Overlord so far has proven to be nothing but a completely ridiculous thrill ride that makes me go: yeah, that’s exactly what I’d do. This guy has a freaking terrifying avatar and is super powered and so what does he do? He acts like a ruler and treats his subordinates with respect while also just marveling at the world he is exposed to now. He spends part of the episode trying to just leave to inspect the world around him and fucking flies into the sky.

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I know the plot is coming but I actually don’t mind the setup this show is giving us. Right now it’s legitimately a feeling I think all of us would have. Yeah, in Sword Art Online I did feel a lot of people would be scared. But where was the mystery? Where was enjoying the fantasy world? For the most part everyone was so concerned with living that they forgot to enjoy this fantasy life! I love that this guy does exactly what we would all do: live it up.

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I really love the NPCs. The show does a great job of showing you that for all intents and purposes, even if this were somehow a dream, in this ‘dream’ these characters are legitimate. Albedo in particular is so different from the women like her in anime I find it funny. You think she’s going to be jealous but it’s not ‘he’s mine only’ it’s ‘I’m going to be the main wife since obviously he needs a few of those’. His minions even discuss heirs like real minions would do!

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The best part of such a good cast is a lead who takes advantage of his position and is endearing. Momonga really is the kind of guy to prove over and over that he’s a guy like us but finally given freedom, and it’s made him into someone who can just enjoy his new life. So far there hasn’t been conflict from the outside world and he’s taken precautions to hide their base, but oh shit. They’re even in a different world than the RPG seemed to be!

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I’m excited. It looks like episode 3 has conflict so we’re gonna get somewhere in this plot, and I’m loving it. I have this off feeling at least one NPC loyal to Momonga might betray him, but if it’s anyone it might be Shalltear. Everyone else loves him so much. This includes my absolute favorite character: Albedo. I just love this fierce creature. She is my bae.

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So how will a normal guy handle all this power in the face of confrontation? Well . . we’ll just see. Haha.

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  1. I.D. nameless

    Interesting to see a slow-moving anime after all the rushed adaptations we get all the time. It’s been kinda slice of lifey/character driven so far and I love it.
    My only worry is that we’ll not get very far with 13 episodes and we’ll see just 1/10 of this story or something.

  2. WandererYS

    I laughed pretty hard when Mare puts that ring on his ring finger, and also how Albedo’s eyes popping out when she saw it.

    I checked it with the light novel. I didn’t see it mention which ring Mare wore it on. Added in the anime for some joke references probably.

    1. SourceMaterial

      Actually, this was in the light novel (Volume 8). Interesting that Madhouse decided to read so far up ahead.

      1. Oki

        Huh, how about that.

      2. WandererYS

        Well, I checked vol1 and it wasn’t stated there. That’s what my messages meant.

        As for vol8, I only got up to vol7, so didn’t know anything after that yet.

  3. João Carlos

    Episode 3 will not have a conflict…[spoiler] it will have a massacre…[/spoiler]

    1. Oki

      Well I just shit my pants, thank you!

  4. zztop

    I wonder how the followers expect Momonga to produce an heir, since he is missing the most important bone(r) of all…

    1. Oki

      I made the very joke “She wants his boner…hehe..hehe…but no literally it is a bone. Do skeleton men have bone dicks?”

  5. Shiki

    I wonder how they will display all the gore that is to come and how ppl will react to the hard shift from comedy/slice of life to well..

    1. Oki

      You excite me

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