So, after a week long break from Denpa Kyoushi, they have decided to grace us once again with this show. Now that the crossdresser and the Geneva scientist are behind us, we jump into a new season, as well as a new theme song. Does the new season hold up to the last one? Well let’s find out. Next episode search..go!

So the episode starts off with Kagami at school, not having bought school lunch for 12 days so he could save up and buy a copy of a new game. There he meets Kuromochi, who is the student council’s secretary. She’s causing a bit of a stir as she has the unique ability to determine the value of everyone she comes across. And by value I mean like…the dollar amount value. (or in this case, yen)

Lol. That guy on the left could barely get a starbuck's tall coffee
Lol. That guy on the left could barely get a starbuck’s tall coffee

She then sees Kagami and that’s when things start to get interesting as she immediately becomes infatuated with him. She sees him nearly get ripped off at a flea market and helps him out. To thank her he tells her that if she ever wants anything in return just name it. She responds by telling him that she wants him. And this goes over about as well as you’d expect.

pfff. I love this guy's reactions.
pfff. I love this guy’s reactions.

She follows him and tries to chase him, but as we saw in that one episode, it’s impossible to track him down in Akihabara. (holy crap that episode was actually USEFUL for something!)

He stops though when he sees the jerks from earlier threatening her because she cut the funding to their club. Kagami steps in and saves the day, but his game breaks in the process. Kuromochi gives him a new one stating that her family runs the game making company, and how she wants him to be her husband.

He goes home, but later Kuromochi literally pops out giftwrapped in a maid outfit stating that she’s not going to give up until he agrees to marry her.

Oh no... that stinks. What a terrible fate.
Oh no… that stinks. What a terrible fate.
(snicker) I had to put another picture in here because I just love how her deep cleavage has a sign that says "free sample" that just makes me laugh
(snicker) I had to put another picture in here because I just love how her deep cleavage has a sign that says “free sample” that just makes me laugh

The sister of course isn’t very happy to see this, but she figures that the girl will learn soon enough what kind of person he is and give up on him so she allows it.

Of course we go through all the stock conventions of showing up in the bath to scrub his back, making good food, cleaning, etc etc.

Seriously. What an awful awful fate
Seriously. What an awful awful fate

We then get a scene when the sister finds this out and ties her up and…we get the feeling that the sister might have some…feelings going on for her brother. And…not necessarily the “sisterly kind”

awwww shiittt. we're about to get some "angel sanctuary" action up on this bitch
awwww shiittt. we’re about to get some “angel sanctuary” action up on this bitch

Later that night Kagami finds out why she wants to get married so badly. Apparently her company’s going to be taken over by a much larger company but part of the deal of the merger is that she has to marry the CEO or everyone who currently works for the company will be fired. She wanted to marry Kagami because that would get her out of the deal and let her live the life she wanted. Kagami tells her however not to worry and he’s going to help her out so she doesn’t have to marry the guy. And that’s where the episode ends.


Wow…what’s this feeling I’m having…it’s strange… could it be…excitement?! Holy crap! I’m excited to watch another episode of this show again? Actually yeah. Despite my joking, I actually had a lot of fun with this episode. I forgot how fun Denpa Kyoushi can be when I’m not dealing with four episodes of Crossdressapalooza.

This story actually has depth. It has consequences, and it has stakes. THIS is the kind of stuff that makes this show fun. The crossdressing duded was just being a little bitch. This chick really HAS NO CHOICE. If she doesn’t ‘marry someone she doesn’t love, thousands of people will lose their jobs. She is literally trapped. See bitch? THAT’S an issue that needs Kagami’s attention.

I also love the cute nicknames he gives people
I also love the cute nicknames he gives people

While this girl is not my favorite of the girls he’s come across so far, she is still funny. I enjoy her incessant come ons to Kagami immensely and it makes it enjoyable. I find it interesting how they’re not trying to shoe horn in all the other characters from season one into this episode (minus irregular twin tails who was in like 30 seconds of the episode).

All in all, I had a lot of fun with this episode and I already can’t wait for the next one. Good job guys, hopefully this conclusion is going to rock it.

Episode 7.5/10


Also…seriously. Her arranged marriage fiance LOOKS like a giant douche

Look at me and my douchefuck pony tail.. I'm so badass...and an asshole
Look at me and my douchefuck pony tail.. I’m so badass…and an asshole