In this episode, Shirayuki is out to find a job. Right now she’s living in a small room in an apartment complex, and she sets out to find any place needing an herbalist. When going inside one store, she’s turned down for the job as they don’t need more people. But she learns of court herbalists, and a special exam needed to pass to become a court herbalist. If she can pass the test, she can become a court herbalist and work in the castle. Seeing herbs she’s never seen before, Shirayuki knows before she can take the exam, she’s going to have to do a lot of learning and studying of the stuff she doesn’t already know. So she sets off to a mountain island to find some herbs.

[HorribleSubs] Akagami no Shirayukihime - 02 [1080p].mkv0076Shirayuki. Is. So. Brilliant. I absolutely love her to bits. She’s smart, she can think on her toes, and she remains rational throughout the time she’s captured. Her red hair is most likely going to become a huge problem in the long run I can see. She was captured by an ex-noble hoping to make some money by selling Shirayuki off, as her hair is strange and can be valuable (we also saw fisherman at the pier say this as well). So he captures her and keeps her locked in a room tied down. At this moment, she could have been crying and freaking out and waiting for her knight in shining armor to save her. Nope! She remained calm, rubbed the rope around her wrist on something sharp, and found an opportunity to strike at Mihaya and trap him in the room when he brought her food. She ran around the mansion to find a way out only to find bars on the windows and the doors to be locked. Mihaya managed to escape the room and chased after her, but Shirayuki didn’t give up. When she came to a dead end, she had prepared a numbing gas from one of the herbs she had with her and combined it with the lantern she was carrying. LIKE….HOW COOL IS THAT? SHE KNOWS HER HERBS SO WELL THAT SHE WAS ABLE TO MAKE A NUMBING GAS IN A MATTER OF SECONDS. SHE’S SO COOL AND SMART, THAT’S MY GIRL. *BLOWS KISS*

Even as cool as that was, the gas didn’t have a strong effect. She ran up to the second floor and saw that the windows there had no bars, so she jumped out of it. Mihaya came to capture her again, but that’s when Zen appeared and fought him off. I thought how it was funny that he was panting when he fought Mihaya off, but when he turned to Shirayuki he was acting all cool acting as if he wasn’t exhausted.

[HorribleSubs] Akagami no Shirayukihime - 02 [1080p].mkv0088
“You made me run up a mountain and find you, you owe me.”
Zen saves the day, and Mihaya is arrested. Like I said, Shirayuki’s weird hair is going to cause trouble, as we also saw in next week’s preview. Zen is probably going to be really protective of her from now on, and I feel like he’s going to have to take her in his castle to just keep her safe. Of course I just hope she’ll join his castle by actually passing the exam, and not just because she’s Zen’s friend.

As for Zen himself, he’s such a great change from usual princes in anime. He’s carefree, cares about people, and he isn’t always cooped up in his castle. Instead of doing boring deskwork, he escapes from the castle to explore the land and the town. Unlike most royal people, and like Prince Raj when Shirayuki mentioned him, Zen does things for himself and he really wants to get to know his people and the land and learn things he can’t learn the same way back in the castle. You can see that he’s very relaxed and friendly with the people around him, and you can see the same feelings reciprocated from the people. When Zen is somewhere it’s not like “Oh my god it’s Prince Zen! Quick, get down and bow!”. It’s more like “Hey man what’s up, Prince Zen?”, and that’s so nice. Not all princes can just take a wagon ride with a bunch of commoners. Even though he’s a man of nobility, he’s a lot more approachable than others. Shirayuki’s right to say that Clarines is a charming country.

Also, Zen and Shirayuki need to get married already. They’ve held hands like twice now and are super chummy with each other. I see it, even the guards see it. You aren’t fooling me.

[HorribleSubs] Akagami no Shirayukihime - 02 [1080p].mkv0104
psst…get married.


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  1. Wanderer

    “Also, Zen and Shirayuki need to get married already. They’ve held hands like twice now and are super chummy with each other”

    …I think you’re skipping a few steps there. Besides, it’s not like either of them is in denial. They’re just developing their relationship in a way that’s natural for them so far.

    1. Berry

      Haha I know I was just kidding, I just think they’re cute. I really like their friendship so far!

  2. Noc

    I’m very hopeful about the pacing for this series. Again they adapted only one chapter while adding some more anime-only stuff at the start- which was all pretty great since it expanded on Shirayuki’s living arrangements and her job hunting, and even gave a sneak preview of my favorite character =3 the carriage ride with Zen was also added. It’s never mentioned directly, but I don’t think a lot of commoners actually know what the royal family looks like, which might explain why the other passengers were so chill. While Zen likes to go out and see things, he does get stuck inside doing paperwork…but I think he strikes a good balance of work and play.


    Also, shameless self-promotion:

  3. Keiko

    The ShiraZen ship is about to sail! I am the captain of this danged awesome ship and nobody can stop me! ALL ABOARD!!! Or rather… Friends-with-benefits ship. *laughs* XD

    Ahem! Mihaya isn’t just a dork ex-noble but he uses Shirayuki as his own advantage for money, which is very common is some anime. Damn that part when Shirayuki managed to escape and begins to play hide and seek with Mihaya, but this gal’s no ordinary herbalist… She’s already turned into a bad-ass, wow! That numbing gas was just… well almost effective. 😮 Am I already affected by her beautiful red hair in which became a damn curse? I might say yes. Eventually that Zen comes to the rescue and rids Mihaya’s butt. I was surprised when he shared his experience to the two that his family was once noble peeps then all of the sudden things were slowly began to disappeared.

    Leaving the castle means new things to discover and so this also happens in our real world (take a peek on the late Princess Diana of Britain’s doing), Zen is just a hottie prince who wanted to get close to his constituents with his own style and treated them like his own peers, which is super nice. He may be from the upper class, but remains to be a down to earth person, friendly and approachable.

    The ED song by the group eyelis looks beautiful and it looks like Shirayuki and Zen were holding hands together at the end of it. As a fan of the group, I haven’t notice them again since Zettai Karen Children: The Unlimited – Kyousuke Hyoubu and now they’re back this time in Akagami. BTW, I love the female vocalist of eyelis (tries to recall her name). Her singing voice in my opinion is just like an angel.

  4. Nikolita

    Ahh, I’m a little late to the party. Congratulations Berry, this series marks a) the second series you’ve gotten me watching which b) features a female protagonist with red hair. 😉

    I ship ShiraZen already. Looking forward to the most recent episode when I get there!

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