Re-Kan! Episode 1: I Can See Them (First Impression)

Whenever there’s a story surrounding a character with the ability of the sixth sense, the story can be rather depressing. Bullying, strange looks from other people, a lack of acceptance from family, and the character with sixth sense always in a depressing mood, absolutely hating themselves for their special “gift”. Except, this isn’t the case with this show. Well, our main girl does get strange looks, but everything else is different than the usual.

rk1.8We are introduced to our main protagonist, Hibiki Amami. While walking to school, she randomly talks to what appears to be nothing on the streets. She makes stops, she bounces around, and just looks plain strange. But instead of hiding her speaking of ghosts, she instead embraces it, and talks to them like normal people. When walking to school for her first day, Amami meets up with a girl named Inoue. When crossing the street, she suddenly starts spinning around and hopping in the middle of the street and falls. Inoue grabs her hand and they walk to the other side, asking what’s her deal. Amami just says that some kids like to play pranks, and we see some hand marks on her leg. Inoue sees a little boy and she screams. One week later, and Amami has already made friends at her school. They accept her for who she is, and they intently listen to her when she talks about the ghosts she meets. Basically, Amami just doesn’t hide her sixth sense. She talks about it normally with people, and whether people believe her or not, that’s up to them. But she’s not bullied or anything, from what we saw so far. For now, she might just be the girl that can see ghosts, but she’s already been accepted by people.

rk1.19And we have Inoue, who is the only person so far to really hate Amami and her sixth sense. She hates the occult, and whenever Amami speaks of ghosts, she gets afraid and covers her ears. She’s a complete tsundere. Whenever she tries to be nice, she acts mean but we all know what tsunderes are so no need to explain. She dismisses everything Amami says, but tells her to relax when a ghost she knew disappears. At the end of school, she ignores Amami when she wants to walk with her but eventually hang out. The scene in the end with Inoue was pretty sweet, her playing with the ghost of the children, even though she didn’t believe in them at first. But in the end, she believes what Amami said, about bringing bonds together with the ghosts, and they become more friendlier with each other.

rk1.11The comedy was pretty cute. The comedy would be the weird things happening because of the ghosts, such as doors randomly smashing students, Amami being chased and grabbed, Amami being dragged away, and Amami just being normal about these ghosts. Also, she can speak to cats, and there’s this really perverted cat. I don’t think he’ll be important, but whatever. The comedy is pretty light. Amami has her group of friends, whom we didn’t see too much in this episode, but they accept her. Unfortunately, this show has this “eye over the hair” thing, and it’s really distracting. I mean…if you have bangs over your eye, your eye should be covered. It’s just so ugly.

This first episode was fine. I felt like it was a little all over the place in the beginning, and they just wanted to cram as much weird supernatural things, and then get to the feels-y scene in the end. But it was still pretty fun. I also really like how Amami sees her ability in a positive way, instead negatively like every other story I’ve seen with the paranormal. This show looks like it’s going to be more of a slice of life, with a little bit of its comedy thrown in, so I don’t know if I’ll want to cover this the whole season. For slice of life, it’s better to just watch it. But I’m going to give this show maybe one or two more episodes, and I’ll make my decision then.

Watching: Guaranteed

Blogging: Moderate (gonna give a couple more episodes). This is still open for someone else too!


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4 thoughts on “Re-Kan! Episode 1: I Can See Them (First Impression)

  1. Fascinating, quite fascinating. The section in school definitely felt like a number of 4-koma’s wrapped together, but I thought it was almost like an extended montage of how the ghosts affect her at school. It wouldn’t make too much sense that these great friends of hers would occupy all her moments at school anyway.

    Now I’ve seen a number of people anticipating yuri from this. IF there is romance at all, I REALLY hope we see it guided by what Hibiki has learned about being loving towards others from her mother and father, as well as from the Ghosts, or even have them parent her with their various experiences! Keep the elements of the show connected, you know? 🙂

    As for the cat, cats and just animals in general are known for their mythological connections to spirits. Personally, I’m wondering if this is some clever play on “cats have 9 lives”, or if it’s a ghost inhabiting the kitty. So many possibilities…

    All in all, yet another show that I was really looking forward to this season that left me uplifted 😀 Thanks for starting up the coverage, Berry.

    1. I guess I can see why people would expect yuri/shoujo-ai from this. You got the super sweet girl that makes the tsundere flustered, it’s basically perfect. I guess if there were to be romance, I wouldn’t mind it too much. But with how Amami handles her sixth sense, I would expect more emotions as she speaks with the ghosts, and we might get sad backstories from them. Or both? Who knows.

      She was also talking to another cat in the beginning of the show, so I don’t know if that one specific cat has a ghost in it. I was wondering how her speaking to ghosts relates to cats.

      And no problem! ^^

  2. Oh, so that’s what this is like. That makes it sound interesting enough to watch. Thank you.

  3. Oh, this anime is pretty cute, and the comedy is nice too. I also really likes the characters so far, especially Inuoe. That neko-chan though surprised me. I was so cute at first but then it was so…not. The animation was also really good, except for the hair over the eye thing. I totally agree with you Berry, that was just terrible. My only concern/hope is that there is a very minimal amount of shoujo-ai in this, because that personally is just not my thing at all. My guess is though that it might be slightly hinted at but never confirmed or actually be there, so just a splash of it. I don’t know, it just kind of seems like one of those things.

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