This guy really has balls.

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Shinmaou 12 Img002That was a nice ending. Not the most unique and awe-inspiring, admittedly, but at least my main worry didn’t end up coming true – that they’d spend a large chunk of the episode focusing on getting to the core of that monster and destroying it. In all honesty, the climax of this arc occurred last episode, and so this finale more or less cleans up a couple of loose ends and gives us a bit of a teaser for the future. It does look like Basara’s harem will earn a couple of new members beyond Mio and Yuki (and arguably Maria) during the events of Shinmai Maou no Testament BURST – at the moment, Zest already seems quite committed to serving him as he’d saved her multiple times in the past, so she’ll be back. And in a maid outfit too!

Shinmaou 12 Img004The discovery of multiple ‘growing’ organisms in the inner chamber as eventual replacements for Zolgia only adds to his list of crimes. Even if they weren’t there, I don’t think it would have changed his fate. I remember saying earlier in the season that Basara had balls, and he proved that yet again in not hesitating at all with having Takigawa kill him. Hell, he even told Takigawa to hold off for a moment because he wanted to come and watch his death. This ruthless streak with regards to people hurting his loved ones clearly runs in the family or something, as does that strange flame that appeared in his eyes when he attempted to take Mio’s virginity. I thought that would actually happen, by the way – that the finale of the season would have him asserting his dominance. Then I remembered that they censored boobs and practically anything beyond kissing… so even if there was a sex scene there wouldn’t be much point.

Shinmaou 12 Img008In the end, this was a decent show for what it was. It’s nothing spectacular, but certainly watchable if you’re into this sort of genre – and especially if you end up watching the home releases. I liked Yuki, Takigawa and the plot twists during the Zolgia arc, and I wasn’t too averse towards anything besides the censoring. Will I blog the sequel when it arrives in Fall 2015? Maybe. It depends on my schedule and the other stuff that’s airing that season, but I’d like to see Basara finally get the power-ups he sorely needs in order to take down what looks like the current Demon King. And we still have no idea what’s up with that nurse in the green sweater.

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  1. Chris Marshall

    I kind of hope the animation they used in the preview is used in the next season….but I doubt that (it looks sooooo much better. I mean Zest in that maid outfit is so cute!….though Yuki, I have no idea why you’re licking your sister…) But wow, Basara, you took the initiative there at the end with Mio.
    Overall, this was an ok show. I mean it’s one of the few this season I actually watched but it won’t be making it on any recommendation lists for me (if only there wasn’t that censoring….I mean, I would get nothing out of watching Basara and his female harem go at it but I just hate watching things that are blocked out). Though from what I can get at, this was just to introduce the characters as the real meat of the story is in the next season.

    Last thing….as I noticed, this show is actually more progressive when it comes to their male harem lead compared to other shows of this genre/type. 1) Basara’s sweat looks like something from a yaoi-doujin (looking back at the first ep). 2) Even with it censored, they still threw in a shot of Basara’s butt. 3) In the final ep Basara actually made a lewd expression after Mari Frenched it up with him (those types of faces have 99.9% of the time been reserved for female cast only, lulz) 4) In the OST CD….Basara actually has his own somewhat fanservice picture with him sprawled on a couch. 5) Those guys and dem legs! 0_0
    DxD, Dakara H ga, Hyakka Ryouran, and even my favorite Seikon never really gave that much (even though it wasn’t really that much) attention to the male lead’s body lol.

  2. The Traveler (@IWHBYT)

    I just saw SMnT Burst’s PV… Full armour Basara (apparently that’s what it’s called) and a HAPPY Zest? This show is really tempting me. REALLY tempting me.

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