Tokyo Ghoul:re Chapter 34: Rose

“I’ve also thought of ways to save Tsukiyama. But… the Tsukiyama family might disappear.”


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I sense trouble from this Ihei Hairu girl. I mean, she’s hot, but also uncomfortably suspicious – which never means good things for Haise. Shirazu just thinks she’s hot. Urie just thinks she’s suspicious. Hairu may look like she’s just affiliated with Special-Class Ui, but if Ui is in the Zero Squad led by Arima, it suddenly becomes likely that Hairu was planted there to monitor Haise in light of all that’s happened to him at the auction – it’s also possible that she outright recognizes Haise as Kaneki if she was involved with Owl, which probably means the Anteiku raid instead of the one all those years ago given how young she is. I wouldn’t be surprised if Kijima was put there for a similar purpose, perhaps to take a look at his growing attachment to Hinami. After all, what are the chances that someone takes an interest in the Quinx for nothing more than their own sake?

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It really got me when Mutsuki was called Eyepatch – reminded me of that theory where each of the Qs represent different aspects of Kaneki, whom Haise once was. Each of them are changing, though – even if Mutsuki now has an eyepatch, I sense a totally different vibe from him that differs from his previous timid self. And Shirazu has become a lot touchier, with Nutcracker having triggered his long-standing trauma over his father’s suicide. I was disappointed we didn’t get to see the ‘natural’ chimera quinque he now owns though, that would have been really cool. I presume a natural one comes from a ghoul who naturally has two types of kagune, with all the others being artificially made at the CCG’s liberty. So the only other way they’d be able to quickly procure one would be through Hinami. Over Haise’s dead body though.

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Chie and Kanae seem to be fully aware of how the CCG are moving – which is as much as the CCG are aware of the Tsukiyama family’s movements. Chie is definitely only interested in Tsukiyama himself, and after last week’s flashbacks and his general attitude it’s pretty much confirmed that Kanae is primarily loyal to him as an individual. I guess the trade-off might involve selling out the entire Tsukiyama family in return for guaranteeing Tsukiyama’s safety, although I have no idea how liberal the CCG would be with a deal like that. Or getting in contact with Haise in some way? The climax of the arc is sure to involve a reunion between Haise and Tsukiyama, with at least one of them reviving themselves – hopefully not with the latter trying to eat the former though.

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  1. I agree with you, the quinx are slowly developing. Tooru is a lot less timid and seem to get along with Urie a lot better than before. I noticed as well that since the auction the Quinx are acting more as a team than ever, despite Urie still being a bit of a jerk. I dont trust Ihei, Uries suspicion might be correct this time. The flashback of Shirazu got me to think about a theorie I had when it comes to the quinx: Urie and Tooru both lost their parents, Shirazus mother left him and his father commited suicide and Saikos parents dont care for her at all. So maybe the quinx wherent just choosen because they have a high compability with their Kagune but also no one would miss them when things go wrong and they turn into one-eyed ghouls.

    1. For the Quinx, it might very well be because no-one would miss them – but it’s an unfortunate pattern written by Ishida as well. All confirmed one-eyed ghouls have no mother: the Quinx lost them in various ways; Eto’s died at birth; Kaneki’s died from overwork; Takizawa ate his.


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