Okay, so this whole chocolate fiasco ended up being a lot less cliche’ then I thought it was going to be. Which is good, I would of had a frustrating time getting through this episode if it went the way I thought it was going to go.
So we pick up where we left off last episode. With Yuki running off after seeing Haruhi give the chocolates to Kyon. Of course, it was a chocolate bar…no matter how you look at it. It’s a courtesy chocolate through and through….


Good thing Yuki wasn’t actually upset about Haruhi giving him the chocolate and rather ran out because she thought she would be embarrassed if someone else was there while she was giving chocolate. So extended the idea to leave them alone while Haruhi gave hers. She didn’t even realize she’d dropped the chocolate. Silly adorable Yuki-chan.


There was no intense cat fighting, no big drama, the worst things got was where Ryoko got mad at herself more then she was mad at Haruhi. I just, can’t with how this was handled! It was so good!
We also establish that both ladies love Kyon. While Haruhi is less direct about it, stating that she ‘doesn’t dislike him’. Yuki’s feeling are a lot more up front. However….

Tsuruya jumps in just as Mikuru is about to confess and ruins the whole thing and knocks Kyon on top of Yuki. I just, you watched the whole thing…why would you get mad at Kyon for that? I’ve never understood that in anime, when there is some kind of accident that knocks the guy onto the girl and his head onto her chest. Why do girls get so angry? It’s an accident, Tsuruya knocked him into her.
It’s not like he’s copping a feel on purpose. I’d get being upset over that, but I just don’t get the whole being upset over an accident thing.


Also in this episode, we get a flashback to when Haruhi is younger. The night that she paints the field in the other plotline. Though instead of it being older Kyon that’s there, it’s a younger Kyon. Still calling himself John Smith for a reason? [Codename maybe?] and she asks him if he believes that aliens exist and mirroring last episode, when she asks about the water imps. He replies “Who knows…maybe they do.”

I don’t think she realizes that they’re the same person yet, but I think that is what warmed her up to him. So, there’s that relationship. Also Yuki’s, I wonder if Mikuru is going to become an option. Also, Itsuki is a lot less flirty in this timeline. Which is good for Kyon, but bad for the yaoi fangirls. Oh well, i wonder how soon till he starts getting jealous of Kyon because of his crush on Haruhi.


We’ll see.

This was a good episode, not a great one, but good. It handled itself nicely, making it tolerable to watch rather than regular high school girl drama. The scene with Yuki and Kyon where he eats the chocolates is beyond adorable. Ryoko was really my only issue with the episode at all, her reactions just rubbed me the wrong way a few times. Otherwise, good job handling the subject matter.

Next episode, Over the Obento. Yay lunch, better eat before next weeks episode or all the animated food will make me hungry.