This show is definitely something. I’m not sure what that something is, but it’s something. So now what’s our episode today with these food-loving girls? Summer!

The girls are in prep school, miserable doing all this because they can’t do any fun stuff like go to the beach, festivals, and other traditional Japanese things I’m not familiar with. So Shiina’s like “Hey, come to my house we can do whatever we want”. And so the girls are excited and get ready to go. They leave and find themselves at a HUGE house. I wouldn’t even call it a house, more like Japanese-style mansion or something idk.

Shiina opens the front gate (that’s when you know a house is fancy) and they walk to the front door. Kirin notices a field and walks into it and stumbles onto a woman, who hands her a tomato. Kirin calls out to Ryou to look, but when Kirin turns back to the woman, who she guesses is Shiina’s mom because they look alike, she disappears.


They meet up with Shiina and she takes them to a room where they wait for Shiina to bring her mother to introduce them. Kirin tells Ryou about the mystery woman. Shiina and then her mother come in, but her mother is a completely different person from the woman Kirin saw, so now she’s freaking out. Also, Shiina’s mom is really cute and isn’t really like her. Shiina’s more soft-spoken and refined, while her mom is more energetic and loud. Hm. Her mom brings in a whole buffet of cakes, and then the girls get to talking about things they want to do. They want to do that noodle flowing thing on the bamboo thing (…I’m so sorry I’m bad at this), and they go out to find a bamboo stalk.


While out in the bamboo forest Kirin and Ryou find a grave, and then they think the disappearing woman Kirin saw before could be a ghost of one of Shiina’s ancestors. They hear a noise behind them, they scream and run and find Shiina. Turns out the long-haired woman in a kimono is actually Shiina’s maid. They find a good bamboo stalk, they cut it down, the girls pass out from the heat, then they get to boiling noodles and making sauces. The maid helps out. Even though she’s deadpan, she’s a lot cuter than she looks. The girls praise her, and the maid gets to cutting the green onion really fast, but when they check it’s just long strands because she didn’t cut it all the way. But she was still able to cut it fast, and make perfect sesame paste in about two seconds.


You could say, she’s one hell of a maid. *forced laughter*

Anyway, they set everything up and do the noodle flowing thing and


That. As usual. Funnily enough, this is how Shiina eats all the time according to her mother.

I don’t know how to respond to that.

After all that, Shiina’s mom thanks them for being great friends to her. Then the rest of the night the girls do other summer things like make wishes, eat watermelon, and play with fireworks. Fun fun fun. Ryou and Kirin head home, happy with the memories they made. The end.

I don’t mind slice of life shows, but I’m finding it kinda hard to talk about them. If there were drama it’d be easier, but this is more of an episodic thing that’s easily summarized. I ramble on and on when it comes to Yona and Jojo because I love them so much, and I always look forward to them each week. Log Horizon has been a little boring these couple weeks, but I usually find something to talk about deeply. But…I can’t really do that with this show. It’s just “Oh, the girls are bored, they cook yummy looking food, they eat it erotically, then cute stuff”. That’s it. Honestly, if I weren’t sharing this show with Hideki I probably would have dropped my coverage by now. But since he’s helping me out I’ll stick to the end. This isn’t a show where I’m like “YAY NEW EPISODE!” like Yona or Jojo. It’s just something to pass the time. It’s cute, and that’s all I can say.


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