Punch Line Episode 1 [First Impression]

See, I discovered my first mistake a few minutes into watching this episode. What was that mistake you may ask? Why not taking any drugs. Because my god. This show, I’m too sober for this.

Okay, where? Where do I even begin with this? I guess I should try to begin with the beginning of the episode. Because…that’s the best I can do to make logical sense out of this episode.

So the episode starts off with our main hero in a bus being hijacked by terrorists. Yep, that’s the first 15 seconds of the episode. Main character, hostage, there you go. Bam.

Seriously, I'm not even joking. That screen shot is from 12 seconds in.
Seriously, I’m not even joking. That screen shot is from 12 seconds in.

The terrorists are doing it because…. I don’t know. Because they’re terrorists. And terrorists suck.

A bubble gum colored hair girl then shows up on a motorcycle and jumps through the buses window and begins to fight off the terrorists.

I didn't realize bus windows shattered like that but okay
I didn’t realize bus windows shattered like that but okay

Oh. and I forgot to mention. She fights them off with a giant metal straw. Because her name is ‘strange juice’.

(buries head in hands, question all my life choices)
(buries head in hands, questions all my life choices)

She then defeats all of them and it looks like everyone on the bus will be okay. Except the mastermind happens to be disguised as a passenger and pulls out a gun and is going to shoot her execution style until our main character sees a girl’s panties.

No. No I am not joking


He sees some panties and turns into a superhero.

I will let you read that again.

He sees a girls panties


And gains superpowers


There is LITERALLY nothing inbetween. That is point A and point B. Sees panties, then superpowers.

Jesus this show. It’s off to a hell of a start isn’t it?

So he jumps out of the window taking the bad guy with him and they fall into the water. He’s saved by Strange Juice, but passes out.

When he wakes up, he finds himself a spirit with no body. (Just….just don’t ask)

Ah...one of THOSE mornings
Ah…one of THOSE mornings

A talking spirit cat informs him that he’s not dead, he was just forced out of his body and another spirit took it over. The best way for him to get his body back is to find a very special book with a ritual in it that’s somewhere in the house he’s currently in. Convenient no?

If that isn’t batshit crazy enough for you, let me throw something else in the mix.

Okay, so we find out from the spirit cat that when our main character sees panties, he reaches his limit and gains superpowers. However, if he sees panties AGAIN WHILE he’s superpowered, a giant meteor will come and destroy the Earth.

Ow. ow my head
Ow. ow my head

but that’s okay because since he’s a spirit he can travel through time. Because I suppose ghosts can do that.

So he travels back to before the earth died and tries again, this time trying to avoid it.

Thinking he found the book he tries to reach for it, only to no avail as he’s….you know, a ghost. It turns out that in order to move things, he has to level up his ghost powers, and right now he’s pretty terrible at it since he’s new.

Oh, and in an incredibly unsurprising twist we find out that his neighbor from the same building is strange juice. Cause you know…why not.

Convenient things are convenient
Convenient things are convenient

There’s another terrorist thing happening in town so she goes off to stop it, and while sitting at home looking for the book, he sees more panties twice, and the world explodes again. And that’s where the episode ends.

Wow. Just…wow. I felt weird just typing up that review. This show is by far one of the most cracktastic shows I’ve seen in a while. It makes JUST enough sense to be coherent, but that’s not saying a lot. This show takes a lot of liberties with your sanity, But is that a good thing, or is it too much?

Head: My god this show is all over the place. I think I understand the plot they’re TRYING to go for, but it’s bogged down by a bunch of insanity. The only major plot point I know for certain in this show is that he’ trying to get his body back. Other than that, I have NO idea what’s going on. So um…. 6/10?

Eye: The animation is okay, the fanservice isn’t very attractive though so it loses points there. Everything’s kind of well….not hot? Some effects are nice and it lends itself to the comedy, but it’s not my favorite kind of art, nor is it anything special. 6/10

Heart: Dude. I can’t feel any emotions from this show period. No idea what the fuck is going on with these characters. I don’t feel any emotional attachment, albeit I laughed a few times? So…there’s that. 6/10

Yes. the spirit cat was watching cat porn.
Yes. the spirit cat was watching cat porn.

Overall score 6/10

This show is something out of a crack head’s trip. I mean, it’s…..it’s okay, but so far there’s not much more to say about it. Will I continue reviewing and watching it? Well, I’m not going to make any promises for the ENTIRE series, but with its insanity its intrigued me enough to at least continue to episode 2. So there’s that I suppose.

So, god help me, I’ll see you all next week with this show.

Watching; Moderate
Blogging: Let’s see how many episodes I can go without losing my sanity.




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  1. Let me help you keeping you sanity with the punchline of the week:

    Punchline -> jap. pronounciation “punchirainu” -> punchirai = panties showing

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