As I knew from the beginning, this should could have no proper ending. Just something to wrap up this arc and go, “Welp, we’re done for now, but maybe sometime in the future.”
So the question is, how do we come to this ending? Well, as we all know. Last episode, the Midnight Crow and Kaito Kid have made a bet. If Kaito can’t figure out the magic behind his trick, then he needs to stop being a phantom thief. So, how do you make a diamond vanish from a case that has a detective sitting on top of it and a bunch of security. Hell, how do you steal it without even touching it?


Well, the hints come in the form of a handcuff shaped mark on Detective Nakamori’s behind and black ink left behind on the coin. So, as we know. The Crow is coming back for the real diamond.
Alright, long story short? Ice, the trick was ice. He slid in, colored the ice to look like the diamond. Kept the place cold as balls to keep it from melting until he needed it too. Then it melt, leaving behind only the coin.


Well, how could he pull this off you ask? Well only a master of disguise like Kaito Kid could do it. Good thing he is also a master of disguise and is actually the old man who debunks magic tricks.
This time we get to see him in the light and he looks like, um, well, uh….he says it’s a disguise to throw Kaito off….but uh…that’s his Dad. That’s totally his Dad, like, maybe it’s a disguise? I mean, it could be.

Oh well, uh, the men in black show up again. Try to kill Kaito and the Crow for the diamond. Which once again, isn’t Pandora. They get defeated by ice. It’s a good time all around.


Well, let’s see. What else was there in this episode? The discussion with his Mom about his resolve to keep going as Kaito Kid. The message that randomly showed up on the record machine. The final scene in which Aoko proposes that Hakaba, Akako, Kaito and herself make a detective team to catch Kaito Kid. Well uh, that’s kind of awkward.
There are three people standing right there who know who you are and your girlfriend, who is totally clueless.


Now, the real question of this episode is the Crow. Do you believe that Kaito’s dad is alive? That he is the Crow? That he’s proudly watching his son take over the family business? That the whole bet on finding out the magic trick was his way of testing if Kaito had the skill to continue on as Kaito Kid?

My answer? I don’t know. I would like to think that’s the case, then again. It could not be the case. Knowing the guy who writes Conan/Kaito Kid, it could be either way. We’ll just have to find out with time. This series displayed us with a lot of magical miracles and good feelings, until the curtain rises again on Kaito Kid.

See you, next Illusion.

Overall review

Phew, this was a long run. A bit of a struggle, mysteries are hard to cover. You don’t want to give away all the tricks of the trade but you also want to summarize the episode. I think the largest struggle was two part episodes, since the first part tended to be a lot of set up with absolutely no pay off to speak of. That being said, am I sad that I covered this show?

Absolutely not!

I have seen bits and pieces of Detective Conan and seen glimpses of Kid through it. I didn’t watch the previous series so honestly, this was my real introduction to Kaito Kid. I adore him, I’ve said it many times while reviewing this show. It shocks and awes me to see what a wonderful person he is despite being a thief. He never wavers from his duty to his father, he goes out of his way to help people sometimes. He even cares about Nakamori in his own way, making sure he has something to keep going on for.

He sort of let’s the fame go to his head, but not too much. He’s a lot of fun. What about all the other characters though?

I like a lot of them for the most part, Aoko grates on my nerves from time to time but she means well. I have to say, aside from Kaito my favorite is Detective Nakamori. I just love Detectives who stick to their guns even when everything is stacked against them. He’s funny, but at the same time he is very invested in this case. It gives his life purpose, those years in which Kid vanished between the time Kaito’s dad ‘died’ and Kaito took over must of been hell for him.
Everyone is really fun in their own way, exactly what I would expect from this writer and I wasn’t disappointed.

The art? Well, it’s about what I expected as well. The noses got a little big sometimes, as did the ears. It honestly stopped bothering me after the first few episodes. Otherwise, there was nothing wrong with the animation at all. I didn’t notice any times where it seemed really off.
The music score was beautiful, though I have to say even all this time after switching openings. I’m still a lot more fond of the first one then I am the second one, but what can you do?

If you like magic, Detective Conan, Kaito Kid, or just a good show in general. Give this show a watch, I give Magic Kaito 1412


The nine is only for the few slow episodes of set up before the pay off. Until another series is made…bye bye Kaito, see you in Detective Conan!