Let me straight out say how I absolutely adore Kirara’s strong personality. ‘Sorry I can’t be a Precure, I’m too busy.’ Kirara is a busybody, her schedule is so packed that she has no time to waste. And I don’t know about you, but I felt they conveyed that extremely well during her transformation sequence. I found it to be very rushed, but it felt right because this girl does not have time to take forever to transform. She has dreams and ambitions to pursue! That being said, due to her jammed packed schedule lifestyle, Kirara has shown to be extremely versatile. She an independent quick thinker, wasting no time to address to the issues. Both times when Shut showed up she stood her ground and gave him shit for it. She messed with a Zetsuborg using Human Capabilities and later became a Precure simply to shut him down. And you have to hand it to her, Kirara is a very bright girl. When she was approached the first time to become a Precure, she declined on the spot and returned to perfume, knowing that if she holds on to it, bad guys like Shut will target her- and she doesn’t have time for that! And she returns it again once Shut was done and dealt with. Just because she became a Precure doesn’t mean she signed up for the job! But next week as the girls work their way to persuade Kirara to join their team, it looks like Kirara will be facing a dilemma of her own.
This is all I have to say this week. It was a fast-paced episode that matched Kirara’s personality while keeping it simple without digging too deep. Next week looks like it will be more of a character depth episode as this week we only met Kirara’s character we see at the surface and not so much from the heart.


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  1. Wanderer

    Kirara has places to go, things to do. Onward and upward: no time for this world-saving thing, thanks, but no thanks.
    I expected her to be an energetic girl, and she is, but I was thinking she’d be more of the “genki friends with everyone” kind of energetic, not the “polite but distant because every ounce of attention and energy she has is laser-focused on reaching her dream, and Heaven help you if you get in her way” kind of energetic.

    1. Eva

      It’s nice to have a different but bold personality for an exchange! XD

  2. Kenneth Hwang

    I like Kirara’s personality and all
    But the way she responded to Minami the first time around was rather rude in my opinion, you can be stern and polite without sounding like a stuck up.
    But props for a Precure who is goal-oriented and determined and resourceful!

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