Tokyo Ghoul:re Chapter 25: One-Eyed Ghoul

“Let’s talk about some secrets… just you and me.”

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Shit has hit the fan! Haise vs Takizawa marks the first battle between two artificial one-eyed ghouls in :re, and is the second encounter that Haise has had since running into Kuro and Shiro, whose whereabouts still remain unknown today. Well, to Haise this is new. I know Washuu isn’t too fond of Rank 1 Sasaki, but reinforcements would have been nice, you know. Does he not want any secrets leaking out? I think SS sounds about right for Takizawa. He’s similar to Centipede, and is definitely both stronger than S and yet not quite up to the complete carnage that SSS promises, even if he does have Yoshimura’s kakuhou. Haise is the first to not have died instantly from a head-ripping attempt, and Takizawa rewards him with a bit of small talk and the offer to share a couple of secrets with him. It looks like this might be the next step towards the return of Kaneki. I somehow doubt Haise will lose. He’s in a bit of a pinch, yes, but he still has two involuntary power-ups in Kaneki and Centipede. I would only really get worried if Takizawa reveals a kakuja, and it’s not impossible given his total disregard for morals. I actually find it so weird that he veers between insane and sane – he acts like he’s completely lost it, but in this chapter and the last he’s capable of holding a conversation with other people and actually talking to them. So it’s more like he knows what he’s doing, but instead cannot care less and does not want to be saved.

Meanwhile, it’s Ayato and not Hinami who has come to Naki’s rescue. Damn you Rabbit, I want to see Yotsume vs Akira! Maybe it might still happen if Ayato is too preoccupied with the background doves. And an opportunistic Urie has started attacking ghouls. I already don’t like Urie, and I wasn’t too amused to see him irritated by the fact that Juuzou had found them and was willing to join in. Seriously, if Juuzou wasn’t there, and a strong ghoul had turned up, it would have gotten really bad for Urie and Mutsuki. I’m also under the impression that the sheer quantity of ghouls will already make this hard for them – or are they ‘civilian’ ghouls? Kanae was not that strong in the grand scheme of things, after all.

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0 thoughts on “Tokyo Ghoul:re Chapter 25: One-Eyed Ghoul

  1. My greatest fear is that Kaneki might go on the run again… I swear there was an order to kill Haise if he ever reverted fully, or at least fell into his half-kakuja mode.

    If that happens:
    a) he might have to run away to escape the execution order of the Washu
    b) run wild with Takizawa hunting him or perhaps even allying with him
    c) become provoked to follow Takizawa and captured by Eto at last

    Although, it’s probably too soon for anything that dramatic.

    1. There was. I’m pretty sure Hirako’s team moved in to kill him when Haise started reverting after he recognized Nishiki – and Akira just managed to shoot him with an RC suppressant before anyone could do anything.

      I would like something with Eto – there’s been a serious lack of her ever since the end of the original manga, and Root A was totally useless in giving us more info about her. I agree that it’s too soon – instead of Takizawa, it’s more likely that he’ll go wild or ally with Amon, who I’m guessing has ended up the same way but isn’t as morally void as Takizawa is. As for being hunted by Washuu and the CCG – well, that’s what all ghouls are subject to in general!

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