Plastic Memories ~ Episode 9 [WHAT?!]

So we have to deal this episode with the absolute mess that was left behind from the end scene of last episode. I don’t know how many different ways this can be said, but once again the humor fails but once it gets to the serious, character building scenes. The episode goes from ‘meh’ to ‘OMG’ in a second flat. Well since we’re coming up on the end of the season, I’m fairly sure there will be little room for comedy so the show will be able to shine. Doing what it does best, destroying our hearts.
Which is exactly what the second half of this episode did. Let’s dive in and see what worked and what failed.


So unlike last week, there’s no underlying plot really other then trying to smooth out the mess that was made at the end of last episode. That is, getting Tsukasa out of his depression and getting Isla to either talk it out with him, or just admit that she is actually in love with him. So Michiru recommends they take some time apart so Isla can have some time to think about her answer.
Time, something Isla doesn’t have. I’ve got to say, maybe this should of been the first flag to the first thing that really shocked me this episode.

A lot of this episode surprisingly focuses on Michiru. Her interactions with Tsukasa and Isla and her own thoughts on romance. Kazuki also finds out about Tsukasa confessing his feelings and Isla turning him down. Why do I feel as if this show is hiding something from us. Her reaction is just, slightly…concerning. More so then most of her other reactions in the series.
I feel like there is something that happened during their partnership that the series has yet to fill us in on.


What didn’t work in this episode was a lot of the scenes between Isla and Eru, I mean, I get what they were trying to do with them and I understand why they were there. It just, didn’t seem like it was important to me though. It was padding filler to get to the important parts of the episode and it was just, annoying. Eru grew on me last episode, but not enough to see her pointlessly dressing up Isla in random costume pajama’s or to see her in a bunny girl outfit.


The most striking part of the episode though, that I guess in retrospect I should of seen coming is when Isla tells Michiru about her expiration date coming up. Honestly,  I actually thought that Michiru knew. Her reaction to it was beyond what I expected too, crying about it and saying in the end of her conversation with Tsukasa that she would root on his romance.
I am consistently up and down on my opinions of her. Sometimes, she’s sweet and helpful. Other times, she’s downright obnoxious and hard to deal with. It’s the tsundere I tell ya, but it’s not the endearing kind. I just don’t know what to think of her, but you know what? That’s alright, people aren’t consistent. Your feelings on them aren’t consistent.


Onto the last bit of the episode, Tsukasa returns to his apartment to see Kazuki there. Then Isla comes in and says that Kazuki called her there. Then they drop the plot bomb, and first the first time in a while the most high pitched “WHAT” escaped my mouth. That Kazuki is dissolving Tsukasa and Isla’s partnership. I am only sligtly amused that I said “What” before Tsukasa did.
GAH, well thanks for that hammer to my heart. I didn’t need any more feelings after you had Michiru crying in the last scene breaking my heart to shreds.


So now we have this, the expiration date, and multiple other plot threads going into the last couple episodes of the season.


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2 Responses

  1. “You know there can’t be a good ending to this!”
    ^ how I feel every week, watching this show. ;_;

    You said last week that the post-credit scene was completely unnecessary, and I agree. The first half of the episode directly revolved around those two words, which was mildly entertaining but still pretty frustrating. Isla’s logic to stay away from Tsukasa sort of makes sense, but at the same time it’s completely ridiculous! Tsukasa has made it pretty clear that he wants to be with Isla, even for just one month.. I also wonder what Kazuki is thinking (and it better be good because I was livid at the end of the episode).

    Out of curiosity, how do you think this anime will end? A lot of people are saying they think somehow Isla will retain her memory or something similar, but I don’t really agree. I think the ending will just punch us all in the feels as with previous Giftia scenarios. I also saw a crazy theory that Tsukasa will end up with Michiru?? I don’t know, that just feels wrong to me.

    • MidnightDevont says:

      my predictions for the ending are that will get all the feels of the previous Giftia scenes. I don’t think we’ll get a solid Tsukasa/Michiru ending, but maybe one that hints at it. I know it feels wrong because he’s shown no interest in her, but she’s shown a bunch in him.
      So maybe after Isla is gone, she’ll move in to comfort him. Either that, or she’ll get a new OS and he’ll begin a romance anew with whoever the new one in her body is? The same way the old lady treated the kid as the same child each time? I doubt that though. I’ve got my concerns.

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