I don’t understand this show. Legitimately I don’t understand how shows can bring up extremely valid points and lampshade so many fantasy issues while still being so blatant. This show is not fucking lying to you. You came into this show expecting to see big boobies and boy do you get it. If there is exposition you can expect to never ever have to look at someone old or even a girl’s face: it will always be long screen drops to show off every girl’s entire body.

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This show is so freaking obvious. Everything on it is something on the tin but somehow it remains charming even now. The big theme of this episode is that the warriors are being recruited to save an entire kingdom and basically all the king does is talk big until they mention needing to get ready and he wants to pay them a measly 10 gold. Each and every girl complains and says “wait are you kidding we can’t even stay the night at the inn for this amount of money???” and he just keeps pointing his finger “Now go warriors!!” and it’s actually funny when he does but the girls eventually just go “you know we don’t have to fight this evil so make your choice.”

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Well, the show ends on the obvious ‘just for fanservice’ route because the girls end up in prison just to show us sexy bondage pictures. I mean if they have the power to destroy evil they should be able to defeat the guards, but given they were so insistent on getting gold maybe it really is bankruptcy in bikini land for these girls. Ah well, who can hate such a tongue in cheek show? I certainly don’t. I hope they keep lampshading every episode while still doing their blatant fanservice so we can laugh while we get our boob quota filled.

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On the upside, no nipples! Which means I don’t have to censor these posts. Hopefully.