The Disappearance of Nagato Yuki, part 3 marks the final part of the disappearance arc. The episode really kicks up with the new Nagato watching a flurry of the old Nagato’s feelings. Soon, she’s going to vanish. Actually, in fact, the next time she falls asleep. Of course, there is some stuff before that but it feels like episode padding. They visit a book fair, they agree to go to the fireworks. The important part of the episode begins with the ‘new’ Nagato fearing that she will be gone and the old one will be returned. Which begs the question, if this was your last day, what would you do with it? Huh, I feel like I just asked myself this question in another anime….


I have to say, spending it with your friends and loved ones is a great way to spend it. Asakura and Yuki go and have lunch in a park and hang out together, the new Nagato decides to say anything to Asakura. Not wanting to worry her, having the old Yuki back is something she wants. However, if this Nagato said something. Asakura would be concerned without a shadow of a doubt.
They spend the day together and Asakura comments that this new Nagato is becoming more and more like the old one all the time. That has to be painful for her to hear, knowing that she’s going to vanish soon. I know Asakura meant nothing bad by it at all. Still doesn’t make it any less painful.


As the day comes to an end, Asakura heads home and Yuki stays there and reads the rest of the book she checked from the library. After that, she only has one regret. That she won’t be able to tell Kyon how she feels about him. However, like it came right out of a cheesy romance novel, this is when he decides to call her. He asks her about the book she read and what she thought about it, he decides he needs to read it himself. It’s a pretty awkward conversation, then she tells him that she loves him.
Of course, Kyon is flustered.

She begins explaining that she’s vanishing and she asks him to come help her old self get home, because she’s bound to be confused. He rides in a hurry on his bike, I can’t really explain this scene in detail. It’s wonderful, heart breaking, shows exactly how much Kyon cares about Yuki. The old one and the new one. I may not of cried, but it was a very emotionally charged scene.
I’m glad that she got to tell Kyon how she felt about him, of course, how does that affect his relationship with the old Nagato? Will it have any baring on anything, or will he think it was just the other one?


Who knows. As he arrives, she’s asleep and as she wakes up, the old Nagato is back and as predicted is pretty confused. I would be confused too, if the last thing I remembered was almost being hit by a car and then I woke up on a park bench at night with the love of my life.

This was a good episode, it did a wonderful job of wrapping up the arc. However, I am fairly curious as why they didn’t hold this arc off to the end of the series. With more episodes to come, I don’t feel as if any of them could hold a candle to this arc. Of course, the Haruhi series has never been known for playing it’s episodes in any proper kind of order now has it?
Oh the mess that was the first series, well then, next episode. “Her confusion” the image at the end is an image of Haruhi. So wait, is this next episode going to be about Yuki or Haruhi? I’ll be glad to get the rest of the cast back, it’s been a lonely few episodes without Haruhi, Itsuki, Mikuru….and the one I always have trouble remembering how to spell her name. I’ll be looking forward too it.


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  1. bubble tea

    this episode was so sad i cried it was beautiful and tragic thanks for the review ^_^

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