A plot by Haruhi Suzumiya, or the episode that is totally void of any plotting and focuses entirely around adorable hijinks and gives me my Kyon/Itsuki yaoi bait at long last.
Good show, good, feed the yaoi fangirls. We live off of subtext. That’s right, touch his arm and comment on how soft his skin is Itsuki. Um, woah, sorry I got a little off track there. So anyway let’s go over this episode.


Well mostly it was their time at the inn and what they did while there. A ping-pong tournament with the prize being fruit milk. Karaoke that only ran two rounds, one with Mikuru and one with Kyon. I have to say, I laughed pretty hard because we know for a fact that each voice actor in this series is capable of singing. We saw that well enough when the entire cast had different versions of the Hare Hare Yukai in the original soundtrack.


The thing i’m most dissapointed in with this episode is that it was called “a plot by Haruhi Suzumiya” and there was no plotting, I mean, hell there was even a decent set up for her to plot things with the match making shrine in the hot spring! This could been a perfect episode to do some match making, either between herself and Kyon or between Yuki and Kyon.
Why didn’t Ryoko try to make something happen between them? It was totally obvious and the plot just missed it’s chance by a mile.


OH that’s right Itsuki…imply things about being naked and alone with Kyon twice. The yaoi fangirls want it…wow, i’m getting pretty far off topic again. Let’s see, other things to say about this episode, other things to say about this episode. Uh, well, the animation on the skin for everyone was very pretty. I’m still on the fence about how I feel about the red spots on certain parts of the body in animation.

like her shoulder, perverts.
like her shoulder, perverts.

Also, the food in this episode just looked so good…though horsemeat is a little, I don’t know if I could eat that. The beef and vegetables looked super good though. Okay, i’m going to level with you. This episode was good for what it was, a goofing off episode. However, the title led me to believe that something would be going on.
Either some match making plot, or even a mystery or ghost story set up by Haruhi. None of these things happened, I’m suing this episode for misleading title. Otherwise, not much to complain about but also not much to say about it.


Next time, “Give me your hand…” by the animation, it looks like maybe a test of courage episode or something? They’re out walking in the dark, so that’s my guess. I’m probably wrong, we’ll see next week!