves, Yona and Jae-ha find someone hiding behind a pot. Easily enough to figure out, it was a woman dressed up as a man, fake mustache and all. They ask her what’s wrong, and she explains just how Kumji and his men steal women.

There’s a random shop in town, offering cheap jobs to women. This girl and her friend, who was very pretty, go into the shop to find some work. But the guy at the shop only led her friend to a back room and told her to go home. The girl peered into the room her friend was in to see what was in it, and when she looked in, she saw her friend fall down a trap door.

And that’s how this gross low-life gets the girls. They both return to the crew with this information and with more. They found out that the deal with whoever Kumji is making with (most likely Kai Empire) will be done soon. And so they try to make a plan to save the women, while also getting prepared to fight since Kumji wants to take them out for fighting against him. They need to figure out which ship the women are on so they won’t accidentally hurt them while in the battle. To which Yona suggests something: Purposefully get captured by the officials and set off fireworks in the ship where the women will be so the crew knows which boat it is. And everyone is shocked by this, and saying whatever to make Yona back down because this plan is completely dangerous, but she won’t give in.


Have I mentioned how much I love Yona? Because I do. Okay. Well! After much persuasion, Captain Gigan agrees to this plan. Shin-ah will be able to see the signal from far away, thanks to his ability. To set off fireworks, Yona would have to carry gunpowder and the sorts, and she can’t handle all this by herself. So the Captain makes someone else go with her. No, not the muscly crew members. And no, not Yona’s Squad even though they want to go really badly. The only one of the boys that can pass for a woman. Yup.


Okay so he’s done this before?

Yun. He can pass off for a woman easily, as we see later. Also, he can handle gunpowder. And so he dresses up as a woman and goes with Yona. The following night, Yona and the Captain have a heartfelt talk that really made me happy. Gigan views Yona as a daughter. She did once Yona joined the crew, and she doesn’t want anything terrible to happen to her. Hearing this, it struck a chord with Yona. Not being able to remember her mother so well, she’s happy that the Captain says that. And they hold each other, sharing such a warm moment between them. People say a motherly figure is one of the most important things in life, and that’s something Yona lacked in her life. But really, she’s never had any female relationships, as she has no mother and she’s an only child, and her closest friends are male. So having someone to look up to as a mother figure must be important to her.


Also, it makes me curious about Gigan. She refers to Yona as her daughter, and all the men on the ship as her sons. Which makes me wonder if Gigan ever had children? If she ever got married or not, or had her own children or not. I have a feeling maybe she didn’t, or she wasn’t able to, and maybe that’s why she calls everyone on the ship her children. I don’t know if we’ll get any info on her later on?

As Yona comes back from her talk with Gigan, she has a forced talk with Hak, who isn’t happy at all about her plan. It’s dangerous and he wants to do anything to convince her to back off, but Yona is like “Hell no!”. She wants to fix what her father wasn’t able to fix, and there’s nothing that’s going to stop her. She’s going to fight.


The next day comes, and Yun and Yona are dressed and ready to go, and Yun looks……soooooo pretty. Like, he doesn’t look too different, but he just looks so great. Wow. Yona has on different robes, some bows in her hair for the cute, and lipstick to finish the look. Also, the most important part of the episode.




……Ahem. Anyway. Yun reassures Hak and Yona he’ll do anything to keep her safe, and they set off to the same shop the girl went into before. They go in, acting all normal and wanting a job. And honestly, Yun is a little too good at acting like a woman. Voice and everything.


Yup, he’s definitely done this before.

The guy thinks they’re both gorgeous, so he leads them to the backroom. Both nervous, and soon enough, they both fall through the trap door.

Another episode just to show how awesome Yona is and how shitty Kumji is. A lot of development and feelings. Everyone has their plan, and hopefully Yona and Yun will make it out fine while helping all the women in danger of the human trafficking. This is just the calm before the storm, and things are surely going to become exciting.


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