Saenai Heroine No Sodate-Kata Episode 6

So we’re back to the world of creepy guy and his dating sim. Well…actually this week, not so much. In fact, this week features absolutely no Eriri or Kato. That’s right. This episode entirely features the black haired author chick (jesus why can’t i remember her name?) as well as the main dude. It’s part flashback/part now. But…. I’ll get into that in a moment.

So the episode starts with a bit of a flashback to when he and the girl first meet. It turns out that he met her at a book signing and did that annoying fan thing when they ask 14 million questions when getting an autograph. However, instead of annoying, she finds this kind of charming as she sees his enthusiasm.

Guy in pink shirt: hey we're waiting in line too! main guy: shut up guy in pink shirt!

Guy in pink shirt: hey we’re waiting in line too!
main guy: shut up guy in pink shirt! Get your own show!

It then cuts to after the previous episode where he’s going to go meet up with her after his “date” with Kato. However he can’t seem to find her as she isn’t at the place she said they’d meet and he starts to run around looking for her as she’s ignoring his cell calls.

Eventually, as the last train for the night leaves he realizes where she is and goes to run after her, getting drenched in the rain in the process.

He does indeed find her, and she takes him back to her hotel room to take a shower. But of course we get the big problem with that. He’s in her hotel room. Yeah …. yeah you know where this is going.

Yeah....yeah it was going there

Yeah….yeah it was going there

we get hit with another flashback however as we see that after their first encounter she becomes pretty obsessed with his opinion on what should happen in the final book of her series and asks him to read the manuscript when it’s done.

He refuses because….I’m not quite sure. I THINK its because he doesn’t want to get to read it before other fans. And that’s when she gives him the nickname “Mr. Ethical”

Meanwhile in the present time as they’re in the hotel room, she makes it REALLY obvious she wants his dick. Like REALLY obvious


And he uses THIS opportunity to ask her to make a man out of him. And by that he means help him become a better writer. Yeah…cause that’s not  dick way to phrase it.

It’s okay though, because she steps on him for it. and it makes me laugh.

To be's HIM

To be fair…it’s HIM

So they spend the next couple of hours working on the plot of the game because he thinks that the thing that’s missing is the main girl being even happier at the end.

They end up falling asleep and she has to leave to go to work the next morning after she tells him that she’s glad they worked on that the previous night. and that’s where the episode ends.

See, here’s the thing about this episode. I actually hate this guy less than I have than any other episode. Not because he’s a better character this episode, but because Kato’s not in this episode for him to be a creepy stalker over. When she’s not in the picture, he becomes a lot less creepy but keeps up the level of annoyance. He basically becomes a stereotypical clueless male protagonist of a harem show. Which…is less painful when Kato’s around.

The biggest issue I have with this show is that these girls reinforce his bad behavior. They’re enablers who let him do what he wants with only moderate annoyance.

At the very least I got to know more about the black haired girl which is good. She’s become less of a bland boring character and is interesting to the point that I actually want to know more about her.

Yeah okay fine she's cute

Yeah okay fine she’s cute

The problem is, the girls are all FAR more interesting characters than the main male character, and it isn’t the kind of boring that you can self insert yourself in his shoes. This character is far too creepy, far too annoying to be self inserted by ANYONE. These girls are actually ridiculously lowering their standards by going after this guy.

This episode didn’t fill me with hate as the others had, but it just made me realize that she’s too good for him. And if she keeps going after him, she’s only going to have her heart broken, and she doesn’t deserve that. I actually feel really bad for her and just hope she can get over this guy soon.

All in all it was an okay episode but it just makes me sad as I realize how good of a character this girl actually is. So, I guess there’s that.

Episode 6.5/10


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2 Responses

  1. dene323 says:

    You might have missed a mini segment after the ending credit.

  2. “To be fair?” Hideki, I don’t think there’s a single viewer who didn’t enjoy watching Aki get stepped on, even if they like him!

    Anyway, so Aki might be an overdeveloped Otaku and have some bad traits for it… but he’s ethical to the point of being a block-headed, too. Majorly block-headed. How does he not avoid “make me a man” when he knows the implications of it from all the games he’s played?!

    He really needs to have a better vocabulary. Half of his problems are caused by a lack of description… and awkwardly timed shouting… the other half comes from Utaha’s dominance ಠ_ಠ

    THIS WAS THE TURNAROUND! 😀 Last week I wondered if it was the start of Aki’s turnaround, where he finally begins making up for his past mistakes with Utaha and Eriri, along with becoming a more balanced person. AND IT WAS!

    Granted, he did more making up with his past mistakes with Utaha, than balancing his persona… and he really needs to work on his word choice… but all things in due time

    So Eriri and Utaha are his key to making up for past mistakes, as well as developing his creator ability more than anyone?

    Kato is the underdeveloped person who’ll help Aki balance out his overly developed otaku self more than anyone and vice-versa?

    Michiru (purple haired girl and cousin of Aki from episode 00) is the musical master, so maybe she’ll be the one to help him with his word choice more than anyone? I know VN games use mostly instrumental music, but I’m sure she’s done lyrical work.

    As for Izumi (youngest one in the opening), hmm, I’m not sure. Perhaps she’ll develop a new side to Aki, since dealing with a younger one as opposed to all the other similarly aged girls and essentially being her Senpai (if only in the context of the circle) will be something new to him. The game is also supposed to be all-ages, so she’ll provide valuable insight on the enjoyment factor for younger ones. On that note I believe Michiru is more grown up than all of them and will do the same, but for the more mature audience.

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