So we pick up back with the SOS brigade…er Literature club’s training camp. What’s on the list of today’s events for them, card games with penalties, that’s what! What’s the game of choice? Old maid.
Such an odd game to pick, i would of gone for poker or something. Of course, this was one of the only games they all knew the rules too. Well that and concentration.


This episode is cute in many ways, first off. It actually lives up to it’s title about holding hands. Unlike last weeks episode where it was all like “plot by Suzumiya.” without any actual plotting. This episode was heavy on the Yuki/Kyon, as expected of this series. It’s also a deep look into Ryoko’s character and why she acts the way she does.

She does want Yuki and Kyon to be together, however, as Yuki and Kyon get closer. She feels a larger rift between her and Yuki, which Haruhi tells her flat out is really stupid. Ryoko has been experiencing a common fear that I think a lot of friends have as they watch their best friends get into a relationship, the fear that their relationship will get in the way of your friendship. Which can be a silly worry but it’s something a lot of people go through.
I feel like it makes Ryoko’s character something you can relate to. I also enjoy the friendship that Ryoko and Haruhi have in this series. It’s something that we never got to see in the original because of the space alien arc.


I think my favorite part of the episode is the star gazing though. The sky is beautifully animated and YUKI DOES, THE STEINS;GATE THING, where she reaches up to touch the stars. I fan girled all over this and screen capped it faster then I have anything in a while. I know the idea isn’t one that came directly from Steins;Gate but It reminded me of it and I thought it was super cute.


I think with the exception of Itsuki, this episode said a lot about every one of the characters. Itsuki kind of got shafted this episode, it’s alright, hopefully he’ll have an episode before the end of the season. Well with the trip over and it time to return to school. The credits start and huh, that’s an awful lot of time after the credits. I wonder what kind of scene we’re….

HOLY YUKI GETTING HIT BY A CAR. Okay, so i knew it was going to happen sort of with the way the scene was being set up, but it still was quiet the shock. I wonder where this plot thread is going to lead. Amnesia? A trip to the alternate world where everyone has their powers? Or just a lot of angsty drama!? either way I am super hype! Wow, good curve ball series, did not see that coming until the scene started!


Now! With that episode out of the way, time to talk about something equally as important. The Broadcast dub! I have good news for everyone, the original cast is back to reprise all of their roles in the series! Phew, my worries have been toned down. That being said, how do they hold up to the new animation style and tone of the series?
Really well actually, Michelle Ruff is probably the one with the hardest transition from her character in the original series to her one in this series. I have to say at first it was a little awkward but by the end of the episode, she gets into the groove of the new Yuki.
Everyone else is spot on to their characters, it was a nice refreshing moment to hear Crispin playing Kyon again. You can trust that this is a broadcast dub that I’ll be watching.
I can’t wait for Haruhi and Itsuki to come in for the dub! Good times will be had all around.


Well on to episode 10 of the series and episode 2 of the broadcast dub!